L’Oréal Vice President Nicolas Krafft Helps Growth The Company Through New Ideas

In September of 2018, L’Oréal Paris held their second annual fashion show in the French Capital City. This fashion show was unique as it was held on a floating catwalk on the river Seine. Aside from showing off the latest in fashions, the event was also held to celebrate inclusivity and diversity. The fashion show attracted many big names to walk the runway. These included supermodels Eva Longoria, Elle Fanning, and Louise Bourgoin. Paralympic ski champ Marie Bochet also walked the runway, and labels Sonia Rykiel, Balmain, Isabel Marant, and Miu Miu provided the outfits for the event.

Make up for the models was done by renowned makeup artist Val Garland and hair was done by famous stylist Stéphane Lancien. The pair created over 70 different hair and makeup looks for the large event. The fashion show was open to the public. Large screens were placed along the river Seine so crowds could watch. Aside from the hair and make up the shows floating stage was a work of art in itself. The stage took more than eight days to set up and take down.

Nicolas Krafft is the vice president of global business development at L’Oréal. Nicolas Krafft has used his cunning business skills to help grow L’Oréal as one of the top fashion brands around the world. Under his leadership, the company has developed a new line of luxury hair care products that have been met with high praise by both those in the beauty industry and regular consumers. Another way Krafft has helped grow the band is through marketing L’Oréal’s products on social media. He was quick to realize that social media plays a large role in most peoples lives. Marketing new products through social media have proven to play a significant role in boosting sales.

Another great idea implemented by Nicolas Krafft was the promotion of the values of integrity, respect, and transparency. He played a role in creating the position of Chief Ethics Officer and an event known as Ethics Day. The Chief Ethics Officer is Emmanuel Lulin who ensures that L’Oréal adheres to the highest standard of ethics. Ethics Day is an annual event where employees get to receive transparency from the top officials at the company and have any questions answered about the day to day operations of those at the corporate level.

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