Renting In Newark Just Got A Whole Lot Easier With Boraie

Rental housing makes sense under certain circumstances. Renters enjoy easy access to a updated housing arrangement. A renter often has their personal pick of varied kinds of apartments, often in wonderful locations. Such is the case with a new rental development in Newark from those at Boraie. Those who want to rent in the bustling haven of Newark now have many new options when it comes to housing. One of the best is what is known as One Rector Street. This new building is the first building constructed in Newark in about five decades. Officials at Boraie Development are pleased because they can now offer beautiful, elegant apartments to all those who want to enjoy of the most convenient locations in the entire tri state area. The new apartments rise fifty stories high along the waterfront in Newark. Downtown Newark offers close access to many varied highways. This makes it an ideal choice for people who want a quick commute to many parts of northern New Jersey. The new location also offer marvelous views across the entire area including Manhattan and several counties in the area. With one hundred and sixty-nine rental units in the building, renters can decide among many possibilities that might suit them perfectly. Check out to see more.



Help From Boraie


According to Patch, the new project is one that those at Boraie take a great deal of pride in creating. Under their careful vision and their close guidance, they’ve been involved in this major project for a long time. As they’ve helped, the land was cleared and then building began on the site. They have done so with the help of many government officials. The state’s governor and the city’s mayor are pleased and hopeful that the new units will be greeted with great happiness by residents and all those who want to consider moving to Newark in the future. The new project offers choices for many renters of many backgrounds and incomes. Those who are looking for a high end rental can find it here from Sam Boraie. The company looks forward to serving the needs of young, urban professionals in search of their first place to live after college. They also hope to attract families also seeking a nice place to rent that makes it easy for them to take advantage of the area’s cultural attractions such as sporting venues and the many art spaces that dot the entire area.



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