Edwin Miranda: Revolutionary Programmatic Advertising

Edwin Miranda is the founder and CEO of KOI America, a trendsetting marketing consulting firm reputed for leading its peers in marketing campaigns geared towards performance. Through Miranda’s leadership, Koi Americas has served leading brands in various industry sectors including Banking, Real Estate Industry, Healthcare, and Hospitality. Other industries that have also benefitted from his expertise are NGOs, Advocacy Groups as well as Government Institutions.

Edwin Miranda has been feted for his professional expertise and achievements, winning many accolades including the SME Top Management Award in Communication (2004). Miranda has continued to steer KOI Americas to embrace and espouse technological advances that reshape and revolutionize business processes with a keen focus on matters marketing. Edwin Miranda has given his insights into many technological advances that have or will revolutionize the marketing industry. One such trend that has quickly gained traction with the marketing players is Programmatic advertising.

Programmatic Advertising is an advancement in digital marketing whereby the potential customer only gets to see adverts that may be relevant to them instead of receiving a blanket barrage of adverts. Through software technologies, user behavior and preferences are analyzed, and relevant target ads reach different users. This has significantly increased customer conversion rate; hence a higher ROIs realized over shorter terms.

Edwin Miranda reckons. Programmatic advertising will dominate digital advertising will penetrate further to conventional media to include television and radio platforms. As targeting becomes more precise, online video adverting will also be programmatic.

Main challenges being faced by the dynamic programmatic advertising is false impressions. According to Pixalate, a fraud management system, 35% of US Dynamic ad impressions in 2017 were fraudulent.

Due to its precision and proven conversion rates, Dynamic ads are quickly replacing traditional static ads saving marketers and their client resources that would have otherwise been wasted.

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