Lacey and Larkin Have Stood Against Evil and Won

Evil is not a hard thing to fight. All it takes is a few good men who have a moral character and are willing to sacrifice to vanquish the evil that exists on our world. Unfortunately, we are living in a world that seems to promote racial inequality and degrade immigrants as if their second class people. The two people who stood up against this are known as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

These two great Heroes would take a stand against the man who the media calls America’s toughest Sheriff. While other media outlets were portraying Sheriff Joe Arpaio as a saint who is simply using other methods to do the job, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin showed him for his true colors.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin used their media channels, one which is called Phoenix New Times, and the other which is called Village Voice Media. It was by using these two tools that they were able to show the crimes that Sheriff Arpaio committed every single day.

One crime that he was guilty of was racially profiling and persecuting Latinos on a grand scale. Another crying that he was guilty of committing, was then imprisoning these Latinos into unsanitary jail cells. The cells were so unsanitary that several Latinos died because they were kept in those cells. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Another Injustice that Arpaio was guilty of was spending the County’s money on things that did not aid the police force. Michael and Jim Larkin new that reporting on Sheriff Arpaio is dangerous. This is because Sheriff Arpaio has a history of using his power to destroy his opponents. But we are about to see, that the last laugh would be on him.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio would obtain an illegal warrant for Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin arrest. He would then disguise the SUVs of his SWAT team so that nobody would know who they were or what they were doing. He would then illegally go inside the homes of these two gentlemen and remove them from the safety of their own beds. Arpaio thought his plan had succeeded.

However, after a national outcry, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were released. The story would end with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin going to court against the Maricopa County and winning 3.75 million dollars. They would then give all of this away in the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund.

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