Ara Chackerian, the Brain behind TMS Health Solutions

Ara Chackerian is a distinguished entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist with more than two decades of experience in the healthcare sector. Currently, he is the Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, a limited liability company which investments in tech-oriented health startups.

Throughout his investment journey, Ara Chackerian has founded numerous companies, which focus on the healthcare and environmental oriented sectors. Some of the companies he has founded include TMS Health Solutions, a leading healthcare services provider. TMS Health Solutions is also the pioneer of transcranial magnetic stimulation, a revolutionary treatment method for resistant depression.

Besides TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian has founded other healthcare companies like BMC Diagnostics, a leading diagnostic imaging services provider and PipelineRx, a Telepharmacy services provider in the country.

Ara is also an experienced business executive. He is the incumbent Chief Executive Officer of BMC Diagnostics as well as the Executive Vice-President of PSS/World Medical, a global distributor of quality medical products. Ara also serves as the Executive Chairman of both TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRx. Ara Chackerian attended the Florida State University, where he graduated with Bachelors of Science degree in marketing.

One of the newest kids in Ara Chackerian’s investment line is TMS Health Solutions. He believes that transcranial magnetic stimulation holds the key to future treatment of depression. According to Ara, TMS has the potential to revolutionize psychiatric care, especially when combined with talk therapy and medication.

Alongside his long-time partner, Brad Hummel, Ara Chackerian has established seven new clinical facilities in Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area. The facilities, which include a consultation room and TMS treatment rooms are set to take psychiatric care to a whole new level.

According to Ara, the 3,000 square ft facilities are designed to create a homely and serene environment for the patients. A relaxed environment, he says, is important for a patient suffering from psychiatric disorders. Besides promoting positive clinical outcomes for depression patients, the duo hopes to promote the facilities as a unique brand.

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