Securus Technologies Communications Blocking Technology has Potential to Keep Public Safe

Recently, a 3.5 minute Facebook Live video allegedly showed an inmate at the Evans Correctional Institution brandishing a knife. The alleged depiction of Jose Ariel Rivera, who is currently serving a 10-year burglary sentence, would not be the first time the inmate was caught with a contraband cell phone.


Criminal Justice technology solutions company Securus Technologies has come up with ways to prevent contraband cell phone use, like the one depicted on the live stream video. Its Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS) technology has detected and blocked as many as 1.7 million illegal communication attempts in the eight U.S facilities where it has been implemented.


WCS technology prevents contraband cell phones from connecting to commercial wireless networks to make outbound phone or video calls. The FCC has recently reduced regulations to make it easier for correctional facilities to utilize those types of networks, by reducing the amount of paperwork involved. To date, Securus has invested over 40 million dollars in the technology, which is the most advanced wireless blocking technology available to prisons.


In this case it was just a video. However, there have been past incidents where contraband cell phone use coordinated attacks by inmates on prison guards, or gang violence outside of prison. Captain Robert Johnson, a former South Carolina corrections officer, had been a victim of such an attack. After seeing Securus’ WCS system, he said it’s the most effective way of keeping the public safe.


Securus Technologies has over thirty years of experience in the correctional facilities technology industry. It has contracts with over 2,600 facilities across the United States and provides a range of services from handling phone calls between prisoners and their families on the outside to security services like the WCS. It is one of the U.S’s largest providers of prisoner communications, tracking parolees, and government information.


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    Madyson Colin December 9, 2017

    Securus Technologies is the major reason why the corrections facilities has remained safe. This includes the inmates, officers and visitors, australian assignment help says. What has Securus done, they have come up with different innovations to keep the prisons safe and this includes their latest which is known as the Wireless Containment Solutions or simply (WCS). With this, it will be difficult for smuggled contraband cell phones to receive network in the prison.

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