How does OSI Group McDonalds make its hamburgers

How does OSI Group McDonalds make its world famous burgers? This is a question that has been in the minds of not only burger fanatics but also these brand customers. There has been a lot of critics calling out the company for hiding its food-making processes despite their high market command. Some critics have even insinuated that this leading fast food franchise goes heavy on additives and preservatives on its offerings. Recently, the company welcomed the media into its largest factory in Europe, the Gunzburg factory in Germany. This was in an effort to lay bare how it makes its hamburgers and squash the critics.

From beef to burger patties

The Gunzburg factory produces about 5 million hamburgers every day. To make this possible it takes lots of meat from slaughterhouses around the area. According to Eunice Koekkoek, the OSI Group McDonalds representative, the meet is received as large chunks. This means that the chances of it getting contaminated by bacteria or other foreign objects are significantly reduced. Additionally, the beef is then passed in an x-ray inspector so that it can detect any large bones or metal pieces that are in the meat. The machines at the Gunzburg factory are kept at very low temperatures. It is easy to spot the ice forming on top of the machines. Eunice pointed out that the extreme cold prevents bacteria from mushrooming inside the machines. The meat is then minced, and send to the patties-making machine where it is mixed with frozen beef. The OSI Group McDonalds uses this technique of mixing fresh and frozen meat technique to make sure that their burger patties can hold together for long.

From the factory to the restaurant

Eunice Koekkoek mentioned that the company takes a lot of keen steps to make sure that their hamburgers get to the restaurant from the factory in their best quality products. It is for this reason that the distribution center for this Gunzburg factory is next door. OSI Group McDonalds labels all its boxes with details on when and where it was made. This allows the restaurants to keep track of the freshness of their burger stocks easily. Click here.


Barbara Stokes Helping Build Back Communities after Hurricane Harvey

When natural disasters like hurricane strikes, it is the community that needs to come together and build back what has been destroyed. It is the time when large companies organize relief plans. One of the persons who has been doing her bit for the society is Barbara Strokes. She is the CEO of GSH or Green Structure Homes operating out of Alabama LLC. When Texas and the nearby places were struck by Hurricane Harvey, Barbara Stokes was among the first to come forward and work with FEMA to build green homes to provide the people who have lost their homes, a place to live in while they get over the disasters. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Barbara Stokes felt that the government learned a lot from the challenges that they struggled with during Katrina. During that time, FEMA was using trailers to home people who had nowhere to go. However, these trailers caused health problems among the occupants, and they were deemed not safe after traces of formaldehyde were found in these trailers. Barbara Stokes’s company helped build new homes for the people who were affected by the hurricane. All of these homes used green materials to help lower the health problems that people faced just after the hurricane.


Barbara Stokes received contracts from the federal government for the construction of the houses and is also providing other relief products and services to help the community bounce back from the destruction caused by the hurricane. The company is providing hope to the people in the affected areas and giving them a helping hand. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Dick DeVos – Charter School Education and the Michigan Aviation Academy

Dick and Betsy DeVos are both wealthy individuals independent of each other. Their combined influence makes them a true power couple. The city of Grand Rapids wanted to build a multi-purpose sports and convention center north of downtown in 1991. At the time, Dick DeVos was heavily involved in his family’s Amway business. He was on path to become the company’s CEO. DeVos did not warm up to the idea of the sports-center and used his influence to lobby against it.


Dick DeVos remembers the detriment caused to the downtown areas of Pontiac and Auburn Hills when two professional sports teams left the city. Dick DeVos smartly decided to form a business committee called Grand Action. These are the business leaders who influenced the construction of the DeVos Palace Convention Center, the Grand Rapids City Market, and MSU’s new medical school. These projects have literally helped change the Grand Rapids skyline.


Dick DeVos has spent the better part of his life helping change the policies of institutions that matter to them. They have also been very active in donating to the GOP party and its many causes. They spend a great deal of effort in helping catalyze major changes in state laws that affect both education and labor.


One charter school project that is close to the heart of Dick DeVos is the Michigan Aviation Academy. The school is unique, and opened in 2010 with a great deal of encouragement from Betsy DeVos. Students can study aerospace engineering, engineering design and development, engineering ethics, computer science, mathematics, robotic systems, social studies, and two years of a world language. These are courses that are totally relevant to today’s industry needs.


Dick and Betsy DeVos are strong on charter school development, and have advocated for voucher programs for other areas of the country. Dick DeVos is also the President of the Windquest Group. The Windquest Group is a private investment firm. The firm prefers to work with businesses in clean-tech, manufacturing, and hospitality. The Windcrest Group formed in 1989, and runs bases operations in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dick DeVos has been a man on the move his entire life, and shows no signs of slowing down.


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Rebel Wilson has proved her acting talent

Rebel Wilson is bold in her acting career something she has been doing for many years now, taking up a role in Pitch Perfect as Fat Amy is one of her many achievements in the film industry where she has attracted a lot of following and admiration from her fans. When she was growing up, she did not have such confidence, but things continued to change as she grew up. She mustered her courage during her years as a teen and realized that she could do anything she loved as long as she worked hard and maintained consistency.

Rebel Wilson knew what she wanted and worked hard to achieve her dreams with her acting career. Today, she is a household in Hollywood, and her films have attracted a lot of following. She is seen in various big screens because she has worked hard to be where she is today. Rebel was born in Australia in 1980.


The star grew in the West side of Sydney where this marked his humble beginning of her successful life. Rebel was bashful, and this led to her mother enrolling her in youth class for acting because she wanted her to overcome some of these traits. During those days Rebel says she was shy and did not want to take up the acting classes. Her mother drove her to the venue against her wishes and left her there. Read more: Rebel Wilson on Winning Battles Producing Films | Vogue and Pitch Perfect Star Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Secrets | Today

Rebel had such problems when growing up, but it marked the starting point of his successful and glamorous career. At such an early age she started developing her character, and by the age of fifteen, she knew who she wanted to be in the future. She began developing her personality and her acting career towards achieving her life goals.

Rebel had decided, and there was no turning back to her old ways. While in school, she would participate in debate clubs because she wanted to build her confidence and also speak her thoughts to others. According to her, she struggled with personality until she was fourteen years when she started becoming the person she is today.

Although most talented individuals from Australia who appear on screens are drama actors, Rebel Wilson is among the few satirical comedians who have built a big name in Hollywood. She went to the United States after turning thirty years. The acting journey in the foreign country has not been easy for her, but she is always focused on what she does to make it successful.

Accomplishing her goals is what makes her work hard every day. Today, Rebel Wilson is happy with her journey. She started during her teenage years and worked hard to be where she is today. Indeed she deserves great success.

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Donata Meirelles: Top Tips to Decorate Your Home with Candles

Donata Meirelles is the director of the style at Vogue Brazil. She is well-known for hosting the Quero Ja which is a famous Vogue TV program. Also, she is known for being a former fashion director at the Daslu fashion store. She went to Columbia University, New York before starting her career in the sales industry. In 1990, she started running the Daslu fashion store, and in 2005, Donata became the editor in chief of the Vogue Brazil.

Donata Meirelles, the style director recently delivered the candles as well as their arrangements that are part of your home’s décor. She believes that the sensation of entering a hotel or a store and feeling a familiar smell is currently common. Also, she understands that it is part of a brands identity and it makes more and more guests remember the store the moment they feel that unique scent. Here are the top four tips from Donata on how to decorate your home with candles.

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Install them in a Strategic Place

According to Donata, the entrance of your home is the ideal place to have your candle lit. It means that as soon as you receive your guest or arrive in your home, the sweet aroma welcomes them in a cozy and intimate way. When your guests feel the sweet aroma from any place be it in a store or a hotel, they will always remember your home and all the happy moments.

Put them in Your Main Rooms

You should ensure that your current home features a candle at the main entrance since it is essential. Donata Meirelles insists that you should leave one candle in your main room, one in your library as well as in your washroom. All these rooms are frequently visited, and they deserve to have a sweet smell. Despite being among the most used rooms, your bedroom should have no candles since it can disturb your sleep or make you or your family get sick.

The Ideal Time for Candles

You should light your candles at dusk so that when you get home from your workplace in the evening, you get your home already perfumed to welcome you with the sweet aroma.

According to Donata Meirelles, some of the best candle brands include those from Tania Bulhoes, Diptyque, and Malone. These are some of the best, and in New York, she has the famous Ralph Lauren’s Classic Holiday brand with the scent of juniper and currant.

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Article Title: Incredible Reasons For Taking Organo Coffee Every Morning

Article Text:

Studies have revealed that coffee consumption reduces the risks of death by a great deal. The coffee you take every morning is attributed to elongating your life every time you enjoy it. The length of life is not affected by the type of coffee you drink. It can be caffeine’s or with caffeine, but the fact remains that coffee removes most of risk factors like heart attack stroke, cancer, kidney failure, and high blood pressure. The stats also reveal that you can the effect is uniform in all the people taking coffee, you can be an African American, Latinos, Japanese Americans or a white American. Take coffee and reduce risks of living a shorter life. The more you drink the coffee, the higher your chances of lowering death related conditions.

Organo has been in the frontline of processing top quality coffee products. This company began in 2008 in Canada but has spread its operations in all the parts of the world. Organ coffee is an ingredient in almost all the homes of the lovers of coffee. It also has employees many people who work in the processing, disturb=ablution, and sale of the best Organo coffee.

This coffee is mixed with Gonadal, a very notorious mushroom that adds the nutritious value to the beverage. The product has, therefore, become the best choice for man people across the globe who understands the importance of coffee. It’s not only sweet to taste but also very notorious for your health. You can also get personal care products from this reputable company.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Opens New NYC Clinic Offering Laser Hair Removal

Skintology Medspa is a New York City company that offers men and women the opportunity to have a laser hair procedure performed on them. It was founded by Dr. Jennifer Walden who is a board-certified plastic surgeon. She and her staff work closely with people in order to decide which treatment is best. Women usually want to remove hair they don’t want from their chin, upper lip, underarms, and legs. Men typically want to remove hair from their back or chest. It is both the laser light and energy that removes hair from where it isn’t wanted. People get tired of always needing to shave, wax, or spread cream on their skin.

Laser hair removal can permanently remove hair. How laser hair removal works is that it zaps hair follicles when they are growing. It prevents the follicle from creating more hair. It takes several treatment sessions, each a few weeks apart, to complete the therapy. Over time the patient will see less and less hair in the area that is being treated. It used to be that lasers only worked on dark hair on light skin. Technology has advanced enough that people with all hair colors and skin colors can be treated. People that want their unwanted hair removed can contact Skintology Medspa at (212) 832-2225.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons ASAPS). She also serves the American Society for Plastic Surgery as one of their board members. Additionally, she serves at ASAPS as the commissioner of communication, managing all of their official communications. Five years ago, she was named as a Texas Super Doctor. Dr. Jennifer Walden received national recognition when Castle Connelly named her as a Top Doctor in 2016. She spent eight years in New York City and worked at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital MEETH). where she was an attending surgeon in plastic surgery. She also worked at Lenox Hill Hospital as an attending surgeon.

Paul Herdman values his employees and their long term progress

Paul Herdsman graduated from Florida Atlantic University. He is the co-founder of Nice Global Living founded in 2014. The company provides outsourcing solutions for businesses such as customer service telephone calls. The support he offers his employees is phenomenal. He offers training to all new employees with monitoring and mentoring; this allows them to be prepared for their position. In addition, they receive training for other positions in the company. This allows them to understand how different departments work together towards the success of the company. He worked in various management roles which taught him problem solving skills that have helped him in his own business.

Employees are continuous trained through seminars and webinars; the goal is to keep them involved in the company. This also prepares them for advancement within the company. Building a relationship is important in creating a harmonious work environment. The corporate culture is friendly and like a family to maintain long-term employment. The company aims to let employees feel like a valuable asset to the company and ready to tackle challenges. Clients are able to see the difference which also helps to build loyalty with them.

By outsourcing support services to Nice Global the client company is able to see the progress being made based on metrics formulated to calculating performance. Nice Global offers a variety of services besides customer service, they also offer technical support, sales, and live chat services. By using the services offered by Nice Global clients are able to focus on the operational aspects of their business, instead of training to hire their own customer service team which usually has a high job turn over and varying levels of service.

Nice Global aims to operate with transparency with their clients. Understanding that they are the first point a client’s customer would interact, they encourage clients to tour their spaces, speak with other clients and learn about their company. With this openness clients are likely to stay loyal to Nice Global and recommend them to others.

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Article Title: Agera Energy

Agera Energy holds several events throughout the year. The company was proud to be the Suicide Prevention, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Awareness event. This event took place at the Gardner, MA Chamber of Commerce. The disorders of the awareness is important to the employees and staff of Agera Energy. They were even lucky enough to have former Boston Celtic, Brian Scalabrine speak during the event. Agera Energy plans to sponsor the event for many more years.

Agera Energy has also supported local education programs. In April of last year, the company supported the Briarcliff Manor Education Foundation’s Spring Event. The event was to help support students with financial problems. It was also to benefit students in several different ways. Agera Energy Company is always finding ways to help others.

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UnRoll.Me Your E-mail Organizer

At this day and age of modern technology where everything is almost instant – we are all now using platforms wherein we can connect with anyone in the world. There are social media platforms available to us like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr where we can connect instantly. But everyone still uses e-mail as their number one platform for communication – most especially for businesses.

You e-mail inbox is probably one of your most important networks for communication – majority of dealerships and transactions are done over e-mail so it’s gravely critical to keep your e-mail clean, organized and clear of any distractions.

Spam and bulk mail sent to you by marketing teams and subscriptions can easily pile up in your inbox, and this can quickly hide important emails and send them pages within. Manually deleting these e-mails and removing your name from subscription lists can also take a hefty amount of time – but worry no more, there is an application you can use to clean your inbox without doing anything.

Unroll.Me is an application that can easily manage your inbox. It follows an algorithm that automatically unsubscribes from unwanted email subscriptions and notifies you with every pattern that it finds so that you can decide what to do with them.

Unroll.Me supports different e-mail platforms like Hotmail, MSN, Windows live, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, iCloud, Outlook and Google Apps. Currently, Unroll.Me only supports the US English language, but in the future they are set to cover other languages as well.

Unroll.Me does “rollups” once every day. A rollup is the process that Unroll.Me does that spots patterns in your inbox and identifies which are from the same senders, are spams, or are from e-mail subscriptions. From there, you will be sent a roll-up email that let’s you view all these identified senders and gives you an option on what to do with these email.

Your e-mail is such an important tool that you divulge a lot of private information to – and Unroll.Me ensures that all your data and information is secure and safe because Unroll.Me takes your data very securely and seriously.