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Highland Capital Management Sponsors Engage, Bush Center’s Initiative

George W. Bush President Center has begun the New Year on a high note with two companies pledging 10 million dollars each towards supporting the center’s programs. Evidently, Highland Capital Management’s president and co-founder James Dondero who is renowned for philanthropy and support of charitable activities had a significant role in influencing the board of directors at Highland to back the Engage program with $10 million. Engage is a public program series by the Bush Center which aims to foster dialogue between professionals on key policy issues in the country. Since establishment of the Bush Center in 2012 where Highland Capital was instrumental on its foundation, the company has contributed over $5 million towards supporting Bush Center’s activities. As a result of the company’s continuous support, Dondero is set to join the Bush Center president as well as the executive advisory council. Read this article at Dallas News.

The Engage event is set to run from 6:30 p.m. on 5th February. While Highland Capital Management is the sole sponsor, the event is a creation of the National Constitution Center. The public is free to attend the constitutional conversations that feature Today’s Media, Justice Scalia’s speeches, and James Madison. However, all the guests are required to register at before admission. Christopher Scalia, son of the late Justice Antonin Scalia will begin the conversation. Christopher has published a collection of Justice Scalia’s favorite speeches. Later in the event, professionals will discuss on today’s media landscape then James Madison will have a chance to air his thoughts as a first amendment author. Jeffrey Rosen, Amy Mitchell, and Dallas news editor Mike Wilson will also be participating in the conversations which will be moderated by Amanda Schnetzer, Bush Institute Director of Global Initiatives. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Besides, Boeing also committed $10 million to support Bush Center’s Military Service Initiative. The initiative aims to help 9/11 veterans smoothly transition to civilian life. According to former president George W. Bush on receiving Boeing’s $10 million pledge, Bush Center is dedicated to supporting veterans and their families by focusing on the invisible effects of war. The institute focuses on removing stigma and ensuring veterans receive adequate and quality care.

Boeing’s CEO Dennis Muilenburg assured the military and veterans support beyond the battlefield. The company disclosed its $30 million three-year investment plan that focuses on rehabilitation and recovery of veterans as well as worldwide transition services. Boeing also supports local veterans charities, for instance, NPower which offers digital careers training to veterans and their spouses.


TMS Health Solutions Provides Outpatient Treatments for Depression

TMS Health Solutions treats depression and other mental health conditions on an outpatient basis. They offer psychotherapy, medication, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and electroconvulsive therapy.


Medications are often used to treat depression and other mental health disorders. This can be a successful form of treatment combined with talk therapy. Medications often have side effects and the doctor often has to try different brands to see what works best for each patient. Medications and talk therapy are the traditional treatments used for depression and other mental health disorders.


When traditional treatments don’t work for patients, TMS Health Solutions offers another choice. TMS therapy is a treatment that delivers magnetic pulses to the part of the brain that regulates mood, stimulating our neurons. The therapy method is approved by the FDA for use in treating depression.


Each session is about 30 to 60 minutes long. After treatment, patients can resume normal activities. Half of all TMS patients are expected to see a reduction in their depression symptoms.


Because the treatment is non-invasive, the side effects of it are minimal. TMS Health Solutions provides therapy as a discreet and convenient outpatient procedure. Most health insurance plans cover TMS treatment.


The staff at TMS Health Solutions will help patients find the best treatment plan for their condition. Fill out our online form to set up an appointment or to talk with s specialist. Call directly at 844-867-8444 for more information We have several locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento to choose from, including TMS Therapy San Francisco.


The prison system serves the role of housing and rehabilitation of criminals before they are released back to the society. Insufficient correctional officers and overcrowding in the prisons have made it hard for the jail system to perform its critical role in the society. Due to this, crime among prisoners is on the rise, and this hugely undermines the purpose of the prison system. Securus Technologies is a company that uses modern technology to provide digital solutions to the various challenges facing the prison systems.


Secures technologies first started a communication company. It was instrumental in facilitating communications between prisoners and their families on the outside. From its inception, prison systems in the United States of America were barely functioning. Securus Company, therefore, had to start offering solutions to the challenges facing prisons. With continuous advancements in technology, digitized applications set to perform precise tasks seemed to be the great solution to these problems.


Securus Technologies and Jpay markets


First and foremost, Securus Technologies acquired JPay markets company. Jpay markets was a company that was first in introducing modern technology in the prison system. Electronic payments, emails, and education- related applications had transformed the prison systems and made operations in the correctional space smooth. Through this acquisition, Securus technologies developed digitized platforms such as jail management systems, wireless containment solutions, parolee monitoring and inmate healthcare monitoring systems.


The introduction of modern technology to the prison systems


The incorporation of advanced technology in the jail system has proved to be of great help. Crime among prisoners has greatly reduced. Furthermore, correctional officers can work efficiently. The inmate health care monitoring software has enabled prisoners to get medical attention as soon as they are needed. Education in prison has also been possible through this.


Efficiency in the prison system is necessary. The smooth operation of the prison system makes it possible for them to perform its vital role in the society. Also, the living standard of prisoners in the United States of America has been significantly improved.


New Discovery’s in Breast Cancer

Dr. John Hawse, an associate professor at the Mayo Clinic. His laboratory conducted a study on estrogen receptors and their functions in breast cancer. According to his research, most cancer receptors express alpha. However, 80% of tumors found in the breast are estrogen receptor Alpha. This receptor has been treated successfully to help patients with this type of breast cancer.

However, Estrogen Receptor Beta (ERB) is closely related to Receptor Alpha (ERA) but different. The Alpha Receptor is a separate gene and different chromosome from ERB. Dr. Hawse lab studies show that Receptor Alpha has a different function than that of ERB. He discovered 30% of all breast tumors express Estrogen Receptor Beta. Incidentally, 30% Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) express Estrogen Receptor Beta. Learn more about Oncotarget at

Triple-negative breast cancer doesn’t have an expression of the Estrogen Receptor Alpha. People with TNBC don’t have very many treatments available. Patients may receive radiation, chemotherapy, and possibly surgery. There is no preventative treatment to prevent cancer from coming back. Patients with TNBC are given a poor prognosis. Cancer usually spreads to other organs.

The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota is dedicated to understand and characterize the best cancer treatment. They discovered that TNBC’s growth is slowed down with the use of estrogen or estrogen-like chemicals. A lab study was done with mice who were given the TNB cells. The researchers found that estrogen prevented tumor growth or repression. Incidentally, estrogen was most effective in cells with expressed ERB. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

However, the presence of cyclin-dependent kinases (CDK) inside estrogen prevents tumor growth. CDK controls how often and how cells divide. Dr. Hawse believes that triple negative breast cancer is partially controlled by the CDK. Which suggest The proteins may lead to undiscovered new therapies. Moreover, there’s much to learn about how CDK in ERB prevents tumor growth.

Oncotarget is published by experts in the oncology department, and this is why it has received a lot of support from clients from all over the globe. The papers published in this journal have assisted people from all over the world. Students and patients from the globe can access the journal twice a week.


Anthony Petrello’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

When a city is left in shambles after a natural disaster, the organizations that care about the citizens is revealed. Some companies do all they can to help rebuild, and others do not do anything. Houston, Texas and other cities near Houston were left devastated after Hurricane Harvey flooded their homes in 2017. After Hurricane Harvey hit Houston Food Bank, H-E-B, and Nabors Industries immediately began work towards Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Nabors Industries values helping those in need. Anthony Petrello made sure that the company was active in rebuilding the cities affected by the hurricane. Tony Petrello: One of the Highest Paid CEO in the Nation
Anthony Petrello is a philanthropist and the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee of Nabors Industries Ltd. Nabors Industries is the most prominent geothermal and natural gas drilling contractor in the world. Nabors has locations in the United States, Middle East, and Africa. Petrello received his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Yale University, Master of Science in Mathematics from Yale University, and Juris Doctor degree from Harvard. He began working for Nabors Industries in 1991 after leaving Baker & McKenzie law firm. He became the Chief Executive Officer in 2011. Petrello’s work has allowed Nabors Industries to thrive among their competition. Tony Petrello Welcomes Tommy Tune Home To Houston

When Hurricane Harvey destroyed the city employees at Nabors went to help restore as much of the city as they could. Nabors Industries paid their workers that took time off work to go help rebuild the city. The employee’s contribution to restoring the city totaled $173,622. Tony Petrello donated what the employees contributed in total to the relief fund. The Nabors Disaster Relief Fund was used to support the efforts to rebuild all the cities that were affected including Houston which Hurricane Harvey had a big on impact. How Tony Petrello Helped Houston With Hurricane Harvey Relief

Nabors Industries built a kitchen and fed the people that were affected by the hurricane three times a day. Nabors Industries takes pride in giving to those in need they donate to Susan G. Komen foundation and Bike MS. They also have their own foundation that offers scholarships to their employees and their employee’s children. They have given over $3 million in scholarships to ensure that their employee and their children have the opportunity to receive a proper education.

Tony Petrello doesn’t only make sure that Nabors Industries donates to great causes. Petrello and his wife give to research organizations and they also to education funds. Tony Petrello Helps to Launch the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital

Desiree Perez causes a stir in the music industry as her role gets known

2016 Sales in the global music industry were $17.2 billion. Desiree Perez has proven that she can work alongside men efficiently in the industry. She brushes shoulders with the bigwigs in the music sector including Shawn Carter also known as Jay-Z. The artist relies On Perez to run his business interests ensuring smooth operations and profitability in various Jay-Z companies like ROC Nation and SC Enterprises. She is solely responsible for the businessman Jay-Z, and she makes critical decisions. Her excellence has seen her work with Jay-Z for over two decades.

Desiree Perez is apparently a talented entrepreneur who has achieved a lot in the music sector. Samsung spent $25 million on Rihanna’s Anti tour at the intervention of Desiree Perez portraying Rihanna as a wealthy and accomplished artist. Consequently, Perez is now an inner circle friend to Rihanna offering business and financial counsel.

Desiree was in charge in 2008 when ROC Nation was in negotiations for the $15o million deal with Live Nation. She was COO and set a meeting with Sir Lucian from Universal Music to renew the partnership. ROC Nation is now a powerhouse in the entertainment world offering concert and tour production, artist management and music production and publishing. ROC Nation also connects other celebrities to fashion experts with Desiree negotiating contracts. ROC Nation also manages many athletes and sports celebrities.

Most of the time the people who help celebrities manage their resources are unheard of, but it is clear these artists owe their success to them. Desiree Perez is ROC Nation’s Chief Operating Officer since 2009. At ROC Nation, she takes charge of management and operations revolving around publishing and labeling. She also holds a position at SC Enterprises and has worked with celebrated artists like Jay Z and Rihanna

Why Organo Gold is a Healthy Coffee Option for Coffee Drinkers

For those who love coffee, recent studies show that it has healthy benefits. The studies, which were conducted in Europe and the United States, show that coffee can lead to a longer life. This is because coffee comprises components that prevent the risk of dying as a result of diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

If you are a coffee drinker, find a healthy coffee option is paramount. One of the brands which you should consider is Organo Gold. Organo Gold is a beverage production, and marketing company which has transformed the way people view coffee. The company’s beverages are all made using ganoderma, an amazing herb which grows in Asia. The herb contains numerous health benefits. Traditionally, it was used to heal a wide range of illnesses. It was also used to boost immunity, and ward off diseases. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

For those who love coffee, Organo Gold comes with a wide selection. All you have to do is pick those which appeal to you. The good news is that their coffee options are all organic, and you do not run the risk of consuming chemical additives. Another benefit of using Organo Gold products is that they are easily available. You have the option of buying the products directly from the Organo Gold website, or from their suppliers.


One of the reasons why Organo Gold is a well-known brand is because of their marketing techniques. Their suppliers distribute the products across the world, and one can easily join the network. If you are a loyal customer, you can also take advantage of some of the incentives offered by the company. For instance, you can get discounts when you buy a certain amount of their beverages. For healthy coffee options, Organo Gold is definitely your best bet. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.