Securus Technologies Helps Correctional Facilities Save Time and Money

Securus Technologies has long been known as one of the top providers of criminal justice and civil technology solution services. This company provides these solutions for corrections, investigation and safety/monitoring. Their solutions and services help their customer base to save money and to make more efficient use of time. One of their most high profile offerings is the Inmate Forms and Grievance Application that is available on ConnectUs.

Securus has continually sought to provide cutting edge technology and helpful features for the people that make up their customer base. The Inmate Forms and Grievance Application on ConnectUS stands out as a way that this company helps to bring the most modern, up-to-date technological offerings to people all over the country.

Many correctional facilities have used paper forms to track inmate requests. Inmates can request medical services, file grievances and make other requests via these types of paper form systems. However, correctional officers usually have to spend a lot of time and put in a lot of effort to distribute, collect, route and store these types of forms. The new application from Securus Technologies instantly creates forms for all the different types of requests that an inmate might make.

Additionally, inmates also have the ability to access forms, view the status of requests/grievances and even to appeal them via this offering from Securus Technologies. The company put a lot of work into developing the application, and it has so far proven to be a hit with inmates, facility employees and everyone involved in the inmate request process. It also helps facilities to save thousands of dollars on paper alone every year.

ConnectUs stands alone as the leading platform in the corrections facility market. In addition to the Inmate Forms and Grievance Application, it can also seamlessly deliver a nearly limitless number of applications that are custom made for corrections facilities. Securus Technologies continues to blaze a trail in the inmates and corrections technology field. With the types of offerings it has made available so far, it is easy to see why so many correctional facilities depend on Securus for all of their in-house technology needs.

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    Kenneth Sunday April 3, 2017

    The implementation of this application allows over 13 forms per month per inmate to be handled. This helps to save a lot of man hours that corrections employees used to spend on traditional paper form requests. It looks as if can have everything working out pretty well for them too.

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