People Are Getting Rich On Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks are a little known secret in the world of business. To put it simply, they are just payments that are paid out to all shareholders in any publicly-traded company. Many people are under the mistaken impression that these Freedom Checks are issued by the government, but that is not the case. Some people are under the impression that they may be based on shady or illegal tricks. This is also not the case. Rather, it is just a simple system of investment that requires personal sacrifice and discipline, but has the potential to literally make you rich. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali is the name that comes up the most when looking for an authority on this process. He has spent years teaching people about freedom checks and how to take full advantage of them.

It works by taking advantage of a unique situation. In 1981, congress passed a law that allowed for the establishment of “Master Unlimited Partnerships”, or MLP’s for short. These are simply business partnerships that can also be traded publicly like a full-fledged company. These commodities have become widely traded, but there is one important difference between these companies and others. The rules for MLP’s state that all the underlying assets must be distributed among its investors. For a long time, however, these partnerships/companies were subject to little or no regulation.

This led to a problem with some people using it as a tax loophole, but in recent years most of these loopholes have been closed with additional legislation. As a result of this, congress passed what is now known as Statute 26-F in 1987. Read this article at

Under this statute, MLP’s are allowed to operate tax-free, which is huge plus. But there is a catch….two of them, in fact. One of them is that at least 90% of the company’s revenue must come from the processing, production, transportation and/or storage of gas or oil from within the United States. The other rule, as mentioned earlier, is that 90 percent of the company’s money must be distributed amongst its investors. These investor payments are the famous “freedom checks”.

According to Mr. Badiali, this method is as simple as buying any amount of stock in an MLP. There is, of course, a degree of skill involved in choosing the right MLP’s to invest in. Quite honestly, I find the prospect quite interesting, and I recommend checking into it.


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