Mark Holyoake: A Record Holder, Athlete, and Business Owner. What’s His Secret?

You may already be familiar with the international record Mark Holyoake has set in the world of gymnastics. In the late 2000s, he completed 65 rotations in one minute to become a record holder on the pommel apparatus. During this time, Holyoake was also in the Commonwealth Games. It was a busy year for Mark, and many have commented that perhaps it was all of his training that kept him going and winning awards. At one point, Holyoake was working out well over 20 hours per week. His dedication to the sport shows in his skill and achievements.

Mark Holyoake’s interest in gymnastics started at an early age. In fact, he was not even a teenager when he began learning the ropes. About the time he turned 10, he became involved in competitions. Mark Holyoake was not one to shy away from any event. He trained on the floor, rings, and bars. While still in school, Mark had to learn how to juggle education and competition at the same time. It is a talent that he has taken into his college life and adulthood.

With good grades and his athleticism, Mark Holyoake was accepted into Auckland University. Even at college, his drive was fierce. He graduated with a degree in exercise combined with sports science. Hard to believe, but while in college he made time to join outside clubs where he could grow his gymnastic abilities, and it was at these clubs and events that young people started to notice him and use him as an example of what hard work and focus could achieve.

Mark Holyoake parlayed his love of sport and competition with ability to motivate. After graduating, he went to work as a personal trainer. It was a job where he could inspire people and help them be the best they could be. Mark shined in the profession and quickly moved on from that position into working in the CrossFit arena. He and another partner opened Carbon Method, a CrossFit style gym.

Mark Holyoake can now say he is an entrepreneur. He has worn many hats in his young life, from being a major athlete, coach, and now a business owner. No doubt, his clients will enjoy the benefits of his well-diversified background.

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