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Securus Technologies Helps Correctional Facilities Save Time and Money

Securus Technologies has long been known as one of the top providers of criminal justice and civil technology solution services. This company provides these solutions for corrections, investigation and safety/monitoring. Their solutions and services help their customer base to save money and to make more efficient use of time. One of their most high profile offerings is the Inmate Forms and Grievance Application that is available on ConnectUs.

Securus has continually sought to provide cutting edge technology and helpful features for the people that make up their customer base. The Inmate Forms and Grievance Application on ConnectUS stands out as a way that this company helps to bring the most modern, up-to-date technological offerings to people all over the country.

Many correctional facilities have used paper forms to track inmate requests. Inmates can request medical services, file grievances and make other requests via these types of paper form systems. However, correctional officers usually have to spend a lot of time and put in a lot of effort to distribute, collect, route and store these types of forms. The new application from Securus Technologies instantly creates forms for all the different types of requests that an inmate might make.

Additionally, inmates also have the ability to access forms, view the status of requests/grievances and even to appeal them via this offering from Securus Technologies. The company put a lot of work into developing the application, and it has so far proven to be a hit with inmates, facility employees and everyone involved in the inmate request process. It also helps facilities to save thousands of dollars on paper alone every year.

ConnectUs stands alone as the leading platform in the corrections facility market. In addition to the Inmate Forms and Grievance Application, it can also seamlessly deliver a nearly limitless number of applications that are custom made for corrections facilities. Securus Technologies continues to blaze a trail in the inmates and corrections technology field. With the types of offerings it has made available so far, it is easy to see why so many correctional facilities depend on Securus for all of their in-house technology needs.

Brian Bonar Is Honored For His Professional Excellence In The Financial Sector

In a recently concluded ceremony, Brian Bonar was named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year. Inclusion of one’s name in this registry is considered a great honor. Because of its value and reputation, only two female and male members can be named as executives of the year in each discipline.

These special honorees are selected based on their ability to lead, academic success and professional accomplishments. Brian has amassed almost 30 years as a professional executive in the financial sector. This way, he is qualified and competent to undertake operations at Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Here, Brian has served as the CEO and chairman for more than 10 years. His positions make him responsible for selection of employees as well as aftermarket products and employer benefits. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Over the years, the corporation has served as the marketing liaison by providing its clients with various employee programs that are designed to enhance efficiency of their businesses.

These programs include risk management insurance, business management and promotional services, employee benefits and financial management. The risk management insurance comprises of business liability and workers compensation services.

Brian Bonar is affiliated with the American Finance Association. He also works at Smart-Tek Automated Services as the CEO and chairman.

According to Spokeo and Bloomberg, Brian is an alumnus of Strathclyde University where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. He is an alumnus of Stafford University where he earned his PhD in international business development studies. Brian also has a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA). Brian holds the title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, which is an honorary designation.

In 2000, Brian Bonar worked at Allegiant Professional Businesses Services as a director. He joined The Solvis Group as a director. Brian has also been a director of Warning Management Services, The Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego, Alliance National Insurance Company and American Marine LLC. Brian has worked at Smart Tek Automated Services, IBM and QMS. He has sat in the boards of Greenland Corporation and Amanda Corporation.
At Trucept, Brian has been the CEO and chairman.

He has worked as the chief financial officer of the firm. For 2 years, Brian was the president of Tradeshow Products Company. He has also been the CEO and executive chairman of Dalrada Corporation. Brian has amassed more than 18 years with IBM.

At IBM, Brian Bonar gained immense knowledge of the European, Asian and the United State’s markets. In the United Kingdom and the United States, Brian has accumulated over 20 years experience in dealing with high growth companies in both public and private sectors.

Between 2007 and 2009, Brian was engaged in the affairs of his firm, AMS Outsourcing. This firm focused on the transportation. Through Bonar’s efforts, it established an international presence in Mexico and Czech Republic.