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The Lovaganza Foundation Embarked On A 25-Year Project In 2010 To Eradicate Hunger In Children

Most Americans don’t realize it, but 8,000 children in the United States die of hunger every year. That is a sad fact, and the fact that more than three million children around the world die of hunger every year is even sadder. The Hunger issue isn’t new. The United Nations and other organizations have been hard at work for years trying to wipe out malnutrition and hunger. But there are an incredible amount of challenges to face, and there has never been a concerted effort to address the root of the hunger problem in children. Nations around the world believe there more important priorities on, so there has never been enough resources available to get hunger in the poorest countries under control, until now. A French-Canadian couple, J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon, take childhood hunger personally, and they’re doing something about it. That something is called the Lovaganza Foundation.

The Lovaganza Foundation could only be the creation of two people in the film and entertainment industry. J.F. Gagnon is a director, producer, composer, singer, and actor, and he has many film credits to his name. Genevieve is an actress as well as a director and producer. Genevieve is in charge of directing and producing the Lovaganza Convoy. The Lovaganza Convoy is a series of short documentaries filmed in several different countries that address hunger issues. The documentaries are designed to motivate other organizations to joined the Lovaganza Foundation. The launch of the Lovaganza Convoy is set for 2020, but the Gagnon’s have released a trailer that highlights the points they want to make to other organizations.

But Lovaganza is more than the sum of its parts, according to J.F. Gagnon. Gagnon told the press that Lovaganza has taken on a life of its own and celebrities, politicians, and other high-profile individuals are getting behind the movement donating time and money to the cause. The response to Lovaganza has better than expected and if the interest keeps up the Gagnon’s feel that the goal to feed all the children around the world by 2035 will certainly become a reality.

But the Gagnon’s and their team of supporters are not satisfied yet. They know anything can happen over the next fourteen years, so they continue to travel, film, and communicate with organizations and people in the nations that could help Lovaganza the most. It’s not an easy task, but J.F.and Genevieve said it is the task they were born to do.

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Doll Maker And Instagram Star Doe Deere Collide In A Colorful World


It’s not everyday that you meet a beautiful girl with Red Velvet lips and Venus palette eyes and blue hair. Well, unless you run full force into Instagram Star and Lime Crime Makeup founder Doe Deere. When you are as uniuqe as Doe is, you make a lot of friends. Doe has one friend who is a doll maker named Joshua David McKenney. Mr. McKenney created a doll based off a photo that Doe posted for him on her Instagram account. The doll is amazing and the posted photo was supposed to bring some exposure to Mr. McKenney. However, chaos entered the picture when another artist named Richard Prince of Gagosian Gallery took some of the message out of the photo and had the photo blown up. That blown up print sold for $90,000 at New York’s Frieze Art Fair. The doll on the other hand also sold. It was sold at Christine’s auction house for $302,500 and that was more than enough to put the Pidgin doll in the lime light.

Doe Deere has done many things in her life and having a doll created based upon her image is just anther form of success. Doe Deere is an amazing business woman and a successful artist in her own right. Doe works in colors and loves to break all the rules to get to the goal and end result of personal expression. Just one look at her makeup company Lime Crime and you will quickly see that she breaks all the rules and it works out well for everyone.

Doe Deere is a creator in her own rite and Lime Crime is one of her successful creations. Doe knew that makeup users had been asking some of the top makeup companies to create products with more, true to life color. These makeup companies did not answer the call. Doe Deere picked up the charge and started to create makeup with bright colors and people loved it. Doe has about a hundred dollars and the dream of creating the makeup company. That was enough drive to push her and Lime Crime over the edge of success.

Doe Deere encourages people from all walks of life to believe in the power of expression and creation. Doe tells people to never give up on the dream and to move forward with their goals even when it means breaking some rules in a positive way.

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Over One Billion Dollars Donated By Devos Family

Many people have donated money in the past few years, even the rich and famous. In fact, some people who are rich and famous have donated millions and, in some cases, even billions of dollars. It should come as no surprise that Dick Devos has given away money, too.

The Devos family does not tell about how much they donate normally, believing the gifts to be better private; however, they have recently announced the amount of money they’ve given away in the past few years, and it’s astonishing.

Are you ready to hear about the amount? It is over 1.2 billion USD. It’s an amazing amount, one the family plans on continuing to give. There have recently been many sources that have confirmed the story, meaning that they haven’t simply been bragging about the amount of money they’ve given away for no reason; the amount is actually true.

Devos himself is fairly wealthy, being the 67th richest person in the United States of America. However, he doesn’t believe in keeping all of that wealth for himself. He believes in donating and giving away money. In the year 2013 alone, the family gave away over 90 million dollars.

It’s easy to see why the Devos family is one of the most generous families in the United States. It’s great to see a wealthy family who really believes in donating money to those who need it more than they do.

Paying it forward isn’t a new trend, but it’s great to see that it’s on the rise by families like the Devos family.

Doe Deere Has Shown Me How To Use Makeup


Learning to use makeup is not always easy. I’ve always liked makeup but it was not always clear how to use it. My friends and I would experiment with different kinds of makeup techniques but we could never get it quite right. It never looked like the pictures we saw. Something would always go slightly wrong. This is why we were very happy to learn how to apply our makeup from an online source. One of my good friends discovered Doe Deere and her company, Lime Crime. We were amazed at just how easy she made it to use all kinds of makeup from lipstick to eye shadow to eye liner.

Help From An Expert

The right help was important. Doe Deere is clearly an expert at using makeup. She knows exactly how to place eye liner so it looks elegant and helps draw attention to your eyes. She also clearly knows how to create a look from top to bottom in order to make herself look totally put together. I love how you can always get on her site and find out a new look. She’s always pushing the edge of the fashion envelop and showing us how you can take ordinary looks and make them something very special.

Easy To Follow Instructions

Deere makes it so easy to follow in her footsteps. My friends and I like to play around with color but we’re never quite sure where to begin. We’ll see a look but we’re not sure if that look is right for us. But when you get on her site, she shows how she did it. She makes it so easy for people like us to put color together and have a fashionable result. I know that I love to see how she is able to take colors like electric blue and neon pink and make it all work together.

So Many New Looks

That is so much about what I love from Lime Crime. Deere and her site are always about discovering new looks of all kinds. You get online and you find out that she’s gotten new ideas of all kinds. You also know that her looks are going to be easy to use on your own. She takes very complicated makeup ideas and breaks them down for her own audience, allowing us to figure out how best to duplicate the look at home.

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Richard Blair Offers Rental Advice

Getting sound investment, insurance, and financial management advice is a very important factor that will have a direct impact on whether or not some people are able to build the personal net worth necessary to achieve financial freedom. One individual that has spent his career dedicated to helping people develop financial freedom is Richard Blair, who is a registered investment advisor and principal of Wealth Solutions.

Richard Blair has over 20 years of wealth management experience. He first started Wealth Solutions in 1994 when he saw an opportunity to help people achieve financial success. He now is able to provide financial management and investment advice to personal investors as well as small businesses. He focuses on helping people meet their retirement goals while avoiding financial pitfalls.

While Richard Blair is frequently involved in providing investment advice, he also provides people advice when it comes to trying to make money in less traditional areas. One area that he has provided advice in is insurance when it comes to leasing out real estate to daily renters, including through websites such as AirBNB.

Richard Blair has outlined a number of different issues that all people need to think about when they are about to lease out their real estate to short-term renters. One of the most significant items that need to be considered are the risks associated with the rental. Some of the risks that need to be considered are the risks of significant damage to the property, being held responsible for any illegal activities that take place in the home, and even tenant’s refusal to pay or vacate the premises upon the end of their contract.

Prior to starting any short-term rental property business, regardless of the frequency, Richard Blair recommends getting the right level of insurance coverage. While AirBNB and other websites do offer some form of insurance coverage, it is often not nearly enough to cover severe damage. An owner of real estate needs to ensure that they have plenty of property coverage to cover and property damage, liability coverage to cover any injuries, and even a strong umbrella policy to cover items that may not be considered during the normal course of business. Richard Blair also urges people to take additional steps to screen any potential tenants.

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