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People who want a fast and easy way to get a loan choose Equities First Holdings. This remarkable lending firm focuses on alternative lending and is a great option for anyone who wants to avoid stringent requirements of conventional loans. The company has been rendering services since 2002. The financial experts at Equities First Holdings are committed to meeting the needs of their clients’ issues effectively.

Showing the Potential of Women Under Smita Shah

The role of women in modern society has changed drastically in just the last few decades. It wasn’t that long ago when they were still limited to the house to perform tedious labor tasks. However, a series of campaigns and movements has forever reshaped the gender dynamic of the world. Women have been gaining an increasing number of opportunities to advance up into high level positions. Smita Shah is a women who took matters into her own age from a very young age. Her story is one of admiration of women seeking out someone to emulate. The website Premiere Gazette provides insight into her history and future path.


While many women choose to lay low and enjoy their youth, Smita Shah opted for a different route. In the article, she described how there was nothing more important to her than math. The ability for numbers to make logical sense when used in certain areas kept fascinating her young mind at every turn. Her parents and friends remained supportive of her interests all the way through school and into college. This was the period where self-investment began reaping reward. Her knowledge was a valuable asset to those around her, in addition to the high number of competitions she attended. However, there is a single moment that Smita Shah cites for changing her career course forever. It was the creation of SPAAN Tech, Inc. in 1998, as the industry was flipped on its head when a women joined the fight. Learn more: https://about.me/smita.shah


Smita Shah recognizes that her case is rare, and many of peers were never given the courage to believe in themselves. In response, she has gone out of way to highlight women from all the world who have made a name for themselves. Smita Shah wants the younger generation to feel empowered, and that nothing unobtainable when you put your mind to it. In the article she discussions how there are 100 million examples for women to follow. The business industry is rough even to those who have been working for years, but Smita Shah has broken down the surest path to success.


The first step is simply taking a moment of self-reflection. She wants everyone to have a firm understanding of their personal capabilities, and build an image of the goal they are seeking. Once this phase is complete, then an individual should feel better about working on the assignments before them. Developing a reputation of speed and accuracy will soon result in greater reliance by co-workers. Advancement up the industry is usually linked to who you know and the depth of connections. Lastly, Smita Shah wants all women to understand that success is all about the level of effort invested.

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Betsy DeVos Continues To Make Progress In Florida Where Charter Schools Are Slowly Spreading

Betsy DeVos grew up in Holland, Michigan where many people favored giving students multiple educational options. She was born into a Christian family and has continued to hold true to her values during her lifetime. She attended a private Christian high school during her earlier years and then completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics during her time at Calvin College. While she was in college, she became enamoured by politics, and her interest in politics stayed with her after she graduated.


After finishing her degree, Betsy DeVos went on to serve her home state by serving as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. She also stood by her husband, Dick DeVos, during his bid to serve as the state’s governor. DeVos later worked with her husband to help pass legislation in Michigan that supported students by covering their tuition costs into charter schools. Her work in the state to help spread charter schools in various cities has been very successful, and she has also supported the expansion of charter schools in other U.S. states.


Betsy DeVos recently took part in an interview and was asked to talk about what she perceives as her biggest successes. During the interview, she commented she believes she helped to get a lot done in Florida. The state has been working to support its students for many years through educational choice legislation that she stood behind. Florida is now supporting thousands of students by covering their tuition fees into charter schools. Instead of taking all of the credit for the passing of important legislation in the state, she has been very clear about the important role that John Kirtley has played there.


Betsy DeVos recently paid a visit to Florida where she checked in with various schools in the state. She visited a private Christian school, charter schools, and even a traditional public school. While there, she made a surprise visit to a charter school named Slam that was created by Armando Christian Perez. She made news headlines by doing so because Perez is none other than the rapper Pitbull. His rap songs are known for their dirty lyrics, and this is why some people were taken aback when they heard about the visit.


Betsy DeVos has never been a woman who worries about what people think about her. Instead, she has continued to work hard to support educational choice and charter schools. This was the reason for her making the appearance with Pitbull at his charter school. The school has been in existence since 2013, and Pitbull has helped to create other charter schools in the state. DeVos is now looking towards the future and is hoping that people will soon see that there are many other educational options for students other than traditional public schools.


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Jack Plotkin, Telehealth, and the Future of the Medical Field

Jack PlotkinJack Plotkin has been studying the rise of telehealth for many years and believes it will soon become the future of medicine but there are still hurdles to overcome before that happens. For one thing, medical doctors and nurses have a difficult time being able to diagnose and treat these conditions without access to the medical records of their patients. Using wearable health trackers, you can monitor your vital signs and send the biometrics directly to the doctor’s office wirelessly but, without the medical records, it becomes difficult to connect family history to the current state of your condition. These types of gadgets come in a lot of different forms. Some of them are armbands or watches such as the Fitbit while others come as a pendant or a bracelet.

Jack PlotkinIt is especially distressing for the nurses who work at call centers as they need to have access to these electronic medical records in order to properly do their jobs. Of course, not all hope is lost as scientists are currently working on a new platform that could help rectify this situation. It is commonly known as Virtual Health and it seeks to unite the EMRs with the rest of the medical data doctors need to accurately diagnose and treat their patients. However, even if this new system does prove to be a success, Jack Plotkin then points out the fact that these procedures are still very expensive so they still have a long way to go before they become commonplace.

It should come as no surprise that neither Medicaid nor Medicare covers this type of procedure but all of the major insurance companies have also come out of the woodwork to say they won’t pay for it either. So, for now, it remains a privilege of the wealthy and elite. Telehealth was first established back in the early ’50s when they could only do the procedure over the phone. As you can imagine, the only thing the doctor would have to work with is the description given to them by the patient so it was nigh impossible to diagnose.

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The Career Of Celebrated Nature Author And Broadcaster Alastair Borthwick

Scotland’s Alastair Borthwick was an acclaimed nature author and broadcaster. Born on February 17, 1913, he started working at a newspaper in Glasgow, Scotland, when he was just 16. Since the Glasgow Weekly Herald only had a staff of five people it meant that he wrote and edited multiple sections of the paper. The part of the paper he was most drawn to was the open-air page. This page introduced him to rock-climbing which quickly became his major hobby.

He wrote about rock-climbing and these articles quickly became his most popular. Alastair Borthwick filled his writing with interesting characters and situations. He inspired many working-class people in Glasgow to also take up this hobby. Later on, he collected his open-air page writing together and published, Always a Little Further. This book was an instant success and is regarded as one of the best nature books to have ever been written.

Alastair Borthwick briefly worked for the Daily Mirror in London but didn’t care for that city so he returned home. This stint did lead to him becoming a radio broadcaster, though. He was so good at this that listeners didn’t know he was reading from a script. When war broke out in Europe, his adventurous spirit led to him joining the 5th Seaforth Highlanders, a battalion in the 51st Highland Division. After the war, he wrote his second book, Sans Peur. This book has also been hailed as a literary classic, covering World War II from the eyes of a regular soldier.

Post-war, Alastair Borthwick signed a contract with the BBC. His first work for them was the Scottish Survey which earned him an OBE. He also became a celebrated television broadcaster who created programs for Grampian TV. He created a 13-part series, Scottish Soldier, which he said was his favorite.

He was married to Anne Borthwick and they had one son, Patrick. After retiring, he spent his time in a small Scottish village. Alastair Borthwick died on September 25, 2003, just three months after his wife passed away.


Isabel dos Santos and Her Passion

Isabel dos Santos is a woman on a mission and she will go anywhere it takes to get it across and to make things happen. Her views on the future for Africa becoming more in touch with technology has made an impact on many people in the business world, as well as, the new generation of men and women starting up in different fields of business. Dos Santos entrepreneurial spirit is what got her to where she is now and her passion for helping others achieve their goals is what she pushes among people whenever, where ever she speaks. It also shows in her actions.


Isabel dos Santos has made many forum appearances to present her ideas and beliefs about how Africa can grow through technology. In this day in age, even here in our country, we can’t do too much without technology. And a lot of businesses depend on technology for all sorts of dealings across the globe. So with all of Africa’s resources, why not invest in bringing Africa into the fold (Affiliatedork).


She feels that through education, Africa could take part in modern business dealings even more. Isabel dos Santos is living proof of what a good education could help anyone succeed. She has attended and graduated from schools in England and attended King’s College, where she studied electrical engineering and received a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Science. (See Crunchbase reviews on Dos Santos´ academic background).


As head of Unitel telecommunications in Angola and a very successful entrepreneur, Isabel dos Santos has brought many opportunities to Africa, for both, men and women, through the help of technology. She believes that if a woman or anyone has been educated, trained, or meet the same qualifications for any position, Isabel dos Santos says that  they both should be paid the same wages and given the same opportunities. Her beliefs on equality are as strong as they are about education because, you can’t expect to be on the same level as a person who was educated or trained to do a job when you have no idea of what the job is. All you can do is start from the bottom and work your way up and that is why she is a strong advocate for education and why it very important for Africa.

More information on Dos Santos´ career available at https://economist.com.na/39271/columns/africas-richest-woman-isabel-dos-santos-of-angola-interview/

Laerte Codonho The First To Produce Diet Soda In Brazil

Laerte Codonho is a Brazilian businessman and the founder of the most successful carbonated beverage companies in South America. The name of the company is called Dolly and Laerte Codonho founded the company around 1987. The company has been operating out of the southeast region of Brazil. Dolly and its founder Laerte Codonho was the first company to introduce diet soda to the country of Brazil. When the company launched the diet soda the company started to gain major notoriety on a national level by the 1990s (Jusbrasil). 


The company also sold regular soda and other drink product as well. When Dolly took off nationally this was the only company that had a chance of challenge carbonated drink producers such as Coca-Cola. Dolly gained notoriety and was most known for the diet soda product that the company produced in Brazil but Dolly’s main product has always been the Dolly Guarana drink. 


Laerte Codonho is very aware that guarana is very widely used fruit across the globe but the difference is in places like the United States it is used in energy drinks. The way that Codonho and his company Dolly uses guarana is very different than other countries because they do not use it for energy drinks but for sodas instead. When they are producing the sodas with guarana they remove all the bitterness out of the fruit and just leave the sweet characteristics to go into the soda. Because these sodas are so popular and are made by different soda companies throughout Brazil Dolly only holds a 10% share of the Brazilian market but they do hold a 30% share of the São Paulo market. Dolly has been able to stay on top in the carbonated drink industry because of the excellent marketing skills of the companies founder Mr. Codonho. 


Laerte Codonho is a very savvy businessman who knows how to run an entire corporation and he understands the importance of branding and marketing. This is why these areas gets most of his company’s attention. The goal of Mr. Codonho is to keep the brands image out in the public in a positive way and make sure it is memorable to consumers within its market. 


Mr. Codonho is a brilliant businessman and was able to build a very successful carbonated drink corporation. This is truly remarkable coming from a country like Brazil. Laerte Codonho is an example to anyone that anything can be done if you put your mind to it, be dedicated, and put in the work. He has shown this by having produced and got an approval from the Brazilian government to produce the first diet soda in the country’s history. 

Information on Codonho´s business career at https://recordtv.r7.com/jornal-da-record/videos/justica-reconhece-erro-e-desbloqueia-bens-da-dolly-06102018

Stansberry Research: Offering Strong Investment Advice To Readers Across The Globe

Stansberry Research is a company that specializes in publishing financial advisory through its numerous mediums. The company focuses on investment based research and tries to offer practical and viable advice to the readers who tune into these publications on a regular basis. Stansberry Research first started operations in 1999 and since then has grown tremendously to become one of the more well-known names within the industry. 

The person behind the establishment of the company was Frank Porter Stansberry, someone who was already well versed within the financial sector. His insight and understanding of this sector is what enabled him to aptly lead the company and the newsletter that they were publishing. Stansberry has authored some of the most well-known articles to have ever been published in the newsletter, including prominent headlines such as “The End Of America” and “The Project To Restore America” (Positivethefacts).


When the company was first built, it started operating from Baltimore. Over the years, the company expanded and decided to set up in numerous other locations throughout the country. Currently, the company is operational in Florida, Oregon and California. One of the main mediums through which the company offers its investment advice is through their monthly and bi-monthly newsletters. These newsletters are authored by the well-experienced staff working at Stansberry and financial editors who have ample amount of experience working in the field of investments. The employees working with the company also have a deeper understanding of the various intricacies within the financial sector and know exactly what needs to be done in order to properly understand the best investments that their readers can opt for.


Stansberry Research tries to make their newsletter as diverse as possible, including a variety of different sectors in the articles that they release. The newsletter often features investment potential within the mining and power industry, the field of healthcare and even technology. The company knows that no two readers are alike, and different people have an inclination towards different kinds of investments. Because of this, they try to offer a broad spectrum of investment options that their readers can turn to.

Information available on Stansberry investment advice at https://www.stansberryresearch.com/