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The Interesting World of the NBA

Basketball is a popular team sport currently being played by over 250 million people worldwide. This is one of the world’s sports that attracts a huge viewership, more so in the United States. Perhaps this popularity in the United States is owed to the fact that the game originated from here.
In the US, the game of basketball is played widely at different levels. The national basketball league commonly referred to as the NBA is the most popular. Thirty teams that are split into two conferences, the Eastern, and the Western conferences play the league. The teams compete at the conference level where each team has to play the other to compete for the top spots. The eight top finishers proceed to the conference playoffs. At the end of each conference playoff, one team emerges the winner from either conference, and the two winners proceed to the finals. The two conference winners play against each other to produce the NBA national champion.
Due to the popularity as well as the large viewership enjoyed by the game, NBA has turned out to be a lucrative business. From players being traded to teams changing ownership, a lot of money changes hands as a result of the beautiful game. Before the beginning of every season, every team tries to bring in the players they consider the best to their teams by buying out their existing contracts from their current clubs.
Companies, both sports related and non-sports have not been left out in the business the NBA generates. Sponsorship deals as well as endorsements worth millions of dollars are always on offer to different teams as well as individual players. Numerous companies have gained publicity over the years through NBA teams through these ventures.
Most recently, NBA teams have changed ownership from an individual to another, or between investment groups. A while ago, Herb Kohl relinquished his stake in the NBA team, The Bucks. The franchise was sold to Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens, executives of a New York investment firm for about $550 million. Kohl who is a former U.S senator bought the team in 1985 and had kept it afloat since then.
However, the sale of The Atlanta Hawks is what has caused the shockwaves. It came as a surprise when Bruce Levenson announced he would be relinquishing his stake in the NBA team.
Bruce Levenson developed his love for sports while attending American University where he was studying for his law degree. Levenson visited the Washington Star where he began a career in journalism. He would later go ahead to form his own media house and take writing seriously. His journalism led him into the world of professional sports and as a result, he would end up buying The Atlanta Hawks together with the Phillips Arena. It is this share of the team that he purchased through Atlanta Hawks LLC that Bruce Levenson sold for $730 million.

Ken Griffin The Ultimate Hedge Fund Risk Taker Thinks Brazil Investments Could Produce Big Returns

Most hedge fund managers know Ken Griffin’s story. Griffin’s the guy that started buying and selling stocks in his dorm room at Harvard and netted a couple of million in the process. Griffin made enough money to start Citadel LLC, the hedge fund and investment company that is one of the top 15 hedge fund companies in the world. But Citadel and Griffin had to take a few heavy blows before they rose to the top of the hedge fund world. The 2008 recession left Griffin broke and Citadel one step away from a complete wash out.

Thanks to borrowed money and the hesitant support of his limited partners, Griffin took some major league risks. Mr. Griffin bought assets no other hedge fund would touch. Those assets went from ugly financial frogs to profit producing royalty. Griffin was back on top in six short years, and Citadel had more than $26 billion in assets under management around the world.

Ken Griffin on valuewalk likes to bet on emerging markets. He is a big supporter of the BRICS nations and Citadel has made a lot of money investing in those markets. For the last four years, Brazil’s economy has been growing 4 to 5 percent a year, and it looked like Brazil was in a position to become the fifth largest economy in the world.

Investors are now asking if Brazil will ever come back to where it was in terms of profitable returns. Some economists are writing off the largest economy in Latin America because S&P downgraded Brazil’s credit rating and inflation is racing toward 10 percent. But Griffin says not so fast. Mr. Griffin believes Brazil will make a comeback, and that comeback will be sooner than later.

So why would the founder of one of the top hedge funds in the world think that Brazil is worth a 2016 investment strategy? The answer is the risk factor will produce bigger returns. Griffin says Brazil has a history of crashing, but it never burns completely because the country is so rich in natural resources. Griffin thinks a couple of things will happen over the next 12 months. First, oil prices will go back up and that will be a plus for Brazil’s oil industry. Second, the government will raise taxes to curve inflation in 2016, and that will slow down the domestic market. Third, the real exchange rate will continue to be attractive, and that means more countries will buy from Brazil. And fourth, Brazil will get a boost from the Olympics.

But Mr. Griffin thinks investors will have to be careful when taking risks because just like any country the government may screw up by adding unnecessary reforms, and that would mean a profit filled recovery could take longer.

North Korean Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park

Some societies are very secretive. Even in today’s open world, it can be hard to get information about certain places. Some places vastly restrict the number of visitors that are allowed to enter as well as the movements of those who are living in the nation. Many people living in certain places are unable to move within that nation to another part of the nation they might like better. They are also prevented from voicing their concerns about the way the country is run even if they feel the country is not run well. In many instances, people want to do all that they can to be able to change the nation for the better but find that they have limited options for doing so.

Fortunately, some brave souls have confronted problems of international human rights violations directly. One truly impressive human rights activist is Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi Park on twitter is a noted native of North Korea. She and her family fled this nation as soon as they managed to figure out the best way to get out. Living in this deeply unpleasant society mean facing a life that was often filled with hardship and pain including problems such as lack of access of enough to eat as the nation’s leaders did little to combat a famine that stalked the land for a few years. During this time, millions of North Koreans died as a result of such shortages. Park and her family were only able to avoid starvation and death by resorting to eating grass.

After a harrowing series of steps and a long journey, Yeonmi Park and her family were able to escape North Korea for a life in another part of the world. Since leaving this nation, she and her parents have taken the time to share their story of survival in this secretive society with other people who may not be aware of the kind of conditions that exist here. Getting information out about North Korea is often quite difficult. The news media in this society is censored heavily. Only a small number of North Koreans are allowed to leave this society to travel abroad in any given year. Of those who do, many are watched closely as they go about their business in other places in order to make sure that they do not utter any criticism of their native land to anyone else.

As a result, it has been very hard to speak with ordinary North Koreans about their lives here as well as the kind of changes they would like to see in their societies. Those who do travel often know that it is imperative to avoid making any kind of criticism of North Korea as doing so may directly endanger the lives of their relatives living here.

Brian Mulligan: A Man With A Fortune To Back Up His Hard Work

The hard work that Brian Mulligan has put into his life and passions have certainly paid off for him in terms of what he has accomplished. He has held top executive positions in media companies for the better part of 30 years. This has not happened because of luck but rather because he has devoted all of the time that he has to making a better life for himself.

He positions himself as a power player in any company that he works for. He wants to jump in and get his hands into everything. After all, he feels that he can help a company make the right moves that they need to make. He has taken part in some $175 billion worth of transactions over the various businesses that he has helped run. That is a lot of business and a lot of powerful transactions that have bolstered the economies of the individuals who interact with those businesses.

Brian Mulligan has received numerous awards as one of the “top 10 bankers in Hollywood”. This along with other honors have helped many notice him and want to do business with him.

Mulligan also works to help charities in the LA area by donating money and time to them. He has helped raise millions of dollars for things such as St. Jude’s Hospital, schools in the area, and even the YMCA in the area. This is an act of charity that shows just how grateful Mulligan is for the opportunities that he has been offered in this country. He happens to know that he is fortunate to operate in a country where he could put his skills to use to earn money and make a better standing for himself in life.

In his spare time, Brian Mulligan writes about sports. It is another passion of his in life, and many have taken an interest in what he has to say about the various teams that they care about. He cares about the sports industry in particular, the money that is involved in the games. He likes to talk about how that industry is developing and discuss ideas about the future with others who care about sports as well.


Doe Deere Is A Leader In The Makeup Industry

The future of bold women entrepreneurs depends on influential leaders,
like Doe Deere of Lime Crime, to inspire and empower individuals across the globe.
Known for her line of fun and bright makeup products, this renowned
figure hopes to encourage females with her astounding rise to
unprecedented triumph. By employing her childhood innate traits such
as hard work and determination, she has excelled in the business
industry with her unique cosmetic brand. Notably, her strengths in the
creative arts has enabled her to expand her beauty enhancement
company, Lime Crime, into Mexico, Brazil, Russia, and many states
within America. Remarkably, her adolescent upbringing in conjunction
with her entrepreneurial pursuit has strongly influenced her drive to
impart sound business advice to novice female professionals.

As a Russian immigrant to two non-English speaking parents, Doe Deere
truly understood the value of hard work, self-confidence, and persistence at an early age. Because her family relocated to the United States with limited financial
resources, she was raised primarily in New York City homeless
shelters. Fortunately, with God’s grace and kind people as well as
inner strength and persistence, Deere overcame many challenging
obstacles which have greatly contributed to her recent business

In 2004, Deere embarked on her profound business pursuit by selling homemade
makeup on the ebay online store. Her most popular color arrangement
was the combination of lime-green with hot pink which, coincidently,
are two of her favorite shades. As her brand grew, she eventually
departed ebay and launched where she had the opportunity
to interact with her consumers more directly. Similarly, this new
endeavor enabled her to experiment with her freedom of expression as
she was able to post unique makeup tutorials on her website. Her first
video featured dark red eyeshadow blended exceptionally into a bold

In 2010, Lime Crime had the profound honor to partner with retail
chain SpaceNK who maintains stores in the United States and the United
Kingdom. The success of this business arrangement led to more
collaborations with corporations who wanted to distribute Deere’s
revolutionary products. Currently, Lime Crime is available all across
the world at the following stores: Vorana Cosmetics, Derby Shop,
ILOVEMAKEUP, Urban Outfitters, and Naimie’s Beauty Center. Individuals
may also order this fun brand through the company’s online e-commerce
stores (

Deere’s extremely difficult childhood upbringing in addition to her challenging
business endeavor provided her with the necessary knowledge to impart
sage advice to inexperienced female entrepreneurs. During motivational
speaking engagement such as PHAMexpo in Los Angeles, California she
often quotes to the audience, “Don’t Quit Your Daydream.” As a woman
who achieved unprecedented success with limited outside resources, she
truly believes that every individuals can accomplished their desired
personal and professional goals. Commendably, Deere hopes to inspire
businesswomen with her very tangible experiences which involved hard work
and determination during each step of her career pursuits.

The Aspire Solutions for the Best Luxury Apartments in New Brunswick


New Brunswick, New Jersey has been evolving for the past 15 years and attributed to this is their notable development. The occupants on Brunswick are in search of proper prestigious and luxurious housing to complement their lifestyle. Boraie development through the establishment of The Aspire grabbed this opportunity to meet the occupants’ needs in providing a deluxe apartment compound. The Aspire offers classy fresh-off-the market and trendy residential housing for esteemed affluent customers living in New Brunswick. Aspire is strategically placed close to the train station opening the place up to New York via the railway line through Manhattan to Philadelphia.

The Aspire has adopted some of the latest top notch housing designs in the country with the help of professional engineers and interior designers situated in the United States. They are offering a variety of immaculate housing options to suit their specific customer needs in a professional way. It is seeking to appeal to the tastes of the clients in housing by providing spacious, well-crafted apartments with breathtaking finishing and accessories. They have taken care of the after sales services by establishing a state of the art social center equipped with a vivacious restaurant and retail outlet for clients who would like a good time, situated in the heart of New Jersey. They have also employed around the clock doorman and efficient management and maintenance system at the occupants’ beck and call.

Boraie Development LLC, the pioneer of The Aspire, is an American real estate company dealing mainly in the development of real estates, management of property and sales & marketing services. They have collaborated with financial institutions and outlets like banks, capital funds to obtain funds for practicing; architects and contractors to provide the skill, materials and manpower for accomplishing their projects. The company is situated in Brunswick, New Jersey, 120 Albany Street where their head offices are centrally located. This provides them with accessibility and, therefore, able to harness a wider market for their quality designs.

Boraie managers and team members are bent towards developing urban housing in accordance with the upcoming technologies and evolving trends in the real estate markets. They are obligated to build breathtaking property as they endow their customers with supreme service. The company is celebrated both in New Jersey and countrywide for the spectacular property they have established with the help of artistic and veteran teams. They won’t stop at anything to put a smile on their precious customers face with delicately designed houses, state of the art fitness centers, Rooftop sundecks, gardens and lavish parking lots. This is evident from the inception of The Aspire bearing all the above qualities in addition to many other indoor accessories.

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When You Want Your Product to Sell, you Must Design it Well


Individuals who manufacture products want them to be seen by many people. That’s why they entice retail shops so that they can be given some space to display their products for the world to see. On the other hand, the retails are interested in products that can stand out from the rest. This has made a bottle of water to attract a lot of attention.

In 2010, Sarah Kauss experienced this challenge when she started S’well. The company is believed to be the maker of the modern fashionable utilitarian water bottle that has got the attention of people who love fashion, the eco conscious and big brands in the globe.

For S’well, design is a very important aspect. According to the founder of the company, the use of design has set them apart from other competitors in the market.

Sarah Kauss, started the prestigious company with $30,000 from her pocket. Her aim was not creating beautiful water bottles. She wanted to help in the disastrous effects that plastic bottled water has on the environment. She had actually wanted to do this after attending a panel about the global clean water crisis

The use of plastic bottles is not friendly to our environment, and the water we consume from them is the same as the water found in the municipal taps. In the United States, bottled water is regulated by FDA, while municipal water is under EPA. FDA has higher and better standards for ensuring clean water, so consumers shouldn’t pay more for bottled water which is 2000 times expensive compared to the tap water, and still get water that is equivalent to the one from the municipal.

In order to get people not to depend on bottled, Sarah decided to convince them to carry around a reusable bottle. They made the bottle beautiful in their design.


This article was originally published on the Fast Company .see more information here.