Flavio Maluf And His Lifetime Of Environmentalism

Flavio Maluf is a great Brazilian environmentalist and philanthropist who currently occupies the position at the top of his company, Eucatex. He’s devoted much of his life t the sustainability projects engaged in by his company, which go to maintaining the environment and spreading awareness in Brazil as to the environmentalist causes he holds dear.

Eucatex was founded in the 1950s, for the purpose of using eucalyptus as a raw material in the production of various consumer goods. Just over a decade into its existence, Eucatex launched its first environmentalist effort, launching a reforestation program to ensure that their business would be sustainable for decades to come. Visit on his twitter for updates.

However, this would only be the first of many such projects that Eucatex would perform. The crowning achievement of Eucatex is the Environmental Education Program, an initiative the company launched to educate the public about the needs of environmental sustainability both in general and specifically in the Eucalyptus forest. The Environmental Education Program has seen tens of thousands of guests in the schools and the city halls of São Paulo and has made an indelible mark on the people of the city, for the better.

Additionally, Eucatex is extremely proactive in their community, with departments dedicated to communication with the locals about their needs and the effect of Eucatex operations upon their lives. Eucatex is highly proactive in providing for fire safety education in São Paulo, and work with local fire departments in constructing fire breaks, which protect green and urban areas from any potential fires that might break out in the summer. In all, Eucatex has left an unequivocally positive mark on the community that they consider themselves a member of.

Learn more: https://br.linkedin.com/in/flavio-maluf-b03861


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