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Boraie Development Project

Boraie Development is a residence that is most sought- after in New Jersey. There is increased surging of real estate markets in the country, thus posing a threat of housing problems, since there the country is densely populated. According to Zillow, a giant in real estate track, New Jersey has the highest rates and shares regarding residential mortgages, thus surpassing the majority of the states. Moreover, the mortgage shares and prices are extremely delinquent and are in foreclosure. Therefore, New Jersey has real estimate markets that are trailing significantly. The country experiences a drop in the closure rates and delinquency, thus giving a reflection of the impacts of the post-crisis events. The fundamental basis also has improved concerning households’ formation, high employments rates, and home prices gains. Expectations are that in future the trends will continue developing because the industry is focused on solving the shortages and the crisis of making housing units affordable as well as managing the ever increasing number of markets.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, there is a likelihood that shortage of housing in New Jersey would increase to the extent of being declared a housing emergency. Lawrence Yun, the Realtor Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors, points out that this will only occur if the gap between the supply and demand of housing widens. However, despite the challenges facing the real estate market in New Jersey, some towns experience high demands for housing accompanied with excellent inventories. Many towns in the country are embracing new developments that are changing the real estate industry, coupled with several modern apartments. In the recent past, the cities have continued to experience skyrocketing of prices. Accessibility and transit among the NJ’s towns is a trend that is recognized. Most of them are in proximity to NJ Transit station, thus drawing potential home buyers. For more info visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

New Jersey continues to experience an influx of contracting companies and upcoming developments, which has significantly improved the real estate sector in the country. One of the most sought after development businesses in New Jersey is Boraie Development. The company’s popularity is attributed to the use of private funding as a source of capital for its projects. Moreover, Sam Boraie Development works with highly qualified architects alongside stronger financial institutions as compared to other developing companies. The company provides services with more focus on urban real estate markets. Above all, Boraie Development Company is specialized in the creation of projects that attract residents, tenants, and financial partners, thus building a long-term working relationship.

Accepting Help From Others: Patty Rocklage Reaches out to Those in Need

Patty Rocklage has spent her professional life working to make families stronger. At her office, she works with individuals and couples and entire families. She provides each of her clients with a safe and comfortable environment where they can share their concerns and learn coping techniques and communication skills that will help them in all areas of their life.

As a psychotherapist, Patty has frequently experienced people coming to her for assistance long after their problems began. She understands that many people dislike asking for help and want to manage their problems alone. However, it is vital that they realize that some issues are too challenging to handle without help. It is why a recent renovation project at the Rocklage home was important for her to document.

Patty and her husband, Dr, Scott Rocklage, Ph.D., had wanted to renovate the interior of their home for a number of years, but they were uncertain how to complete the project. The work was only completed after they were able to locate the right contractor and used the skills and design sense of his team. The entire situation has been detailed and discussed online with credit given to the company for their hard work. It is a good example of how even accomplished and educated individuals eventually need others. Read more: Patty Rocklage | LinkedIn and Twitter Rocklage | Twitter

The endeavor to document and publicize the effort is not unusual for the couple who seek out ways to improve the lives of others with both their work and their personal efforts. Patty is not only known, after all, for her education and career. She is also very involved with philanthropic causes like the large gift they provided to the MIT nanochemistry and nanotechnology laboratory to fund a renovation project.

Patty remains dedicated to reaching out to those in need. Her practice advises people in the midst of turbulent events. She encourages them to come and talk with her whether it is because of past traumas, a recent divorce or even when the moment should seem perfect like following an adoption. No one is confident, strong and happy every moment of their lives. Sometimes it takes talking to a neutral party to manage an overwhelming situation.

Developing Capacity as a Multiple Entrepreneur

There are many pillars of achieving financial independence. Having multiple resources is among these methods. These methods ensure that a person’s passive income increases. It means that a person can meet their needs and is left with money to save comfortably. Most people believe that they will achieve financial independence by saving. Multiple sources of money enable a person to learn about what they can do better and generate more money. These options enable a person to grow their financial capacity. Christopher Burch is an example of an entrepreneur who has harvested heavily in multi-entrepreneurship. He has more than 13 investments in 12 companies. Additional reading on

Christopher Burch has both domestic and international investments in businesses. He provides decorations features for home décor. He sells them as a retailer. He is also investing in organic foods and technology. He has developed his entrepreneur muscle due to his interaction with various stakeholders. This experience has enabled him to achieve a strong ability to take risks. He has managed to develop his skills to understand the correct investments. This knowledge has enabled him to make the right choices as he learns from his previous mistakes. He has managed to sell some of his companies to various investors. Read insights and views from Burch, hit on

Christopher Burch is not motivated to invest with interest that is selfish. He invests in developing the community and young entrepreneurs. He is a creative person who is familiar with the different challenges that people face. This knowledge led to the development of the creative capital. This capital is targeted to develop the creative young people. It exposes them to different opportunities that enable them to develop their talents. It develops them into developing better creatives. He sits on boards where he delegates some of the contributions to children’s welfare. His boards fund the children who come from poor families. He ensures that they can access health care products at a subsidized cost. He has created initiatives to help young children from China. The children are safe from the different challenges that they face due to their circumstances. Check on for more.

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This shows that people should invest with greater reasons than just accumulating wealth. This will be fulfilling because it will help the community as a whole. Many people will be positively impacted by wealth that is developed to benefit others. Entrepreneurs should have a greater reason to create wealth than to improve themselves.  Related article on

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The Edge of Wilderness Strives to Create Employment and Give Back to the Indonesian Community

In 2012, Chris Burch together with James McBride bought a beach hostel that was owned by a couple that originated from New Jersey. The beach hostel was in the remote Sumba Island in Indonesia. A total of $30 million was used to renovate the hotel into a five-star resort that was named Nihiwatu in 2015. Nihiwatu has acquired a nickname “The Edge of Wilderness.’ Additional article to read on

The name Nihiwatu means a motor stone, a rock that was named after formation of a rock on the side. The hotel has become a source of employment to the Indonesian locals. As part of giving back to the community, a portion of the hotel’s profit is channeled into the Sumba Foundation. It is a foundation that funds projects that aim at helping the Sumba community.

In 2016, Travel and Leisure voted this five-star hotel as the best hotel globally. In 2015, in an interview with Business Jet Traveler, Mr. Burch said that he had bought the hotel for his children. He mentioned that he has hopes that it is something that can be given back to the community. For the full article, click on  He was also impressed with what the hostel had turned to be since most times things turn out to be less than the set expectations. The five-star hotel has got 27 private villas in it including a private room for Mr. Burch and Raja Mendaka.

Burch’s journey as an entrepreneur

Born in 1953, Christopher Burch has been an active entrepreneur and investor in several companies. Mr. Burch has a total of 40 years’ experience as an investor. He has taken part in the rise of more than 50 corporations and luxury brands. It has become possible through studying the behavior of consumers and coming up with innovations that have got a positive impact. He is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. Chris is also the founder of Luxury Fashion Brand. Chris has served as the board member of two companies namely The Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital. More to read about Burch here.

Mr. Burch began his career in 1976. At this time he was still an undergraduate student at Ithaca College. Burch made his first investment of $2,000 to start Eagle’s Eye together with his brother Bob. The business thrived to $165 million. They later sold it to Swire Group. Mr. Burch was among the first investors in Internet Capital Group. He has invested in several real estates both locally and internationally. Chris is part of the investors who have been involved in the development of luxury homes. Check

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Chris Burch’s Investments

Chris Burch, an entrepreneur, has invested internationally on brands such as Tory Burch fashion label and C. Wonder. He built the best five-star hotel in the world on the Indonesian island according to Travel+ Leisure. Known as Nihiwatu, the resort is a product of a beach hostel that Chris Burch and his business partner James McBride bought in 2012 from a New Jersey couple. They made some building advancements to it with an amount of $30 million and developed it to a five-star hotel that it is today. The resort is composed of a total of twenty-seven villas, one of which is Chris Burch’s home referred to as Raja Mendaka. His private home comprises of the main house and four other villas that are available to guests. All the villas have private plunge pools.

The resort also has a large indoor-outdoor entertainment area and a beach spa whose services are also done in individual rooms.

Nihiwatu, popularly known as the Edge of Wilderness, has provided many with employment opportunities around the west coast of Sumba Island. The resort also funds the Sumba Foundation, which is a group that supports and comes up with projects that assist the surrounding community. In addition to the great features at the resort, the buildings are decorated with the local wood, traditional Sumbanese antiques, and Ikat prints.  Click for more.

The plans for these two businessmen is to expand by building resorts in Costa Rica and Nicaragua that can be easily accessed by millennial travelers. According to Mr. Chris, the resort is a gift to his children and a way to give back to his community.

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Christopher Burch not only invests in the fashion industry, but also ventures in technology, financial services, sales, marketing, and also hospitality. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital, a company that he founded. Based in New York City, the firm takes control of venture investments and develops brands. Burch Creative Capital firm aims at creating value by formulating ideas that impact on people’s lives directly and in a positive way.  Check it here on   Burch’s success has been boosted by the critical understanding of the consumer behavior and his continued use of direct-to-consumer channels. Have a closer look on Burch profile, visit his website, hit on

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Born in March 1953, Chris Burch attended Ithaca College and had helped develop several businesses. They include Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos, Tory Burch, which he co-chaired with his then wife, Eagle’s Eye apparel, a company he started with his brother back in college, and J. Christopher Capital LLC.

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Chris Burch as an Entrepreneur Brings Forth a Five Star Resort

Entrepreneur Chris Burch is always involved in some kind of project that is going to bring about a lot of benefits for people. His latest project was a five star resort on an Indonesian Island. One of the best things about this resort is that people will get a lot of great service and comfort while they get to enjoy the view of the exotic island. This is a great way to take a vacation for people who are a little tired from their work and need to just recharge for a while before getting back to their regular job.  Check

Chris Burch as an entrepreneur is very successful because he is always looking at things from a different perspective. He has thought about many different ways to look at things such as technology and fashion. He has seen the benefits that technology brings to people when it comes to a wide variety of products. He is also someone who encourages people to balance out productivity with creativity. After all, the world would not progress the way it has without a bit of creativity to go along with productivity. Chris Burch keeps himself busy with the right types of projects, and he sees the purpose behind what he does. Read insights and views, Burch shared in this interview on

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As a serial entrepreneur, Chris has a lot of experience starting a business and bringing it to success. He has started and run different types of businesses.  Check for related article.  One thing that he knows how to do is market his business. This is one of the best ways to bring about success. When one manages to get the word out about a company that is being built or a promotion that is being run, he attracts many customers that are interested in the offers that are being brought forth from the owner of the business.  To read more about Burch, head over to

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Fabletics Takes the Road Less Traveled By (and is succeeding exponentially)

Though we have all inevitably heard the buzz about Kate Hudson’s trendy new fashion line Fabletics, what you may not have heard, is the way that she has flipped the current offline-to-online (aka “showrooming”) game completely on its head.


The 38 year old actress-gone-businesswoman is taking the “price = value” notion and proving it to be completely wrong. Instead, Fabletics makes it their tippy-top priority to create an authentic personal bond with each of their customers, whether that be online or offline, and boy does it show. An astounding 30-50% of the people who visit their local Fabletics store are already members. Whereas 25% of the non-already-members become members after walking in. How does this happen you ask? There are a few ways.


  1. The Very Important Person’s Club

Fabletics offers exclusive VIP Memberships to those looking to save big bucks on retail prices. Through this system, each accumulated “member credit” can be redeemed for 1 outfit. Making this line of clothing not only super in-season and stylish, but crazy affordable too.


  1. The Coveted “Reverse Showroom” Technique

“Showrooming” is the act of physically visiting a store to inspect certain products before purchasing it online for an easy-on-the-pocket price. Though most companies find this game plan as a blow to their sales, Kate has managed to turn this once unfavorable connotation into a strategy that not only encourages online browsing, but helps profit both seller and consumer equally because of it. In virtue of the massive use of social media and online browsing, the Fabletics team is able to gather solid information and visible data on pieces that customers are really loving, as well as on pieces that aren’t as hot. This means local stores are carrying only that of which customers have shown an overwhelming liking for. Now, the attire which sit folded amongst the shelves are in essence a “custom-tailored” fit to what the majority wants and needs. This diverted strategy has helped Fabletics acquire repeat, life long customers while simultaneously putting smiles on shoppers bank accounts.


Despite the disapproving eyes from competitors, the proof is in the pudding. Hudson has created a $250 million-dollar business in just a short 3 1/2 year period, and intends to grow by the dozens in time to come. Kate has been adamant on her never-ending effort to continually improve her brand and to always keeping it fresh, while telling Forbes “I’m really proud of the things I’m doing in business, which we’ll continue to expand”. The future of Fabletics is looking as bright and innovative as ever, one must wonder if we have seen only a glimpse of what is to come.


Want to find out which Fabletics gear is fitted perfectly just for you? Take the quick Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz to find out!

Christopher Burch; The Man Who Revolutionized The Fashion World

Chris Burch became a billionaire in 2012 and has continued to baffle the world with his brainy investment strategies. He is the CEO and the Founder of Burch Creative Capital. The company is based in New York, and it focuses on management of venture investments and brand developments. Apart from Burn Creative Capital, Chris is a Co-founder of Tory Burch, LLC and a member of the Guggenheim Partners.

Christopher’s History And Career Journey

Chris was born in 1958 and was raised in a middle-class family based in Wayne. His father, John Walter Burch, was a distributor of mining equipment and supplies, and the young Chris learned much about entrepreneurship through his father’s business. Chris attended Ithaca College. In 1976, while still an undergraduate student, Chris teamed up with his brother, Robert, and started Eagle’s Eye Apparel. The two brothers used to buy sweaters at $10 each and sell them at $15. The company grew from strength to strength and took advantage of the growing demand. Noting the market opportunity, Chris decided to find a factory to produce many sweaters and started selling them to the university students.

Burch As A Fashion Mogul

Eagle’s Eye Apparel eventually expanded to other colleges and became a giant in the fashion industry. The company garnered more than $140 in sales and became a national distribution footprint with more than fifty retail stores. The company’s unending triumphs attracted many bids, and it was later sold to Swire Group in 1998 in a deal that valued the fashion brand at $60 million. More to read on

Christopher’s entrepreneurship journey did not end there. In 2004, Chris partnered with his then wife and started Tory Burch.  Interesting article to read here.  The company became an instant hit, and most of its inventory was sold out on the first day. Chris was now unstoppable and became a force no one in the fashion industry could ignore. He impressed many with his fashion tastes, including Oprah Winfrey. Christopher sold half of his shares in 2012 when the company was estimated to be worth $3 billion.  A must-read article on

Burch Creative Capital And Other Ventures

Chris established Burch Creative Capital in 2008. The company was started to incubate Christopher’s new brands. Burch Creative Capital has managed many brands, including C. Wonder, which was sold to Xcel Brands in 2015. Check  Apart from fashion, Burch also has a keen interest in real estate development. In 2004, Chris teamed up with Philippe Stark and Alan Faena to establish the famous Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos, Aires. Today, Chris buys luxury homes, renovates them and then puts them back on the market.

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Nihiwatu Is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s almost hard to believe that serial entrepreneur bought this slice of heaven from a couple as a hostel.Chris Burch teamed up with James McBride the hotelier and turned the beach hostel into a 30 million dollar investment called Nihiwatu. The resort opened its doors in 2015 and within a year it had already been selected as the top hotel globally in 2016 by Travel and Leisure.

As one of the founders of Nihiwatu, Chris Burch managed to turn it into his children’s legacy and conserve it for the community. The entrepreneur was amazed by the fact that he could experiment with building the new resort. The result was that it was turned into something beyond his wildest dreams. Chris Burch now juggles his time among his three homes Raja Mendaka-his private villa in Nihiwatu, Miami, and the Hamptons.

Nihiwatu has over 20 private villas. In addition to this, it has an outdoor and entertaining indoor area, a beach spa; although private sessions can be done in your room, a wellness area that holds daily yoga sessions although private sessions are also available, private and public surf sessions in the renowned surf beach, excursions to the adjacent waterfalls and Coconut Grove for surfing lessons and horseback riding.

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The five-star resort is also known as the edge of Wilderness although its name loosely translates to mortar stone in the indigenous Sumba language. Nihiwatu’s décor is composed of traditional Sumbanese artifacts, ikat prints, and indigenous wood. The resort has employed a large population in the island. It also gives back to society as a part of its profits is pumped into the Sumba Foundation. This foundation finances various developments in the Sumba community.The good news is that Nihiwatu is not the last piece of investment by Tony McBride and Chris Burch as the duo are planning to build other spectacular resorts in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  Click for related article.

About Chris Burch:

Christopher J. Burch is an ardent businessman who began his business journey in 1976 with Eagle’s Eye apparel. He managed to grow the 2,000 dollars investment into a 165 million dollars business before he sold it.The CEO of Burch Creative Capital has been in the entrepreneur and investment field for over forty years. Within this time, he has managed to be involved in a variety of industries which include designer clothes and apparel, the food business, real estate and various luxury brands.  Interesting articles to read on  Chris Burch is also a philanthropist and he has contributed towards various worthy causes. Chris is also on the board of a range of valuable establishments.  More to read on

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Chris Burch Delves Into Hospitality through Investing in Nihiwatu

Chris Burch is a renowned investor prominently known as a fashion mogul. He is famous for finding a connection between fashion and technology and utilizing the relationship to build businesses. After establishing several international retail brands, Chris Burch delved into the hospitality industry. Joined by James McBride, a guru in hospitality, Chris Burch invested in a hotel in Sumba Island. In 2012, the duo parted with $30 million in the renovation of the hotel that is now known as Nihiwatu. The five start luxurious parlor offers high-quality services bordering sumptuous meals and comfortable resting rooms


Nihiwatu has been an excellent service provider given that in 2016, it was voted the best luxurious hotel by Travel + Leisure. In 2015, Chris Burch was interviewed concerning Nihiwatu. When he was asked why he invested in Nihiwatu, he said that he acquired Nihiwatu because he wanted to give back to the society. It is also an investment package for his children, he added. Chris also stated in the interview that Nihiwatu offers a variety of leisure services and that is another reason for establishing it. It allows him to enjoy being in a different environment. According to him, Nihiwatu has offered more than he expected to have on the entire investment. The Wall Street Journal highlighted that Chris Burch spends most of his time in Nihiwatu where he has 27 villas coupled with a private plunge pool.  Continue reading on


Nihiwatu is located on Sumba Island. The Indonesian hotel offers luxurious fun services coupled with sea food. The name Nihiwatu means mortar stone. The hotel is the best and largest employer in Sumba Island. Some of the profits generated by the business are channeled to charity. This is done through the Sumba Foundation. The organization funds societal projects that assist the less fortunate in Sumba community.


Christopher Burch was born in 1953. He is a renowned entrepreneur who has established several companies. He is the president as well as the chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. This is a New York-based firm that manages capital and venture investments in addition to brand development.

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Chris is also the co-founder of Tory Burch LLC. In 2012, Forbes Magazine named him a billionaire. Check  Apart from his investments, Chris Burch is a business partner to many individuals including Ellen DeGeneres. Under his insightful leadership, Burch Creative Capital combines his talent in business and client’s demands to produce high-quality products as well as services. The mission of Chris’ activities is to satisfy the customer’s needs.  For update on Burch timeline activities, click on

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