Richard Qiuangdong, Taking the Online Shopping Industry by Surprise

During an interview at the World Economic Forum, David Rubenstein asked the founder of ‘If you order something does it come faster?’ (Referring to ordering online on The audience bursts with laughter and Richard Qiuangdong smiles and states ‘We treat all customers the same way, the best standards for everyone.’ This modest proclamation defines the entire company belief when it comes to excellent customer service to each and every customer that orders online. As CEO of Richard Liu makes sure, the company is blemish free, delivering high quality items, in a timely fashion, to all online shoppers. has over 300 million shoppers annually. It’s 2017 net worth was over $55 billion, with 80% of their customers ordering on mobile phones. As the largest online retailer in China, Richard Liu hopes that one day will be the largest in the internet retailer in the world. has over 500 warehouses, giving consumers the ability to order from millions of pieces of merchandise. The growing company has some of the hottest fashion available. Some of the most unique, upscale items are found on, which is why the number of annual customers are growing at a steady rate.

David Rubenstein, goes on to asks Richard Liu, ‘What are the most popular items sold on’ Richard Liu Qiangdong states that fashion and food are the best selling items’. makes sure that it’s clothing is the latest fashion. Catching the eye of people that have a keen interest in style, some name brand clothing include Banana Republic and Nike. is a global online retailer, delivering it’s merchandise anywhere in world. During the interview with Mr. Rubenstein, Richard Liu Qiangdong expains that delivering to London, New York, Washington etc, is no problem. He explains that will continue to grow, making ordering and delivery throughout the world easier and quicker.

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