Ara Chackerian Hopes He Can Help People With Depression Live Happier Lives

Ara Chackerian has built a respectable reputation for himself as both an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is a big proponent for giving back to the community and is involved in many efforts that are dedicated to doing just that. The healthcare field is what Chackerian’s career is built around. He’s spent numerous years trying to perfect the connection between technology and healthcare services. His passion for the field has lead to him being selected to serve on multiple boards in the Bay Area. Chackerian’s interests span further than just Healthcare, he also advocates for environmental and youth development causes.


Ara Chackerian is heavily involved with an innovative teak farm in Nicaragua, which he sees as a major environmental focus. The farm is called Limonapa Teak. Limonapa prides itself on having a low eco-footprint so that the soil is not decimated and can be used for years to come. Not to mention, the farm creates many steady employment positions for Nicaraguan residents.


In a recent interview Chackerian did he shed more light on his latest venture TMS Health Solutions, as well as what motivates him in his career.


According to The News Version, one thing Ara Chackerian touched on was how the idea for TMS Health Solutions came about. He and his longtime business partner were looking for a way apply their experience in building out-patient diagnostic radiology centers to another segment of healthcare. The duo spent years orchestrating the development of a network of centers in Northern California before a suggestion from a long-time provider partner changed their approach. It gave them a new perspective on the outpatient psychiatry space, especially transcranial magnetic stimulation. This treatment effectively combines technology with healthcare.


According to Patch, Ara Chackerian is one of the individuals leading the charge in ending the stigma of suicide. So many people lose their battle with depression yet, no one is comfortable talking about suicide. This is an important discussion that needs to be had as suicide can affect anyone. It does not discriminate and doesn’t belong to any single demographic. The only way to truly end the stigma of mental health and suicide is to have discussions about it.



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