Dr. Jennifer Walden Opens New NYC Clinic Offering Laser Hair Removal

Skintology Medspa is a New York City company that offers men and women the opportunity to have a laser hair procedure performed on them. It was founded by Dr. Jennifer Walden who is a board-certified plastic surgeon. She and her staff work closely with people in order to decide which treatment is best. Women usually want to remove hair they don’t want from their chin, upper lip, underarms, and legs. Men typically want to remove hair from their back or chest. It is both the laser light and energy that removes hair from where it isn’t wanted. People get tired of always needing to shave, wax, or spread cream on their skin.

Laser hair removal can permanently remove hair. How laser hair removal works is that it zaps hair follicles when they are growing. It prevents the follicle from creating more hair. It takes several treatment sessions, each a few weeks apart, to complete the therapy. Over time the patient will see less and less hair in the area that is being treated. It used to be that lasers only worked on dark hair on light skin. Technology has advanced enough that people with all hair colors and skin colors can be treated. People that want their unwanted hair removed can contact Skintology Medspa at (212) 832-2225.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons ASAPS). She also serves the American Society for Plastic Surgery as one of their board members. Additionally, she serves at ASAPS as the commissioner of communication, managing all of their official communications. Five years ago, she was named as a Texas Super Doctor. Dr. Jennifer Walden received national recognition when Castle Connelly named her as a Top Doctor in 2016. She spent eight years in New York City and worked at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital MEETH). where she was an attending surgeon in plastic surgery. She also worked at Lenox Hill Hospital as an attending surgeon.

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