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Richard Liu Qiandong is a visionary when it comes to business development. He rose to the global limelight after his impressive success with, a leading online retail company in China. Despite his success, Richard Liu is not ready to rest. He believes that there is still room to do more in terms of improving the retail business. The business guru, who serves as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of, believes that his company is destined to revolutionize the retail experience in the world.

During the recently held World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Richard Liu announced his grand plans to convert a global into a global trendsetter in the retail business. According to Richard Liu, plans are underway to expand JDs presence across the world. Richard Liu was speaking to a gathering of more than 50 prominent business personalities from across the globe.

Speaking in fluent English, Richard Liu outlined his meticulous plans to expand his business to Europe and America. Already, has a substantial presence in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Among those who attended the lunchtime gathering included Kasper Rorsted, the Chief Executive Officer of Adidas Group, and Greg Foran, the head of Walmart in the United States.

According to Richard Liu, will start by investing in its logistics network across Europe and America. The experienced CEO believes that an efficient and elaborate logistics network is crucial to the development of any business. Already, has one of the most vibrant and dynamic logistics networks in Asia. The network is operated under JD Logistics, a subsidiary of JD International.

Recently, JD International made public its plans to take its logistics business public. Currently, JD logistics operates as a subsidiary and is entirely owned by JD International. According to Richard Liu Qiangdong, the move will enable his company to raise enough capital to upgrade its international logistics network.

Although Richard Liu did not give a hint on when the public listing would take place, he made it clear that JD is considering a dual listing, meaning that the shares may be floated in more than one stock market. According to Reuters, the dual listing will most likely take place in mainland China or Hong Kong.

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