Duda Melzer’s Helping of the World Around Him

Duda Melzer is a Brazilian family based business owner and entrepreneur. After being Vice President of his family’s business RBS Group, a Brazilian-based media company, Duda has now taken over as CEO. He’s also started a venture capital company called e.Bricks, which has been a source of funding for many new digital media startups. Duda also invests in other areas such as art and culture. According to Clicrbs, he has a vested interest in the largest wine producing company in Latin America, as well as a contemporary art show in his hometown of Porto Alegre. Duda’s efforts have spanned the globe, as he’s not only involved in Brazilian business but American business as well. His work for RBS Group and another media company by the name of “Box Top” are included on his resume as well.

It’s no wonder Duda Melzer has accomplished so much in such a short period of time. He graduated college in Brazil with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He then moved on to earn an MBA from Harvard University’s prestigious program. In a report by Acaert, having a specialty niche of communications and family run enterprise coursework prepared him for his great success in the business world. He’s also connected with mentors at Harvard and stays in touch with them as well as taking continuing education courses as well.

While one may only think of Duda Melzer as being in a boardroom, he’s a fan of sports and family activities as well. He makes time to do charity work on behalf of his family’s 35-year-old foundation. This group helps protect children and at-risk teens. The foundation also works with government to raise awareness and combat these issues. The group makes their information publicly available on the RBS Group website. Duda’s communication skills and business intelligence not only help his businesses but the world around him as well.

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