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Good Children Gone Bad and Rick Cofer Is On It

A juvenile court’s first responsibility is to mete out punishment that is based on correction and not just punishment for the sake of punishment. Let us take a case example. Supposing a child does something wrong and is grounded for three weeks by their parents. Then the child realizes his mistake, shows remorse, and promises to never repeat the same mistake again. If the parents take this willingness on the child’s part to change into consideration, they should naturally lessen the child’s sentence.

However, if despite the child’s protests, the parents remain adamant and follow through with their plan, their attitude is not objective. The child could decide to deteriorate and commit more serious offenses in the future. The same is also true for corporal punishment.

A popular belief around both secular and religious thinking indicates that the message is more towards the rod as an instrument of guidance and not of punishment. We understand this because children have not yet developed the capability to differentiate wrong from right. They are mostly shaped by their immediate environments and by the decisions that adults around them make. This creates mitigating circumstances, which are important in determining guilt or innocence in any juvenile court.

Another important thing is that once a child commits a serious crime such as a sex crime, the ripple effect is felt keenly by the adults involved. They bare the greatest responsible positions and are more deeply affected by the cause of a wayward child. Caution is great advice here.

The justice department has a number of options in the sentencing of a child who has been found guilty of sexual crimes. Firstly, it has to be decided whether it is necessary for the child to register as a sex offender or not. Then the child is faced with one of three possible sentences. Of course, criminal defense lawyers like Rick Cofer are indispensable in the court process.

Rick Cofer is a lawyer from Austin who has been in court representing all sorts of criminals from murderers to speed drivers. Rick Cofer is a felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile prosecutor who tries to do his best getting people’s lives back on track. Rick Cofer law has been successful in many of its trials and has thus made itself a good reputation.

Article on the Grace Farms Foundation in Connecticut with president Sharon Prince

An article from Vice transverses the beauty and purpose of the Grace Farms Foundation place in Connecticut. The article describes the grand architecture designed by a Japanese company spanning over 80 acres of space to work with. With the facilities located in the quiet town of New Canaan, the article points to how it arrived there 3 years ago to the public.

Sharon Prince, who is the president of Grace Farms Foundation speaks about how they narrowed it down to this Japanese company, who both thought the partnership was a match made in heaven. There is a lot of freedom for people who visit Grace Farms, and Sharon Prince shares that was what it was set out to be; a safe space for people to collaborate and meet up for work or to just be one with nature. Sharon Prince and the team gave the partner free rein to make the buildings special and with their own viewpoints in mind.

The Grace Farms Foundation was assembled to be able to be open all year-round and survive any inclement or severe weather. Sharon Prince is credited in the article stating that many people but also organizations have visited Grace Farms to have some open discussions and hold important lectures on some modern day issues. Some efforts that Grace Farms are fighting against includes big problems such as human trafficking and slavery. Grace Farms is located in New Canaan, Connecticut and open Tuesday to Sunday.

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The Career Journey Of Isabel Santos

Isabel dos Santos is recognized as one of the richest women in Africa. Dos Santos is a great entrepreneur who advocates for entrepreneurship in Africa as well as economic growth. Isabel dos Santos is the daughter of the former Angola president Jose Eduardo dos Santos who has been ruling from 1979 to 2017. Isabel studied at king’s college where she graduated with a degree in electrical engineering.

Isabel dos Santos has worked for more than two decades with different companies where she held top management positions. In 2017 after her father stepped down, he made her the chairwoman of Sonangol, which is an oil company in Angola. As a businesswoman, Isabel  dos Santos formed several partnerships and business connections with companies and banks in Angola. Some of the companies Isabel worked with included the Cable TV firm, telecom firm among others (Economist).

As a businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos has worked in different business industries such as entertainment, construction, finance as well as education. Isabel dos Santos is a great private investor and an independent businesswoman with diverse business skills. Today she is the chairwoman of UNITEL, which is one of the greatest telecommunication firm located in Angola. Her role in UNITEL enabled her to improve the telecommunications infrastructure in her country, Angola. Also, UNITEL together with Isabel created a job for Angolan people as well as improve communication in both rural and urban parts of Angola. Today Isabel do Santos encourages women in Africa to become entrepreneurs so as to develop the economy in Africa. According to Isabel, women should be given equal opportunities when it comes to business. During an interview, Isabel was asked about some of the business opportunities that are available for Africans, and she said that there is agriculture, tourism, minerals as well as manufacturing.

Isabel also advises women who are starting their business to follow their ambition and passion as well as remain focused. Apart from career Isabel is also committed to giving back to her community and supports a children hospital in Angola that works to fight malaria. She handles different campaigns against malaria through the continent. Also ensures that there are clean water and enough food for the needy families in her community. Isabel is successful today to her hard work and commitment to developing the economy in Africa.
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What makes Greg Blatt a successful CEO?

If you have a company and are looking to hire individuals for the position of CEO what are some of the traits to check? One of the essential things to consider is whether the person you hire can contribute to the growth of the business. Most successful CEOs share some common traits. If you have started a company and you want to be the best in running it, Blatt is one of the best role models. He has not only been successful in the business world but also has contributed to the growth of various companies. Apart from having unmatched skills in running a business, he is also a leader who understands what to do when it comes to guiding employees.

Diversifying your education

Successful CEOS ensure that they have a diverse educational background. Most of these entrepreneurs do not stick to business only, and it is not a wonder to find that some are not even in business. But for someone like Blatt who wanted to achieve great things in the business world, he studied business and law. He is a graduate of Columbia Law School. It helped him to understand the law and use it in running various companies.

He has never regretted lawyership now that is entirely a businessman. It has contributed a lot to his success. Knowing multiple fields can help CEOS to identify the right decisions to make. Even if you do not learn the law, it is essential to have something else that can enable you to stand out from the crowd. It can push your business to another level and make you achieve what you desire in any industry (Inspirery).


You may want to try out new CEOs who are not that experienced but experience is crucial regarding the success of any company. Greg Blatt is a seasoned CEO who has worked for many companies and acquired the right skills to run various firms. Before moving to work for different organizations as a top leader, he also had the experience of working with law firms. He honed his skills while working for these companies and today he is one of the most coveted CEOS. Hiring an experienced person like Greg Blatt may enable your company to achieve its goals.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Discusses Expansion Goals at World Economic Forum

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. He is the founder and chief executive officer of the retail company JD. At the World Economic Forum, Richard Liu talked about his business. When talking about his business, Richard discussed his intention to expand the company’s shipping routes. He plans on offering shipping to major cities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Richard hopes to establish shipping routes to cities such as Washington DC and London. Along with discussing the shipping route expansion, Richard also discussed how his company JD got started.

During his career, Richard Liu Qiangdong has founded three businesses. His first business was a restaurant that he founded while still attending college. This restaurant was a moderately successful business that he eventually shut down. The second business he started was a magneto optics retail shop. While it was successful during its first year of operation, it was forced to shut down due to a SARS outbreak. As an entrepreneur in the retail industry, Richard Liu realized that offering ecommerce was critical to long term success. As a result, he founded JD which emphasized ecommerce and innovation to meet consumer needs. JD became his most successful business as it has emerged as the largest retail company in China.

Before starting up businesses, Richard Liu Qiangdong worked in the technology sector. He learned computer programming while he was in college. This allowed him to develop the skills necessary to get good employment opportunities. For a number of years, he was working in the computer programming field for various companies. This would lead to him attaining a position as a technology executive at the company Japan Life. His successful career in technology enabled him to gain the leadership skill necessary that would help him succeed as an entrepreneur in the future. Prior to starting his career, Richard Liu Qiangdong attended college and business school. He went to one of the best universities in China to learn sociology. Richard Liu completed an undergraduate degree program in sociology. After completing the degree in sociology, Richard would then attend business school at a leading international educational institution. This gave him the educational foundation to pursue opportunities as an executive.