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Brazilian Ad Exec José Borghi Talks About Success in Challenging Economic Times

José Borghi is a leader in the Brazilian advertising community. Borghi is a media giant who is the mind behind a number of hallmark Brazilian commercials for major international brands. The CEO of Mullen Lowe Brasil, a preeminent ad agency, recently gave an interview to Brazilian news site about how to succeed in marketing even in challenging economic conditions. According to Borghi, recession is an opportunity for marketers to show how relevant their discipline is a tough economy.

The last two years have seen Brazil’s economy lose its footing. The country experienced high inflation coupled with currency devaluation and 3% drop in GDP during this period. These factors have trickled down to consumer pricing, and consequently marketing departments need to develop creative and effective strategies to minimize the effects of market instability.

Borghi added that businesses must view advertising as going beyond merely “showing” products to potential customers, but must be an integral part of a brand’s strategy. Working in concert with all divisions within an organization, marketing can be a determining factor in meeting established goals since it is interrelated with stratgic planning, operational management, data analysis, and error detection.

As marketing departments are key units within companies, they are able to analyze market conditions to prevent the crisis from spilling over into the business by compensating with more customers and smart resource allocation. One issue that the former CEO of Borghi Lowe (now Mullen Lowe) pointed out is product mix. By researching market needs, marketing departments can help devise sales strategies that will yield good results, maximizing resource allocations and ensuring a satisfactory ROI.

For Borghi, a financial crisis is an opportunity for innovators who use technology for strategic planning and data analysis in order to take on the competition with value-creating propositions that attract new clients and help retain existing ones.


Philadelphia Litigator Karl Heideck has Education and Experience

Karl Heideck's Career as a Litigator

Philadelphia Litigator Karl Heideck

Litigation is the process of two parties resolving a dispute or coming to an agreement. This process involves multiple steps and can be negotiated through a private settlement or a trial.

The litigation process begins when a complaint is filed by a party. The party filing the complaint is known as the “Plaintiff.” The complaint names the opposing party (the “Defendant”), describes the facts of the disagreement and details the damages caused. Once the complaint is received by the Defendant a response to the complaint, called the “answer,” must be made.

The next step is the “pleadings,” which includes any legal documents filed with the court, including petitions, declarations, requests for hearings, motions, and more.

The next step in the process is the discovery. The discovery step is when all the facts involved in the lawsuit are investigated. During this step, information is exchanged between the attorneys of the plaintiff and defendant. This information often includes depositions, requests for admission, interrogatories, and requests to produce documents and evidence.

The final step before a lawsuit goes to trial is generally a conference between the parties and their attorneys. This meeting is an attempt to resolve some or all of the issues without going before a judge.

If a total settlement cannot be made without a judge, the lawsuit will go to trial. The outcome of these trials may be decided by a jury or a judge. During the trial, the evidence is presented by both parties. It is the responsibility of the Plaintiff to prove their case.

A litigator is an individual who manages a legal action against people and organizations from start to finish. The litigator is typically responsible for the entire investigation, including interviewing witnesses and hiring other professionals to testify on their client’s behalf.

An individual interested in becoming a litigator should earn a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited four-year college, then attend a law school where they can study aspects of law and government. Torts and lawsuits should be the key focus of an individual hoping to be a litigation lawyer, like Karl Heideck. After law school, aspiring lawyers are required to pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination as well as the bar exam in their individual state.

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Karl Heideck is familiar with the litigation process and has had the education required to practice as a litigator. Based in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Heideck is experienced in litigation, compliance, and risk management review. Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature/Letters. He then attended the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University where he earned the honor of Dean’s List in 2009.

After law school, Karl Heideck worked as an associate at Conrad O’Brien, then as a project attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP. Today, Karl Heideck is a contract attorney at Grant & Eisenhofer, PA.

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Want Fabulous Hair? Choose WEN by Chaz

Hair appearance is one of the most significant factors that determine how women define looking and feeling good. Every year, we spend an enormous amount of our hard-earned dollars on products to make our hair look healthy, vibrant, and voluminous. According to a statistic based on the U.S. Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey from 2016, over 500,000 people spent $500 on haircare products in just 3 months. It is crucial, therefore, that we use our money on products that really work.

WEN is a line of hair care products created by Chaz Dean (see,, a topnotch and highly sought after Los Angeles stylist. His clientele includes a host of celebrities and the general Hollywood community that demand exceptional and unrivaled results. This haircare line is comprised of a cleansing conditioner, styling crème, mousse and an intensive moisture hair treatment. The products blend botanical extracts and other ingredients to provide the consumer with softer, shinier and more resilient hair.

The conditioning cleanser is an interesting haircare essential. It is different from other types of shampoos because it does not contain an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate, a sulfate derivative that as many of us know is extremely damaging to all hair types. It also has a conditioning agent and detangler in the formula, eliminating the need to apply multiple products to your hair. Users report that after three weeks hair is more moisturized, shinier and easier to manage.

There are a myriad of false advertisements for haircare products that promise to transform your hair overnight, so it is important to be vigilant and choose a company with a proven track record for positive results.

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How Real Estate Is Purchased And Developed In Brazil

The acquisition of land and its subsequent development is very different than real estate development as we know it in the developed world. Most of the land in industrialized nations on YouTube has already been bought, exploited and costs significant amount of money. Brazil can be said to be the opposite. It is a developing country with lots of untouched land and potential.

Think rain forests and jungles. Companies can purchase large tracts of land to make way for farming and ranching. Mining companies on can acquire land cheaply and hire construction firms to create a boomtown. If this sounds like the Wild West to you, that’s because it is similar.

In cities a different form of development and acquisition takes place. Land is usually more expensive because it is found in a developed area and demand may be greater. Developing the land is also more difficult and will often require the skills of a company that can meet all safety and environmental regulations at

One of these great urban development companies is Construcap. It is a Brazilian building and real estate development firm that traces its origins all the way back to the 1940s. Over the decades it has steadily expanded and now has engineering divisions in addition to contractors for construction. Construcap is now one of the largest construction firms in Brazil and regularly completes major projects such as soccer stadiums and hospitals in Brazil.

Here are just some of the services and projects that Construcap has completed or can due for its clients. The company serves both the private commercial sector and the public or government sector with its building, engineering and property management services. Construcap can build dams, tunnels, bridges, airports, railroads and even subways for municipalities and the federal government. For the private industry Construcap has constructed entire resorts for the hospitality industry and factories and warehouses for a wide variety of industry such as the mining, chemical and automotive sector.

Construcap uses an integrated management approach in its operations. The company also cares deeply about its workers and often takes their insight when it develops company housing and services. Construcap also has philanthropic undertakings such as promoting literacy and HIV prevention throughout Brazil’s schools.

Keith Mann: A Compassionate Animal Activist and a Successful Businessman

Keith Mann is an animal activist, entrepreneur and the current managing director at Dynamics Search Partners. In an interview with Ideamensch, Mr. Mann strongly believes that growing in New York where there are thousands of executives played a major role in his position at the Dynamics Search Partners. He is self-motivated and believes that great ideas come from realizing needs of people and working towards solving their problems or introducing services and products that make their lives easier. Focus, keen interest in technology and encouraging diversity at his firm are some of the things that he finds very useful and can be attributed to his success and that of his firm.

The debate for animals being used for tests is one that has been going round and round for many years. Mr. Keith Mann is not one to be scared of people and scientists who believe that animals should not have rights to live. In an interview with Claudette, he expresses his disappointment for people who don’t respect animals. His courage and true empathy for animals made him break into a laboratory and free mice during their test for Botox. His compassion is not shaken by prison cells where he has spent plenty of time as he fights for animals. If this is not the spirit of a true hero, I don’t know what is. These are some of the traits that people, may it be in business or personal lives should strive to have and use to make the world a better place. In fact we need more leaders who stand strong and openly to support positive courses for the country.

Despite being a successful businessman Mr. Mann is also a mentor and philanthropist. The Uncommon Schools Scholarship for Professional Achievement is a project he is running that encourages students and especially those who seek to venture into entrepreneurship. He encourages students and new entrepreneurs on how to face challenges and supports them. He project also rewards businessman with creative brains and projects and helps them as they maneuver their way in the business. Dean is also a degree holder in Management from New York University.