TMS Health Solutions Provides Outpatient Treatments for Depression

TMS Health Solutions treats depression and other mental health conditions on an outpatient basis. They offer psychotherapy, medication, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and electroconvulsive therapy.


Medications are often used to treat depression and other mental health disorders. This can be a successful form of treatment combined with talk therapy. Medications often have side effects and the doctor often has to try different brands to see what works best for each patient. Medications and talk therapy are the traditional treatments used for depression and other mental health disorders.


When traditional treatments don’t work for patients, TMS Health Solutions offers another choice. TMS therapy is a treatment that delivers magnetic pulses to the part of the brain that regulates mood, stimulating our neurons. The therapy method is approved by the FDA for use in treating depression.


Each session is about 30 to 60 minutes long. After treatment, patients can resume normal activities. Half of all TMS patients are expected to see a reduction in their depression symptoms.


Because the treatment is non-invasive, the side effects of it are minimal. TMS Health Solutions provides therapy as a discreet and convenient outpatient procedure. Most health insurance plans cover TMS treatment.


The staff at TMS Health Solutions will help patients find the best treatment plan for their condition. Fill out our online form to set up an appointment or to talk with s specialist. Call directly at 844-867-8444 for more information We have several locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento to choose from, including TMS Therapy San Francisco.

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