Chris Burch: Fashion Mogul and Owner of a Five-Star Resort

Chris Burch is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Chris has ventured into hospitality where he and McBride, a hotelier, are investing in an Indonesian beach hotel. The two spent a whopping $30 million to furnish the hotel. They later opened it as a five-star hotel possessing the name Nihiwatu in 2015. Check

In 2016, Nihiwatu was named as the best hotel in the world by the travel + leisure adventures. According to an interview conducted by Business Jet Traveler, Burch says that he bought the hotel for his children so that they can preserve it to help the community as well. He praises Indonesia for the presence of a beautiful palette which helps him do things he can’t do in other places. He has managed to build a spa below a waterfall and a butler in every single room of the hotel. To most people, the resort is just breathtaking!

Nihiwatu has continued being better and succeeded in his investments contrary to the norm where people get satisfied and settle for the less. The Wall Street Journal talks of how Burch divides his time so as to be present in all his investments from Miami to Indonesia. The Indonesian five-star hotel boasts of at least 27 private villas including Chris Burch’s home. The house has an extra four villas, and each villa has its plunge pool.

Nihiwatu has been given the nickname “The edge of wilderness” since it is located on the west coast of Sumba which is a remote island in Indonesia. The five-star hotel serves as the biggest employer in the island. The local community also benefits from the investments since some of the proceeds are used to support the Sumba Foundation.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch was born in 1953 in Miami. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital.  Burch is an investor in a variety of businesses and also participated in the founding of Luxury Fashion Brand. He has been committed and has dedicated his efforts to branding. Check  He has also shown interest in the technology industry and also in the manufacture of consumer products.  For updates on his timeline activities, hit this.

Burch’s success began back in University as an undergraduate. He and his brother invested $2000 to start Eagle’s Eye Parallel which expanded to a net worth of $165 million. Later, he was involved in Internet Capital Group, and his innovation caused an unusual success in his career.  Read Burch’s point of view on things in his area of focus, head over to

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