Robert Ivy of the American Institute of Architects Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy of the American Institute of Architects has been named the winner of one of the most coveted awards in the artistic fields. He has recently won the Lifetime Achievement Award which is given to Mississippi natives who demonstrate excellence and provide meaningful contributions to the performing arts and creative fields. As the winner of the award, Robert Ivy will be joining a number of other prominent natives of the state who have won this top award. Robert joins the likes of famous writers, actors and artists who have won the award before him. By winning the Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert will be able to add yet another achievement to his successful career.

Winning the Lifetime Achievement Award has impressed a number of people close to Robert Ivy. There are a number of current and former colleagues who have expressed much praise about him. These colleagues have mentioned that Ivy has been a valuable ambassador to the field due to his work ethic and talents. Another colleague has revealed that with his contributions in writing articles, editing for publications and practicing as an architect, Robert has demonstrated a high level of talent and competence in the field. They are all very pleased about his latest accomplishment and are very happy that he has been able to win such a significant award.

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The career of Robert Ivy spans over two decades. After completing a master’s degree in architecture at Tulane University, Robert went on to become a writer for various architecture publications. Over the years, he has been able to produce a number of informative articles that have helped provide valuable information to many architects in the field. Ivy would also spent a number of years as an editor where he would oversee the publishing of architecture articles. While he was an editor, he would win awards for his performance in this field. By the year 2011, Ivy would join the American Institute of Architects and serve as its CEO. As the chief executive officer of AIA, Robert helped expand the organization and make it into a world renowned organization.

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