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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Get Webby Honor for Helpful Website

Kisling, Nestico & Redick have gained some visibility in Ohio as personal injury law firm with a small-town appeal. This isn’t just from ads slapped on buses around Akron or the occasional banner ad online. They’ve made a website that attracts the attention of people seeking representation, and it’s one of the best legal websites the internet has to offer.

Every year the Webby Awards takes a look at what the internet has to offer us when we log on. The New York Times calls a Webby Award the “highest honor” that can be bestowed on the internet. 23 years of these awards and finally, Kisling, Nestio & Redick has been recognized as the best legal website out there.

In 1996, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences have relied on thousands of judges from disparate backgrounds to make sense of what was online, looking at the creative and technical merits of video, audio, podcasts, games, and websites out there. They accept entrants from dozens of countries, and can reach well into the thousands. Of them, only about 20% can be recognized for their efforts.

Managing Partner Rob Nestico says the award is a sign that Kisling, Nestico, and Redick focused on first impressions. When prospective clients come to the site, they need to find information to universal concerns with ease, and then given all the contacts necessary to find representation for their specific needs. A user friendly site, Nestico says, makes life easier for people who’ve suffered a personal injury, not harder.

Kisling Nestico & Redick Support Local Communities –

As Executive Director of the Webby Awards, Claire Graves knows what it takes to impress judges and users alike. With 13,000 entrants this year, she said Kisling, Nestico & Redick’s ability to stand out in the legal category is an accomplishment in its own right.

About Kisling, Nestico & Redick:

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a law firm that’s been representing personal injury claims since 2005. From their home office in Akron, Ohio, this firm has provided legal advice to those seeking recompense while trying to make sense of the meandering insurance industry. With over a decade and a half of providing service, Kisling, Nestico & Redick have spread to 11 offices across Ohio, giving more than a hundred support staff members and nearly 40 attorneys a permanent place in local communities.

Contributions of Igor Cornelsen to the Economy

Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker whose work experience of managing stock exchange funds since 1971 has brought great business ideas. To update his fund’s portfolio, he follows international news, reads about the economy of companies and listening to views from colleagues and friends. He develops his business ideas by following improving economies and investing in them later selling the assets to deteriorating countries due to political instabilities and economic problems. He focuses on introducing a new trend in the market that will improve country’s financial status and discourages ideology biasness among investors. He prefers sourcing information from Reuters because they are unbiased and saves a lot of time used in analyzing investors and economic.

He advises managers on safer ways of sourcing information; he encourages a lot reading rather than listening to opinions of other marketers. He believes in facts but not in views from individuals and discourages managers to be influenced because they are the decision makers. Also, he suggests that managers should learn to evaluate financial details, their effect on the markets, and advocate of them seeing the globe as a whole instead of dividing into small pieces. His strategy of making his businesses grow is making the first move to sell assets.

Igor Cornelsen graduated with a bachelor in Economics in 1970 after dropping Engineering in the Federal University of Parana, Brazil and due to his ability to calculate compound interest rates with no technology of calculators, he got employed at an investment bank. His hard work later landed him at Rio as an investment worker. In 1974, he gained a promotion to the board of directors in Multibanco and 1976, he climbed the ladder and became the CEO. In 1978, Bank of America acquired Multibanco, and this left Comelsen to look for available opportunities. Moving to Unibanco became his first choice to work with the leading investment firm in Brazil. After some years he got employed at Libra Bank PLC, a merchant bank in London. Later, he moved to Standard Chartered Bank as a member board of directors and a representative in Brazil. After seven years he founded an investment firm which offers similar services to Merchant Bank.

Scott Gelb; The Gaming Titan

Scott Gelb, a Washington University graduate having a passion for games who himself says that “I just had to find my place in the industry and then it was all-natural”, is one of the reputed personalities in the gaming industry. Learn more about Scott Gelb at

He is the Chief Operating Officer of the Riot Games there was no second opinion of a more dynamic and experienced person than Scott Gelb for this position. He is one of the strong pillars of the leadership of Riot games working on innovations and turning thoughts to reality by forming staggering graphics and launching addictive games. Read more about Scott Gelb at

Scott Gelb’s leadership has enabled the company to achieve short term goals by proper planning. One of the qualities Scott Gelb possesses is his openness to ideas, which is very important for someone acting as chief operating officer. His main focus is the online multiplayer gaming and he is maintaining an impressive record in the field. Due to the globalization and the internet, the gaming perspective is heavily changed and to lead the company in such situations are qualities which are associated with a leader of high quality, which no doubt Scott Gelb has proven in the recent times.



Betsy DeVos and Detailed Conversations

There are so many people in the United States who keep close tabs on Betsy DeVos and on all of her activities. There are many people who do this globally as well. This isn’t a shocker. DeVos is among the United States’ most widely known figures. People know her in the business world. They know her in the political realm. They even know her in the philanthropy sector. She’s been handling all sorts of charitable causes for a long period. Her husband has been doing so as well. They established a non-profit group they named the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in the eighties. It’s something that makes them feel whole. The organization revolves around art, culture, society, economics and a whole lot more.


Why is Betsy DeVos notable in America? She’s notable courtesy of her job on President Donald J. Trump’s administration. He “hired” her to function as the Secretary of Education. Being the American Education Secretary is a thing that fills her with a sense of pride that’s matchless. It makes her feel as though her existence has come to fruition. Education isn’t something that’s novel to her. It’s something that’s been on her mind for what seems like an eternity. She has kids who went through schooling in America years ago. That’s why no one can say that she doesn’t comprehend American educational matters.


DeVos isn’t the kind of person who says no to opportunities. She always visits schools in locations all over the United States. She goes to Midwestern schools any time she can. She goes to schools on the West Coast, on the East Coast, in the Southeast and elsewhere. She was delighted to participate in a Miami, Florida charter school gathering in 2018. Pitbull participated in it as well. Although this American rapper isn’t a politician or a businessman, he relates to DeVos. She relates to him, too. They’re two thoughtful citizens who want to advance charter schools and their status in the United States. There are still so many people in America who know next to nothing about charter schools and how they move forward. This reality fills DeVos with dissatisfaction. It fills Pitbull up with the same type of unsettling emotion.


Dick DeVos enjoys his marriage to Betsy. They have a marital union that’s intense in strength. It’s a union that many people covet. They’re a couple of adults who have kids. They’re a couple of adults who have many interests that are shared as well. Dick doesn’t brush off educational subjects in America. He’s so keen on American educations that he actually put the West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan together. This is an academy that embraces students who come from all corners of Michigan. It’s a big Midwestern state that isn’t exactly simple to travel.


Betsy DeVos has many discussions with President Trump all of the time. They converse about transgendered students and their situations in America. They converse about topics that aren’t quite as detailed, too.


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Serge Belamant: Inventor of the First Blockchain Debit Card

As one of the technologies currently on the rise, blockchain has provided a promising future that goes beyond the tech community. This is largely due to its potential to help the everyday consumer, providing a way to secure one’s belongings or house that is truly encrypted. Blockchain is able to protect by developing layers upon layers of encrypted data, making it possible for you to browse the internet without worrying about being watched over by hackers. Though it was initially developed to help increase directness in financial services, blockchain has recently become a promising technology that is even being considered as a way to secure homes and other physical locks. When thinking of blockchain, it’s hard not to mention Serge Belamant.

Though he might not be as well-known as other inventors (such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg), it’s only a matter of time until Serge Belamant is part of the cultural zeitgeist. As the patent holder of blockchain, he was essential to developing the technology, pioneering the usage of smart cards as a backbone for encryption. These smart cards would typically take on the form of using transactions with differing variables such as pins and account numbers to continually “change the identity” of someone completing a transaction. Using multiple, changing variables ensured that one could complete transactions without leaving themselves open to having their data be compromised. This drive towards creating a type of truly encrypted security didn’t just come out of nowhere.

With extensive experience with companies such as IBM and Net1 Technologies, Serge Belamant has always been interested in continuing to push the buttons of his environment. Serge Belamant’s achievements don’t end at blockchain, though. In the past 2 years, he has been creating new security technologies at Zilch Technology Limited, a company he founded with his son. Through this company, he develops new technologies to be used in financial services, specifically focusing on how encryption can be utilized in making the cryptocurrency market even more reliable. Though the future is always open for Serge Belamant, it’s clear that he will continue pushing forward and making the world a continually inspiring nd safe place for others!

Isabel Dos Santos: Increasing Women’s Place on the Global Market

Isabel Dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa. Recently, at a United Nations debate she discussed how empowering African women economically is the key to transforming society. She wants to inspire women in her countries and other countries to pursue their dreams and business aspirations. Dos Santos believes that the entrepreneurial spirit of those from Africa is why some of the most successful business people are from here (Instagram). 

“First the seed, then the future” is her motto for the growth of women in Africa. She feels that increasing confidence and changing attitudes will take time. Isabel herself has faced sexism and discrimination and she knows that women are held back by the idea of them being in the workplace, especially in traditional cultures. This lack of opportunity for women due to gender barriers has left some innovators unable to reach their full potential. Isabel Dos Santos hopes to give women the same access to jobs, education, and other opportunities to show what they are capable of accomplishing. 

In her home country of Angola, Isabel Dos Santos spends time at speaking engagements and other opportunities to change the mindset of people. She speaks in a variety of forums from small personal settings to larger groups about the power of entrepreneurship.  Through CNN networks and social media features she is an active mentor for young entrepreneurs, at Angola and many other education institutions around the globe. She discusses how the world’s digitalization and how Africa needs to increase their technological presence. This increase in presence will help Africa to become a serious player in the international economy. 

Isabel dos Santos assures computer and access to the internet can transform an unemployed person into a potential money maker and contributing member. Technology has the ability to give people access to resources previously unavailable. Dos Santos learned from her father the former president of Angola, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos. Much of her fortune came from her own investments and business practices. She encourages women to fight for their opportunities.


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Greg Blatt and Queries

Greg Blatt in the past served as the Match Group’s Chief Executive Officer. He served as its Chairman as well. His name at birth was Gregory R. Blatt. He represented the Match Group from the winter of 2016 all the way to the end of the next year. This businessman has revealed in quite a fascinating vocational journey thus far. He attended college as many individuals these days do (Inspirery).

Once he finished his college education, he made the decision to take things rather slowly for a while. He relocated to many different parts of the globe. These parts include California, France and even Colorado. Greg Blatt tackled all sorts of seemingly random positions, too He had employment as a dining establishment busboy. He had employment as a residential painter. He even was a bartender for a little bit.

Greg Blatt chose to attend law school after he finished globetrotting. He believed that immersing himself in the law would be an exhilarating thing. He didn’t really think that he was going to pursue a job as an attorney, however. He started to be fascinated with topics like finance and corporate law during his experience as a law school pupil. It is during his Interviews and professional social media profiles where we can find about the shares of Blatt´s experiences in the online dating industry.

Blatt has a penchant for speaking to people “in real life.” That’s how he handles all sorts of business matters. He believes that talking to people in this fashion is preferable to doing so over the telephone or via email. He tends to pose many diverse queries to people. He has a penchant for video clips as well. He adores the fact that they’re capable of aiding human beings regardless of their specific geographic settings at the time. He states that video is gaining more and more traction. 

Greg Blatt is a thoughtful father. His child is a wee girl who is just five years in age. She has a highly inquisitive nature similar to many others who are part of her peer group. Blatt backs the concept of people being open to adjustments and tweaks no matter what. He doesn’t like the concept of people acting in manners that are stubborn at all.
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Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is a strong and richest businesswoman in Africa. She was born on April 1st, 1973 in Baku Azerbaijan. Today this lady has a net worth of 2.5 billion USD as of 2019. She is the eldest child of Jose Eduardo who is the former President of Angola’s. He ruled the country for about thirty-eight years. Her daughter is Africa’s billionaire woman. She graduated from King’s College London. She got married in 2002 with Sindika Dokolo. She is a mother of 4 children. 

Isabel Dos Santos is a true leader focusing on organized results. Her triumphs are evident in all instances. She worked with several organizations like Zap, Candando, Efacec, Sodiba, and Unitel. She highly believes in Entrepreneurship. She regularly encourages guidance and assurance as to the primary thrusts behind her prosperity. She highly believes in diversity as well. She thinks that diversity is directly proportional to creativity (Isabeldossantos). 

Team building is something can do wonders in the success of a business. Today she is the biggest support of women in Africa. She has rendered great services when we talk about women empowerment. She today believes that the economic empowerment of African women is a key to transform society and move towards success. Isabel dos Santos, as a successful woman highly supports women and encourages them to work so that they can help Africa’s society can grow and flourish. Dos Santos believes that a portion of the world’s most encouraging and prosperous representatives are African. The reason is the pioneering soul of the landmass.

Isabel seeks equality of job opportunities for men and women, she believes that there is a stigma that men and women can’t be equal and work at the same time. That is why women not in Africa but all around the world have been unmotivated and are not working. She wants to But by ensuring that adult women can get the same jobs, educations, potential for success as men are getting living In Africa. Isabel dos Santos has a firm belief and confidence in her that she can brainwash and change the attitude of sitting at home and instill working confidence in women.

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Laerte Codonho, the Founder of Dolly

As a businessman, the most frightening thing to do is to manufacture a product that has not been produced before and is prohibited in the country. It is a significant risk for any entrepreneur to take, but this did not sway Laerte Codonho, the founder of Dolly. Dolly is a Brazilian company that manufactures soft drinks. When Codonho founded Dolly in 1987, the law was against the production of diet sodas due to numerous health concerns. 

However, Laerte Codonho believed that selling diet soda was a lucrative business front that he wanted to invest in. He, therefore, conducted research that proved diet soda was safe for human health. Dolly then became the first company to manufacture and sell diet soda within Brazil. Dolly steadily grew and expanded over the years until it gained international recognition (Noticiasr7). 

One aspect that made Dolly popular among the Brazilians is the quality of its products. The company is known to produce quality drinks that are not only safe for human consumption but also have unique tastes. Dolly owns a series of laboratories that help in testing for the quality of its products. According to Laerte Codonho, only the best raw materials are used in manufacturing drinks at Dolly, and even the water is tested before use. Dolly aims to please its vast fan base by ensuring that only the best drinks are launched into the market. Dolly Guarana is the best-selling drink by the company in Brazil. 

Laerte Codonho understands that for any business to flourish and attract more customers, marketing its products is required. Various campaigns have been carried out by Dolly to market its drinks and also to attract more clients. The most significant step made by Dolly as a marketing strategy was the introduction of a mascot. The mascot visits schools and other functions to promote Dolly. The mascot dresses as a soda and is named Dollynho. 

Just like any other business, Dolly faces competition from other drink companies. Luckily, with the leadership of Laerte Codonho, Dolly has surpassed all its competitors to become a prominent soft drink company in Brazil. Laerte Codonho has used his business skills to transform what was once a small soft drink company into a powerhouse in the beverage industry.

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Paul Mampilly Comes Up With A New Use For Blockchain

Blockchain is the technology used for cryptocurrency. It can be useful for other applications, though. Financial writer Paul Mampilly says that he thinks this technology can be used to put an end to identity theft. He wrote about this idea in a recent Banyan Hill Publishing article.

He recently had to renew his driver’s license. This meant spending half the day sitting in a plastic chair waiting for his number to be called. Getting any type of personal identification such as passports and birth certificates is a grueling experience. These things cost time and money that could be put to much better use.

Paul Mampilly got to thinking about how spending time like this could be dramatically reduced. The problem boils down to how personal information is accessed and shown to prove you are who you say you are. To get his driver’s license renewed, he needed to provide proof of address documents and proof of identification. He thought that if this information could be easily accessed on his phone that would be of huge benefit. Read more about Paul on

Blockchain is a technology that spreads information around while keeping it secure. The information is spread amongst hundreds to thousands of computers. Blockchain code is extremely complicated and is being constantly updated which makes it all but impossible to hack. It’s much more secure than storing information on a single PC.

To get his driver’s license, Paul Mampilly had to provide three forms of identification and a utility bill that showed his address. He says having this information available to him on his phone via blockchain would have eliminated the time-consuming task of collecting these documents. You wouldn’t have to carry out personal identification documents which can be lost or stolen. Eventually, even debit and credit cards could be stored on a blockchain.

Everything would be securely connected to a person so only they could access this information. Paul Mampilly says this could entail having a tiny chip implanted in your body, such as the back of the hand. People are already comfortable with wearable tech, he says, so the logical next step is to implant technology into our bodies.