Jeremy Goldstein Helps the Community

In the modern world there exists in inequality of services between the poor and minorities, compared to the rich. Jeremy Goldstein is lawyer who believes in giving back to the community who supports him. He recently hosted a Wine Party in New York with many of his colleges in the name of Fountain House.

The event was a huge success both in terms of attendance, and how much was raised for this organization. There are a pair of online articles that expanded on the event, and who benefits from Foundation House. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

The first article is a press release coming from PR Newswire. It discusses how they had wine from all over the region, and Jeremy Goldstein hosted two events Read more:  Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamensch and Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners

He raised a combined $56,000 for Foundation House. As a member on the Board of Directors, he takes great pride in helping those less fortunate and wishes to encourage his colleges to to the same. The money has greatly helped the organization reach its goal of helping those with mental conditions get back on their feet.

This is followed with a article with Patch that describes the mission of Foundation House. They put all of their resources into helping those with mental illness get an education, find housing, get a job, and stabilize their life. The base of operations is around New York, but they have spread into communities across the country. Since they beginning, the rates of mentally ill individuals in bad situations has dropped substantial in communities they are involved with. Jeremy Goldstein is pleased with their progress.

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer during the day, and a proud member of the community outside of work. His job shows him what happens to those who stray from the path of life, and so he wants to help people live.

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