Dr. Jennifer Walden Reigns as One of the Top Surgeons in Her Field

The plastic surgery industry is growing in a magnificent way, and much of this has to do with the increase in social media profiles. Many people have become obsessed with perfection, but there are also women that need a breast reduction or an uplift when it comes to their breasts. There are also women that are looking for vaginal rejuvenation. There are so many different aspects of plastic surgery for people to consider, and Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the top surgeons that can help anyone that is trying to sort out the path that they want to take.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has proven herself to be one of the world’s best female surgeons, and she has continued to lead the way for those that want to improve their looks. Dr. Jennifer Walden is able to help many of those that would be interested in a consultation for some of the surgery procedures that she does. She also handles Botox injections and a variety of surgeries that are not as invasive as the rhinoplasty or breast augmentation.

As a surgent that has had a number of different patients over the years she has shown herself to be proficient and quite up-to-date on the latest in medical technology. All of this has allowed her to stay relevant in a time where all plastic surgeons seem to be very much of a carbon copy. Dr. Jennifer Walden stands out because she has shown her authority when it comes to her knowledge in the area. She has appeared on television shows. Walden has also gained a lot of respect in the plastic surgery field by co-authoring a book. These are the type of things that potential patients tend to look at when they are trying to decide who will do their surgery.

OSI Merger With Turi Of Australia A Natural Fit

OSI Group, one of America’s largest, privately-owned meat processing companies, has made no secret about its policy of aggressive growth in recent years.

Key acquisitions and mergers on an international scale are part of an overall strategy to expand the company’s global reach and presence, while also maintaining extraordinarily high standards for quality, safety and environmental sustainability.

OSI President David McDonald said an essential element of his company’s modus operandi has been to create “dynamic and successful partnerships.” A recent example is the OSI merger with Turi Foods, an Australian-based firm headquartered in Thomastown, Victoria. It has a number of facilities operating throughout this southeast Australian state.

Turi serves supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, butcher shops, specialty chicken retail business models and roasted chicken dealers. It is among the largest businesses of its kind in Australia. Merging with OSI seemed a natural choice for both companies.

David McDonald said both Turi and OSI have built strong reputations with customers. With this merger he sees enormous potential to innovate like never before using the combined capabilities and unique inroads both companies have nurtured over years of operation.

Upon completion of the Merger, Turi will become Turosi Pty Ltd. Sam Cuteri is Chairman of Turi Foods. He touted the “similar corporate cultures” of OSI and Turi. This will provide a synergy to create a “world-class food solution group,” he said.

Mr. Cuteri is an immigrant to Australia from Italy. He started as a humble laborer for a small chicken processor when first arriving. After learning the business from top to bottom, he established his own operation in 1976 — a company that would eventually become Turi foods.

While Tutri goes back some 40 years, OSI Group is one of America’s most venerable companies with more than a century of operation. Like Turi Foods, OSI Group was founded by a hard-working immigrant with a dream. German immigrant Otto Kolschowski started off with a basic butcher shop in 1909. That small family operation grew into what is today a $6 billion annual revenue company with 65 operation in 17 countries around the world.

David McDonald has been president of OSI for more than 30 years. Like his counterpart at Turi Foods, McDonald hails from humble beginnings. He grew up on a small family farm in northeast Iowa. After graduating from the University of Iowa with an agriculture degree, he started work at OSI on “the bottom rung.”

David McDonald worked his way to the top of OSI where he remains among the most successful and enduring company presidents in the United States.

About OSI Group: www.osigroup.com/news/

Review of Evolution of Smooth

Review of EOS Lip Balms

The beauty industry is saturated with a multitude of lip balms to choose from. Lip balms can add a touch of color to one’s lip, retain moisture and keep lips hydrated. Lip balms and salves are a combination of wax, oils and other healing ingredients meant to lock in moisture and protect the lips. This will be a review on the Evolution of Smooth lip balm brand.

Evolution of Smooth, primarily known as EOS, introduced a new type of lip balm to the market in the early 2000’s and it quickly took off. From it’s one of a kind sphere shaped container in an array of bright colors, deliciously sweet flavors, and the long lasting but lightweight moisture it provided it became an instant sensation (mapleholistics.com). After trying out a few of the flavors myself, I definitely see why. I like that the flavors are inspired by nature and don’t taste artificial. Vanilla Bean is my favorite! The distinctive sphere case is what made this lip balm stand out to me and has been one of its highest selling points.

The ingredients used in EOS lip balm have also made it stand out. The organic ingredients used by EOS meet the USDA standards. Natural beeswax, shea and cocoa butter as well as coconut oil are derived from the best sources to provide a quality product. Jojoba oil is used to aid in hydration while vitamin E is added to aid in healing lips. Since I started using EOS, my lips have become smoother, more luminous and feel moisturized instead of dried out. I don’t have to constantly reapply it due to the quality of the ingredients used.

After trying the lip balms, and seeing how nourished my lips became, I will be trying other products in the EOS line. More on Ulta.


The Top EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm products are some of the most popular lip products out right now (mapleholistics.com). People fell in love with the orb shaped lip balm which features several different colors and unique flavors.

EOS Lip Balm is made up of completely natural products and it leaves your lips feeling healthy and hydrated. This product took the world by storm shortly after it was set out on the shelves. Critics and celebrities couldn’t stop talking about this product. These little cute sphere-shaped lip balms are the perfect product to keep your lips healthy and add a touch of color so your lips look and feel great!

With so many different flavors and colors to choose from, here are some of the top EOS lip products.

  1. Blueberry Acai is the first, which is blue and is made with blueberry and acai fragrances.
  2. Pomegranate Raspberry has a crimson color and is nourishing for the lips.
  3. Summer Fruit was created with a blend of different fruit fragrances such as strawberry, blueberry, and peach.
  4. Honeysuckle Honeydew smells like honeydew and is great for your lips!
  5. Sweet Mint is a light blue color and helps to heal cracked lips.
  6. Vanilla Bean is a white colored sphere and is vanilla flavored.
  7. Strawberry Sorbet is pink and strawberry flavored.
  8. Medicated Tangerine is an orange colors and it is filled with vitamins and minerals that help medicated dry lips.
  9. Lemon Drop SPF 15 is a lemon flavored lip balm that helps protect your lips from the sun.
  10. Passion fruit was a limited edition in 2013 and is fruit flavored.

For additional reviews, visit https://imabeautygeek.com/2017/08/14/eos-crystal-lip-balm-review-and-chemist-interview/

Alex Pall, Innovative EDM Tracks Are The Mark Of Excellence

The Chainsmokers are starting to grow, becoming more active on each new record release as vocalists and lyricists. In summer 2016, we heard something new from the Chainsmokers on their single, “Closer.” Instead of famously relying on others for track lyrics and supply vocals, fans got a chance to hear Andrew Taggart sing. The single also featured one of today’s hottest sensations, Halsey. On all previous recordings, the Chainsmokers’ duo of Alex Paul and Taggart stuck to the traditional electronic dance music (EDM) formula. That’s a banging basic beat with a lot of heart pounding tones, intrinsically bound together as club music.

Now, the Chainsmokers are quietly starting to reveal more and more of their personalities and hidden talents such as singing and writing lyrics. It’s not that they were unaware of these talents before, it’s just that producing straight EDM tracks claimed the largest portion of their time and their creative minds. The DJs are still actively involved in EDM, but they’ve become comfortable with doing more than standing in a booth for hours. The two started working together as contemporary DJs after Alex Pall quit his day job. He was working on beats as a side gig. Until he realized that his love for the format consisted of more than a passing interest. He was introduced to Taggart, whom he refers to as, “Drew.” The Chainsmokers were a duo before the pair met. However, Alex Pall was in search of a new partner when his bandmate left.

Fact is, Alex and Drew know how to combine the variances of popular music with what they most want to produce. The Chainsmokers have evolved into something bigger than either of them could have imagined. They work well together and are constantly writing and creating new songs. Alex Pall estimates that they have enough written material to put out recordings for the next two years. That’s how many tracks they’ve already created. But, it’s a matter of ebbing with the flow of radio play and club popularity as to when they’ll release new music.



Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Association firm. His firm is a law firm boutique which majors on providing advisory services to Chief Executive Officers, corporations that handle corporate governance and executive compensation related matters and compensation committee’s mostly pertaining issues that are sensitive and that relate to transformative events in the corporate world.

Jeremy served at Lipton, Kartz, Rozen and Wachtell law firm as a partner before founding his company. Jeremy is the chairman of a sub-committee of the acquisition and merger in the executive committee at the American Bar business section. He is a fluent speaker and author in matters of executive compensation and corporate authority due to his extensive experience.

Jeremy Goldstein is a renowned lawyer in executive compensation related matters which has seen him listed in The Legal 500 and Chambers USA Guide to Leading America Based lawyers for business. He has involved himself in significant acquisitions such as the United Technologies acquisition of Goldrich, Goldman Sachs acquisition, Verizon wireless acquisition among others.

Jeremy has also been in the NYU Journal of Law and Business Advisory Board and a Make-A-Wish Foundations’ new leadership council member. He has also been a board of Directors member at Fountain House which is a charity home that dedicates itself to the well-being of patients with mental illness.

Jeremy Goldstein holds a J.D from the University of New York and an M.S from Chicago University. He also owns a B.A from the University of Cornell. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Quora and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

In about ten years ago, Jeremy heard talks on conflicts of interest in corporate governance in matters pertaining executive compensation. Many firms began to go independent from large executive compensation companies. It is at this time that he developed an idea of founding his law firm which was set to handle matters of corporate governance. Follow Goldstein on Twitter

His line of work usually revolves around advising his clients on issues that are way too much close to their hearts like their own careers and pay. This work, according to him, requires a lot of dedication and availability.

Jeremy Goldstein believes that the quality of advice given majorly depends on one’s knowledge on their client. He spends quality time with its clients and does regular check-ups on them periodically even in the event that they don’t have an active matter. He also finds time to see them personally professionally and emotionally. According to him, new technology is vital for a business to thrive.

OSI Celebrates Century of Innovation

The OSI Group began in 1909 in Chicago when a German immigrant called Otto Kolschowsky opened a butcher shop, and retail meat market. He was successful, and at the end of the decade expanded into the wholesale meat business. He moved his operations to Maywood in Chicago.

The name changed to Otto & Sons in 1928. The company continued to be a thriving business after World War II. In 1955, a man named Ray Roc opened the first McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. Before it opened, they had a verbal agreement with Otto & Sons to supply the restaurant with meat locally.

As it grew, their company supplied all the local McDonald’s franchises that opened. Ray was a franchise dealer, and eventually became CEO of McDonald’s. OSI changed from a regional supplier to global supplier during this decade. The company had pressure on them to provide a consistent quality products that were affordable to consumers.

The new technology of flash freezing foods helped Otto & Sons with their business. When the McDonald’s chain consolidated their suppliers Otto & Sons became one of their four major meat suppliers. In 1973, OSI built a plant in West Chicago for manufacturing food product just for McDonald’s.

The plant had machinery for flash freezing hamburger technology. They supplied meats to local restaurants and stores and to the global market for McDonald’s . In 1975, they became OSI Industries. Sheldon Lavin joined the company in 1975 and had been an investment advisor to them for many years.

During the 1980’s OSI Group expanded their business with joint venture with established food companies in Brazil, Austria, Mexico, Hungary, Poland, and the Pacific Rim. In 1987, they established a joint venture with the K & K Foods company in Taiwain, and in 1990 a joint enterprise with China.

In the US the OSI Group partnered with National Pizza and Foods and opened a new plant that processed hotdogs, bacon, and sausage. In the early 2000’s, OSI began processing poultry products. They purchased Moy Park in the UK, Amick Farms in the US, and Weihai Poultry in China. In 2002, OSI expanded into fresh produce market.

Over the last several years, the company formed has joint ventures with companies in China and Europe. It has established a global trading platform in Europe for meat, poultry and other products. In 2016 they acquired Baho Food that is in the Netherlands and Creative Food Europe in the UK.

Today, OSI Group continues to focus on food safety, sustainability, providing a wide range of products worldwide, and developing new food products for the consumers and the wholesale market.

Learn More: www.forbes.com/companies/osi-group/

Wes Edens Asset Manager

Investing for the future is one of the most critical aspects of having financial success. Some people struggle to develop a cohesive investment strategy. Over the past few years, Wes Edens has become a prominent investment adviser. He works for Fortress Investment Group, and he even helped start the company.Wes thinks that all clients should be treated equally. At some big investment firms, clients are given special privileges if they earn over a certain amount of money. He makes sure to tell customers that they are all important to him. Although he spends a lot of his time managing the business, he still enjoys interacting with customers each day.


Gold is a common asset for people to invest in. Gold has various benefits, including acting as a hedge against inflation. In the last economic recession, few people were ready for a crash. Most people had to deal with an investment portfolio that crashed in value. Wes had his clients prepared for a coming economic correction. Although he still experienced a negative return in 2008, it was much better than the market provided. Wes encourages everyone to have some exposure to gold in their portfolio. Buying gold is a common strategy for anyone who wants to take their investments to a new level.

Other Asset Classes

As an alternative asset manager, Wes has plenty of other investment options for clients. In the past, he has recommended that investors buy stocks in emerging markets. An emerging nation is a country that is growing rapidly but may still have some issues. A great example of an emerging country is India. Although investors may earn a high return, there are also various risks with this decision.Wes is proud of the work that he has accomplished with Fortress Investment Group. He has helped thousands of people get prepared for their retirement.

EOS Lip Balm Products Gain Recognition

Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm growth is no coincidence. This is a company that has a ton of products like hand and body lotion, but lip balm is getting people excited about EOS. It is the unique container from the EOS brand that has made many people seek this brand continuously.

The EOS Lip Balm brand has gained a ton of attention because this company continues to release new flavors of lip balm. People that are planning events can certainly make the best of the various pastel color schemes that are part of this lineup. It is not uncommon to see these lip balm sphere-shaped balls of crystal, organic and shimmer lip balm from EOS in a plethora of baby shower or wedding shower settings. It is ultimately one of the best party favors around when it comes to decorating.

EOS lip balm has taken off and surpassed many of the brands like Burt bees and Chap Stick that were commonly known as the leaders in the lip balm industry. It was a slow growth rate that this company gained, but it has managed to stay on the top. It is the brand that has a container that clearly stands out. While all other lip balm products are in tube formats, the EOS brand visibly stands out with the spear shaped container that has a plethora of different colors.

The reviews for this EOS lip balm are positive. People have spoken about how this lip balm lasts longer. They have also mentioned how it is easier to keep up with because it comes in a bigger container. These are things that everyone can appreciate when it comes to an EOS lip balm product line. They want something that is different from what the mainstream is doing, and Evolution of Smooth provides that (ulta.com).


Please Meet Jeff Yastine: He’s A Person Who Provides Key Knowledge and Financial Insights Through His research to Help Other’s Succeed at Wealth Building.

Jeff Yastine provides over twenty years of education and important experiences concerning the economic milieu. Mr. Yastine has gleaned a large amount of information over the years as a financial journalist. Yastine has traveled the world and seen economic situations up close and personal. These experiences have been very valuable for Yastine, who is currently the editorial director of Total Wealth Insider. Yastine is an employee of Banyan Hill Publishing. Yastine is a credible resource based on the number of financial reports he has produced while working as a journalist and in his current position. Read this article at Forexvestor.com.

Yastine has been the Director of Financial Newsletters before being an employee of Banyan Hill Publishing. From 2013 to 2015, Jeff Yastine was an employee at Newsmax Media, Inc. As a senior correspondent at Nightly Business Report (NBR), he was part of a crew that won many awards for their informative, yet intriguing analysis included in their reports.

Yastine is the main contributor to Banyan Hill’s Winning Investor Daily and the Sovereign Investor Daily, two publications that Yastine works hard to provide value in for his readership base. Yastine wants those new investors, and old investors comprehend key economic and business trends. Yastine truly wants current investors and new investors to make well-informed decisions.

In addition to his role as a respected writer and former journalist, Yastine was also an Emmy-nominated news correspondent and former TV anchor at the Nightly Business Report, a program created and broadcasted by Public Broadcasting Service. Jeff Yastine was a TV anchor role for 15 plus years. Yastine was lucky enough to have talked to world-renowned business people like Michael Dell, Sir Richard Branson, Wayne Huizenga, Herb Kelleher, Frank Purdue, Steve Ballmer, and the “Oracle of Omaha,” Warren Buffett. It was because of these journalistic experiences that Jeff Yastine was fortunate to have gathered key business insights and investing secrets from many successful financiers in the U.S. and other nations.

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/JeffYastineGuru/

In addition to the Emmy that Yastine won, he also earned himself an award titled, the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants Excellence. Mr. Yastine and a crew of journalists working for the Nightly Business Report won an Emmy award for a 30-minute report that discussed the U.S. bond market.

Mr. Yastine’s first job after graduating from the University of Florida was working as a local television reporter in Raleigh-Durham, N.C. Follow Jeff Yastine on Medium.