All In The EOS Packaging Review

The EOS lip balms are often seen as a favorite lip product of those who wear makeup of any kind. The little lip balms come in a variety of colors and flavors, such as vanilla and strawberry. They are made with natural ingredients that include shea butter and vitamin E so that they are healthy for the lips. EOS lip balms are sold at drug stores, retail stores, and even grocery stores (Amazon). You can get one in a pack or a few in a pack depending on how much money you want to spend and how many you want to purchase at one time. Colors on the packages often match the flavor of the lip balm, making it easier to find the flavor that you want. An example would be an orange package for an orange lip balm flavor. Pomegranate raspberry would be in a pink or red package, click for more.

The unique shape makes it easy for the lip balms not to get lost since it’s a circle. When you open the container, the lip balm is a neutral color. There is no shading that is applied to the lips, which is ideal for anyone who wants to moisturize the lips without adding color. There are sets of different flavors for Disney characters as well as flavors for holidays, such as mint or vanilla cream.

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