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Champions Of The Environment

Elite professional businessman Jon Urbana has called Denver, Colorado home for many years. At Ellipse USA, he is the Head of Business Development, and long standing successful entrepreneur.

Perhaps most importantly though, Jon Urbana is a true champion of his community in the state of Colorado. He is incredibly concerned with the continued maintenance and health of the environment across the globe, and per a recent story written up on, Urbana has been unquestionably charitable and active in improving the area that surrounds him, the land he cares for so much.

In addition, Urbana is wildly passionate about the sport of lacrosse. Urbana runs a camp every summer, where he often discusses shared environmental concerns with teenage athletes who attend the camp. Mr. Urbana sees the connection between the importance of helping the next generation of youth in conjunction with environmental activism.

These two things combined are the catalyst for the GoFundMe campaign Jon Urbana started. The beneficiary is called Earth Force, and he hopes to unite Colorado youth interested in linking up and playing an active collective role in giving back to the beautiful state they come from. The leader wants everyone to know about his campaign, and hopes to encourage a widespread positive movement to help nature thrive.

Earth Force is hoping is will raise one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars, all of which will go towards the education and empowerment of young people to contribute to the environment, and teach them about renewable energy and the importance of clean, well maintained nature.

The Incredible and Amazing Story of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is an individual who has had to overcome some serious obstacles to get to where she is today. She was able to overcome a vicious rule of the North Korean government and eventually escape all the way to the United States. This wasn’t an easy task, however, as she had to overcome great obstacles that some could only imagine. Yeonmi Park has now been able to shed more light on this situation by writing a tell-all book about her incredible experiences. She has now educated the world about the difficulties that are really going on in North Korea.

Park left North Korea when she was just 13 years old. She had to deal with overcoming starvation, slavery, abuse, and crossing the Gobi Desert. This is something that she allowed to help her grow, not bring her down. She has now become much stronger due to her trails and looks to help others through her writing. She has a new found responsibility to helping others understand the struggle that is going on in North Korea.

There are many government officials in North Korea who are very angry and even threatening to Park. However, Park is standing strong in her conviction to spread awareness about the horrible situation that people have to live in. There are very few individuals who are doing as much as Park to forward the human rights movement in North Korea. While she is still adjusting to life in the free world, she is enjoying all of these new freedoms on a daily basis.



Discerning Dog Food Consumers Have More Choices Than Ever Before

Can we, as pet parents, justify the added cost of buying fresh pet food? In this article in the Daily Herald, the CEO of the gourmet dog food manufacturer Purina talks about how fresh and delicious the new refrigerated pet food is, and how it is made without preservatives. I’ve seen many fellow pet owners willing to pay almost any price to ensure that they are buying the best for their dog, and according to the article, my friends are very similar to other discerning pet food consumers. The food we choose looks good enough to eat for dinner and our pets love to eat it.

Unlike many of my friends, however, I feed my dogs Purinastore Beneful Chopped Blends, specifically the blend with turkey and sweet potatoes. If I were going to feed my dogs fresh pet food, I would just cook it myself, instead of buying refrigerated dog food. Personally, my dogs love Beneful Chopped Blends as much as my cooking, which is slightly insulting to me, however, it is a credit to Beneful’s quality and the Purina’s determination to make food that tastes good to dogs. I also appreciate Beneful Blends resealable tub; it would be great for leftovers, expect there never is any food leftover.

My dogs have eaten Beneful Originals dry dog food for many years; the wet food is a supplement several times a week. Before I switched to Beneful, I had a difficult time coaxing my dogs to eat dry dog food unless I put vitamin gravy on it. Now they eat Beneful with relish, and I feel great knowing that it has 100 percent of the nutrients that they need to thrive. Of all the dry dog food I have bought over the years, Beneful stands out as the best quality brand. While many new wet and dry dog foods are now available, I won’t switch from a brand that I know and trust.


Why Should You Hire a Wiki Writer?

You’ve seen the pages all over the Internet. Almost every time you log online and perform a Google search you stumble upon one. The Wikipedia page is always right there, ready and waiting for you. You can look up just about anything online and it is going to be ready to showcase you helpful, important information. It is rather straight forward, nothing is flashy and it shows you exactly the kind of information you want to see. Of course, then you start to think about your own business. You have that website you created on your own. It is doing alright, but it would sure be nice if you could bring in more traffic, right? You’ve created a few social media pages and stay up on that content as much as you can. That may be helping you out, but you’re not really sure. Everyone says you should do it so you should do it. But wouldn’t it be great if you actually had some kind of way to showcase that you are a professional service and have it stand out as an official posting that isn’t right on your website? Wikipedia business page creation is perfect for you then. You just need to bring in a bit of assistance for what you are looking for. 

One of the nice things regarding Wikipedia is that you can literally make a Wikipedia page about anything. This is why it is so informative and helpful. However, what are you suppose to when creating your own page. After all, it is a bit difficult and it is something you might not know how to do yourself. All of those other Wiki pages you’ve been on reads exactly the same, so how are you suppose to write like all of those other people? And when are you suppose to find the time to create an authoritative page that fits the Wiki requirements? So many questions and if you try to do it yourself and fail, you’ll just be left with content you can’t really use on your own. That is why you need to use a service like Get Your Wiki.

What is Get Your Wiki exactly? It is a Wikipedia writing service that employs the best Wiki writers for hire on the web to create a page for you. It formats the content, types out all of the content, sources everything and makes it look as professional as possible. This way, you’ll always stand out and drive more traffic. Get your free quote within 24 hours from Get Your Wiki today by clicking on the following link >>

Your Dog’s Health Matters and Beneful Helps

When you fill your dog’s food bowl, you might not imagine the ingredients that are going into that bowl with each fill. Unfortunately, your dog’s food might be full of fillers and unhealthy additives that are basically like giving your dog junk and fast food that you would feel unhealthy eating yourself all the time. Feeding your dog a junk food diet can cause him to be tired, lethargic and have a coat that doesn’t glisten or shine. Switching is easier to do than you might think, especially when there are brands like Beneful out there for you to give a try. If you feel that it is time to give your dog better food, Beneful has you covered and can easily aid in the type of ingredients you’re feeding to your pooch. The best way to make the switch is to know exactly what type of food your dog is going to need. Asking their vet will help you to figure out the needs of your dog and what is right for them. The best thing for you to do is to compare different Purina Beneful products within their line to find the best one for you and your dog. You might also be able to find a range of coupons and discounts to use when buying products from the Beneful brand. This is going to help you to try out Beneful for the first time and see if your dog is going to like it. Beneful also has a lot of treats and snacks that you can also feed to your dog with great success. Knowing that there has been an article written about the dangers of cheap dog food and filler products, it is any wonder why so many people still use these items and haven’t switched to Beneful just yet.