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During the coming summer, people around New Jersey or the ones visiting from the other states should not be worried about their entertainment. In a historic move by the Boraie Development, the most expected movies are to be aired free in an identified hall in New Jersey. Currently, six of the best movies have been selected for the coming season. The movies are expected to be released around that time of the year. The move by the company is expected to attract more people to the event. Several youths would love to watch these movies, but the cost may not be friendly to them. People can equally have a chance to watch these movies together with their families as they enjoy the summer.

The Vice President of the State Theatre confirms that the move sponsored by the Boraie Development is set to bring families from all the sorts of economic backgrounds together. The State Theatre has a capacity of slightly over 7500 people in a single sitting. The theatre has organized for people who are want to book the event to arrange before time to allow for planning. As a means of giving back to the community, Boraie Development is set to benefit the public by this move.

The early vision of Omar Boraie

In 1972, Omar Boraie saw an opportunity where nobody else could think to invest. In New Brunswick, there was an opportunity which no other investor would think to place their money. The city was always empty by 4 pm since people had already left. There were empty buildings, but because of the low population, people did not pay much attention to them. Later, Omar started purchasing the buildings one by one. He did his calculations when everyone else thought he was crazy and his investment was a bad idea. A few years later, Sam Boraie developed his newly purchased buildings into offices where currently, the buildings can accommodate up to 121 residential units.

The focus of Omar’s business

According to Patch, the Boraie Development purchased all the houses it could and developed them while buying time. In the early 1990s, people began to see the beauty in investment, and they could purchase the houses from the company. Currently, Omar Boraie explains that two things make him happy. The first one, the projects which he started in New Brunswick are finally coming to completion. He has made fortunes from his investment. Secondly, the people who thought that he was mad when he made his investments no longer think the same of him. You can search him on Yahoo to know more.

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