Rebel Wilson: Fluffy Cat Trapped In A Romantic Comedy

How many times have you wondered – will you find your true love…your soulmate? In situations like that, we usually reach for some mellow love movies and spend our time watching and crying tears over some sad love story. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can turn around and try to find your “happy moment”.

Try some good old love comedy. After the fabulous Toni Collette and Muriel’s wedding, we were all eager for some new Australian star of the same caliber and charm. And she came along – her name is Rebel Wilson. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

If you still haven’t seen the movie “Isn’t It Romantic?” – now is the right time. For all of you who think that true love is not possible and that romance is dead – this is the best possible way to spend 90 minutes laughing, and wondering whether your true love might be even sitting right next to you.

A Non-Romantic Rom-Com

Although it was meant to be a nonromantic comedy – the movie Isn’t it Romantic has already managed to buy our hearts. The premiere was wisely timed, so the movie was released on Valentine’s day. Though it’s a romantic comedy, it’s not mellow, and it will really make you laugh.

The script is far from the original – girl meets boy, boy meets girl. She is clumsy and he is handsome and rich. But although this script seems totally overcome, the great comedy talent of Rebel Wilson makes it so much fun and not at all cheap. Both Wilson and Liam Hemsworth deconstruct the conventions of romantic comedies and they provide a new spin to this movie.

Here’s the quick storyline for those of you who still haven’t seen it…

Natalie is a girl who doesn’t believe in love or romance. Her mother contributed much to that attitude since she told Natalie that such girls can only find a husband if a man is hunting for a Visa. She hates romantic movies, especially love-comedies. She was growing up with a lack of self-confidence, which is following her through her adulthood too.

Natalie is moving to NY where she is working as an architect, booked by the handsome Australian billionaire Blake (Liam Hemsworth). One day, she wakes up in a hospital, after being mugged in a subway. She sees a great looking doctor and she feels embarrassed. Afterward, another accident will turn her life upside down. Blake’s limo hits Natalie, and that’s where her life starts to look like a thing she always ran away from – her life is turning into a romantic comedy.

39th Birthday Surprise

The Australian actress has recently turned 39. But, as she claims, her age is not limiting her in any way. She can still pass for such sweet movies and comedy genre, but she thinks she can provide much more serious roles too. Though being an actress typically means entering into many different characters, Rebel Wilson privately is a very fun person to spend time with.

Since Wilson is in the middle of preparation for her next upcoming movie The Cats, she shared the news, and also some of her birthday pictures and videos on Instagram. She had uploaded a video clip while practicing and performing with friends. The act was called “catzercise” and there’s a good reason for it. Namely, Wilson was performing wearing a cute cat costume with fluffy kitty ears.

Wilson is already known as a person with a slightly weird sense of humor, so she couldn’t resist writing the comment below her “catzercise” full costumed photo. In her own manner, she wrote: “Don’t be a pussy and try it.

The caption says it all.

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