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Premium Dog Food Products are Reshaping Industry

When you go shopping on Wal-Mart grocery for food you probably care at least a little bit about the ingredients in your meal, right? Now logically this same care should extend to the food that we feed our beloved dogs because they depend on us to give them exactly what they need. Companies like Freshpet and Beneful are taking charge of the dog food industry in an attempt to bring customers more health focused, affordable food than ever before.
If you were to walk onto the factory floor at the Freshpet factory in Pennsylvania then you would probably see CEO Richard Thompson leading a group of visitors around the grounds, on a tour. Touring the factory is a great way to show people how much care goes into the food as well as the actual quality of the food itself. Thompson himself likes to take some dog food right off of the line before popping it into his mouth with a smile. Remember when you were little and daring your sibling to eat a piece of dog food was a big deal? Now, dog food is being produced that is up to the quality expected out of human meals.

With almost $24 billion dollars in revenue getting pumped into the pet food industry every single year there is a very real reason to focus on producing the best quality product available. This strategy is called ‘eat like your owner’ and it has been growing since 2009 in a very real way. For a great example of the explosive growth of this portion of the industry you need only look at the company Blue Buffalo who was one of the first to adopt whole grains, veggies, and fruits with fresh meat into a refrigerated package designed for dogs. They are making upwards of $1 billion per year, alone.

You don’t have to go too outside of the norm in order to find your way to a health aware pet food, either. has been a giant in the pet food industry and they continue to push forward with food that will make your pet happy and healthy all at once.

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Fox Television’s Anti-Socialism Expert Backfires

The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan is a very conservative television news and commentary program. She did a show attempting to demonize U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. She emphasized that the problem with Bernie was that he is a socialist. On the program she announced that the audience would hear first hand from a liberal commentator about the evils of socialism. Regan then introduced Thor Halvorssen as an expert on all the problems Sanders’ socialism could cause America. But, the plan backfired when Halvorssen quickly corrected her and said that actually he was in favor of Bernie Sanders, because his is the right kind of socialism: true democratic socialism.


Before she could redirect, Halvorssen explained that he was against despotic and false socialism as practiced by oppressive governments, including Venezuela and North Korea. He pointed out that both those countries have evil governments that claim to be socialist. He then outlined how the countries with the wrong type of socialism have histories that are repressive and counter to basic freedoms. He said that a good type of democratic socialist government does support human rights. He explained that Bernie Sanders is calling for the right kind of socialism, such as that practiced by Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. He said he supports such countries that are socialist and still strongly support basic human rights and freedoms.


Regan gave up trying to get Halvorseen to make any statement against Sanders and brought up his personal experiences with the wrong kind of socialist government. He agreed and elaborated that it was true, his own father had been a victim of the corrupt despotic regime of the Venezuelan government. He explained that the government had abducted, falsely imprisoned his father and also tortured him because of his political dissidence. He went on to describe how his mother was also attacked. She was shot by a government attack squad while attending a peaceful public meeting. One other victim was killed and ten victims were also wounded. He also mentioned that his cousin is still being illegally held without due process in a Venezuelan prison.

Bustle Breaks Down The New Fashions Offered By Fabletics

Recently Kelly Dougher wrote and article for Bustle Magazine on regarding her adventures in adopting the hugely popular athleisure or normcore trend of clothing. This trend has become incredibly common because it can combine comfort and fashion. People everywhere are trading in their jeans and girly dresses for athleisure wear such as jogger, yoga pants, racer tanks, and sweat. The writer of the article explains how she went from boring hoodies and jeans to girly dresses and heels in what she describes as a fashion identity crisis. In an attempt change up her look and go with current clothing trends, she decided to give the new athletic wear craze a try. To her surprise on, the clothes felt comfortable and fit her personality. Instead of wearing heels that hurt her feet she discovered that she could take elements of athletic wear and blend it with her clothing, she wore to go out on the town. Much like the article’s author others are going in the same direction with their clothing choices.

A very popular and growing company on the forefront of athleisure wear is Fabletics on Fabletics is a branch of the internet clothing giant JustFab. JustFab offers traditional fashions, shoes, and jewelry for the everyday woman, but Fabletics is active wear that you can live in. Just as just fab brought style with convenience together, Fabletics has managed to make athleisure wear and comfort to be combined with style. The face of the Fabletics on thekrazycouponlady line of clothing is Kate Hudson, who is also a founder. She has designed and marketed apparel that she feels fashion forward and diverse. Fabletics is also about to release athleisure wear dresses that promise to be a huge hit with women everywhere. Whether it’s joggers, tanks, or dresses athleisure wear and the normcore trend is hot right now, and everyone is starting to give this new look a try.

Igor Cornelsen and Brazil Connections

Brazil is a beautiful place to visit. There are exotic islands and a beautiful culture of people and places to visit. The food is awesome, and people that love sports like soccer will be in heaven when they come to Brazil. What many people may not know is that Latin America has a wealth of raw materials that are purchased heavily by Brazil. I didn’t have any of this knowledge before I discovered Igor Cornelsen. He is a retirement investment banker that allowed me to see that Brazil was more than a land of exotic getaways and fine cuisine. Cornelsen showed me that this was also a wonderful area with a booming economy.

I have heard a lot of people buzzing about how to manage your portfolio, but few people ever take the time to actually put the time to tell you anything new. That is what Igor does. He lets your know about Brazil and the raw materials that are there. This is something new to most investors because the average person is too scared to branch out. They don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to discover another culture. What I have learned on is that Igor Cornelsen has already done all the dirty work. Just by telling people that there is money to be made with raw investments is a huge step in the right direction. He has been able to show people that there is something that is worth their time in Brazil.

The United States doesn’t always have the best returns on investment. Sometimes – many times in fact – Brazil has a plethora of stocks that will have better rates of return on investment than what an investor may find in America. The trouble with this is that there are few people that take time or effort to look at what is happening in Brazil. They become comfortable with what they have always done so they continue to do the same thing. Cornelsen has given me the insight to step outside of the box. I know that I can maximize my returns if I just put forth the effort to look beyond what I am used to. That is what Igor Cornelsen has done for me, and I think that this has made him one of the most important people in my financial investment life.

Cornelsen may not be known by many, but those that find him will treasure him. He knows a lot, and there is no doubt that he will continue to lead others with this timeless advice on Brazilian investing. His knowledge base is sound, and he has a lot to share about Brazil because he has lived there.

Brian Bonar’s Restarant Roundup

Hailing from Scotland, Brian Bonar has established himself as a successful businessman and entrepreneur around the globe. He earned bachelor and master degrees from James Watt Technical College and Stafford University in Mechanical Engineering before starting his career at IBM as a procurement manager. At Stafford Univeristy, Bonar also went on to earn a PhD in International Business Development Studies, acquiring skills that would serve him well later in life.
Bonar has held numerous positions in his long career, the most recent being the Chairman and CEO of Trucept, a temporary staffing and insurance services company. These days, however, Bonar has set his sights on a new enterprise: building a restaurant empire in San Diego, California. His first piece of property was the 144 acre plot of land known as the Ranch, nestled in Bandy Canyon. Bonar plans to revamp the area and create a four star restaurant and event space. But first, he must deal with the newly renamed Bellamy (formerly Tango).

According to PR News Wire, Bellamy boasts Patrick Ponsaty as its executive chef. Ponsaty is one of the only two chefs in San Diego to earn the distinction of Master Chef of France. Rounding out the team are front of house expert Trevor Da Costa and chef Mike Reidy, both former employees of the restaurant El Bizcocho. Together with Bonar, Bellamy is going through a serious metamorphosis.

The decor and signage is similar to the old Tango, and visitors may get the impression that everything is business as usual.

With an all-star staff and food that more than exceeds expectations, Bonar has succeeded in placing the first stepping stone on his quest for restaurant monopoly in the San Diego area. Once Reidy learns the ropes from Ponsanty, and Ponsanty is helming the Ranch, Bonar will have two powerhouses making sure his customers get a world class dining experience.

The WEN by Chez Magical Cleansing Conditioner

Hair Care enthusiasts have been exposed to many infomercials about different hair care lines. You might have come across on Wen by Chaz Dean. WEN cleansing conditioner has been tested to produce the best results for all ladies who wish to walk around with presentable hair. A beauty products enthusiast decided to put this hair conditioner into test to see if the infomercials really said the truth. At the end of the experiment the cleansing conditioner produced excellent results. The instructions say that the following amounts;

¬ 24-32 pumps for long hair

¬ 16-24 pumps for medium hair

¬ 10-16 pumps for short hair

These are large amounts as compared to other cleansing conditioners but they produce the best results. Basically, what you need to do is to spread the amount recommended for you across your hair. Massage the product all over your scalp; let it soak for a few minutes then proceed to rinse it. You may bow-dry the hair after the process. The immediate result is that the hair feels thicker and stronger. If you have experienced strands of hair falling when showering then that problem is solved by this cleansing conditioner. Wen makes the hair look clean and shiny and those who have day jobs are better served by it as the hair will remain in this state for the rest of the day.

Wen cleansing conditioners consists of a shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. The main advantage of this hair Care line is that it works well for any hair type depending on the version you chose to use. Chaz Dean is a hair designer born in Vermont. He is an expert colorist, cutter and make-up artist. He advocates healthy lifestyles and his focus is on making hair natural looking. His endeavors have made him transform the beauty industry using his WEN Hair Care which he started in 1993. The WEN cleansing conditioner on goes for $32. Check more details here