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Dick DeVos and Business Relationships

Dick DeVos is a truly fair man. He doesn’t find it pleasant to come across any kinds of societal injustices. Injustices in this world make him feel like frowning for days and days on end. He’s a man who has substantial experience with all sorts of fields and industries. He’s been a major player in the American business sector. He’s been a big player in politics as well. There are so many people who relate to DeVos and all that he has done for the members of the American public.


DeVos isn’t someone who believes in only concentrating on one thing in this lifetime. He’s a well-rounded individual who has a balanced approach to the world. He’s been involved in all sorts of charitable causes throughout his time on the planet. He’s been involved in all kinds of philanthropic ones, too. DeVos isn’t a man who simply says that he cares about charity and philanthropy. He puts his money where his mouth is time and time again. People can verify that by learning all about The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This is a renowned not-for-profit that’s been making a huge name for itself since back in 1989. It’s a group that’s been making people all around the United States feel hope for ages. It delves into many things that make people think. It delves into subjects that relate to families, economics and beyond.


Marriage isn’t a concept that’s unfamiliar to Mister DeVos. He got married to the widely known Betsy DeVos years ago. She was called Elisabeth Prince when they started their existences together. Her industrialist dad gave her that name. It’s a name that she holds closely to her heart to this day. DeVos knew rapidly that Betsy was “the one” for him.” That’s why it doesn’t shock anyone that they’re still more tightly knit than ever. They have adult kids who have a lot of gratitude.


The Windquest Group is a major business in the United States. It’s a company that concentrates on all sorts of matters that affect the American people. It’s one that concentrates on all sorts of international matters, too. Dick DeVos has accomplished so much for the Windquest Group and for all of its staff members. He’s been aiding it with all of its aims for years at this point. Prior to this, DeVos worked for the Amway Corporation. He functioned as the huge company’s Chief Executive Officer. Being on the Amway staff didn’t feel awkward to DeVos at all. It’s something that had been a part of his heritage for a long while. The Amway Corporation is a big business that has ties to the people who are part of his family.


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Fortress Investment Group has a Rapid Rise to the Top of the Hedge Fund Industry

There are numerous hedge fund and private equity firms in New York City, but the founders of Fortress Investment Group wanted to create a different kind of investment firm. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman. Nardone and Edens are current principals, while Kauffman retired in 2012. They started the firm with $400 million in assets under management, which quickly grew to just under $4 billion within five years. Today, the firm has over $39 billion in assets that are being managed by over 1,100 investment professionals for over 1,750 institutional and private clients. Learn more about Fortress Investment Group at Bloomberg.

The founders wanted to raise private equity capital that would be invested in cutting-edge alternative assets. In 1999, they created the Fortress Investment Fund I. This fund initially made investments in real estate but later expanded into debt securities and hedge fund investments. Over the next several years, Fortress Investment Group would create other funds that would target specific investment vehicles and investing strategies. Some of the investments included railway companies, ski resorts, and casinos.

In 2007, Fortress Investment Group became the first large-scale hedge fund to have an initial public offering and be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Before this IPO, individual investors were not allowed to invest in hedge funds unless they met strict income and asset requirements. Fortress Investment Group’s IPO allowed individual investors to invest in a hedge fund without having to meet the income and asset requirements.

Ten years after becoming the first hedge fund to go public, Fortress Investment Group became the first hedge fund to be bought. The Japanese conglomerate SoftBank Group Corporation bought Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion. Fortress Investment Group continues to operate as a separate entity but has expanded its investment options to include the Asian market. The firm continues to focus its operations on credit, private equity, and capital market investments. The Fortress Investment Group’s leadership remains in place while the firm continues its focus on being a leader in alternative investments.


Oren Frank Offers Mental Health Help on the Go

Many people lead busy lives. The stress and busyness of everyday life can exacerbate mental health issues, and it can at the same time make it difficult to get in to see a trained expert in mental health. Oren Frank, along with his wife Roni, wanted to address this issue.

Believing that technology can serve to better people’s lives, Oren Frank set about to do just that using a mobile platform. In 2012, he and his wife founded the website and mobile app Talkspace. The idea was simple but revolutionary; they would provide mental health services on the go.

The company is headquartered in New York City. However, it has been designed to reach people no matter where they are; as long as a client has access to the internet, he or she has access to one of more than 5,000 licensed therapists who works with Talkspace. Learn more about Oren Frank at

The move into providing mental health help is a bit of a shift for Oren Frank. His earlier career life was spent in advertising and marketing. He has indicated that his work now in mental health is a sort of atonement for those earlier days. He now is focused on reaching the masses with therapy that is both affordable and accessible.

Therapy can be life saving, which is a message that Talkspace’s partner Michael Phelps would like to reach people struggling with mental health issues. The Olympic swimmer has had his own battles with depression, and he credits therapy with having helped to save his life.

With Oren Frank’s Talkspace, the goal is to deliver mental health help to the billion or so people who need it- no matter where they are. The service was designed for privacy, convenience, affordability, and accessibility. Since its founding, it has helped more than a million clients.

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Agera Energy and Their Sustainability Efforts for Homeowners

If you’re a homeowner wanting to find more sustainable energy for your home, you’ll want to consider the benefits of choosing Agera Energy. The main reason you’ll want to consider Agera Energy is because they have affordable services for both homeowners and business owners. This is a great reason for considering Agera Energy so that you can get the most out of this company and all that they can offer to you. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.


With so many people wanting or needing to utilize Agera Energy, it is important that you consider the many reasons of going with a better provider. You can even look through their Twitter page to get a feel for the advice that they are offering to those who are wanting to save money and get exactly what they want and need. You will love being able to use a company like Agera Energy for all that they can offer. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium.

Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group… :

Sheldon Lavin is a name that you might have heard while reading business news. The OSI Group, which he oversees is another name you’ve probably seen toss around. Before it was called the OSI Group, it was a successful company called, “Otto & Sons.” That company started as a Chicago butcher shop and grew into the supplier of meat for McDonald’s when they began their initial mid-western expansion efforts. To this day, OSI still supplies meat to McDonald’s. Perhaps you’ve noticed that McDonald’s is a little more green these days? It’s all because of the influence of OSI.

Sheldon Lavin has striven to make his own company as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Clearly, the meat supplier of McDonald’s will have an influence on their efforts! The meat industry takes a lot of bad heat, but we’ve all got to eat right? Industrialized food, in general, takes a lot of bad heat. It’s a great big world full of great big countries that have to be supplied with meat. Since it’s a necessary part of the industry, His amazing works to break that stereotypical image of a meat supplier.

So what does Sheldon Lavin do to put his money where his mouth his? He simply invests in cutting edge technology and design. What happens is that the production process becomes much quicker, more efficient, and also it requires less space. Sheldon understands meat production can be tough on natural resources so he tries to make the whole process as efficient as possible. He and the OSI Group have won awards from within the industry as well. Sheldon’s is a renowned philosopher that really has a huge impact when applied. Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group have worked hard to make sure that meat production is available, prosperous, and as eco-friendly as possible while it’s occurring. It’s a step in the right direction. It would be a world-wide revolution if the rest of the market followed suit.

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Equities First Holdings Offers Loans You Need To Know

If you can’t qualify for a traditional loan, Equities First Holdings can help. Many people choose Equities First Holdings due to its streamlined loan process, requiring the use of stocks as collateral. This means that people with poor credit can apply for the loan program offered by Equities First Holdings. The company started offering services in 2002 and has established a great reputation.


LocationSmart IP Geolocation Platform Is Game Changer for Business

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that online piracy of private data is costing the American economy more than $30 billion per year. The fallout includes an estimated 560,000 lost jobs annually. Much of digital piracy involves things like movies and videos, but all kinds of business data can be stolen as well.

That’s why companies like LocationSmart and the security protocols this company’s platform provides are more important than ever today. LocationSmart is a Location as a Service (LaaS) firm that was founded in the 1990s and is considered the world’s premier provider of LaaS today.

LocationSmart uses IP geolocation to provide a broad range of services to businesses who use their internet connection every day to sell products, interact with customers and conduct many other facets of their day-to-day business. Providing highly reliable protection against piracy is just one of the advantages made available by the Locationsmart proprietary platform.

IP geolocation leverages the internet IP address of users to pinpoint the location of anyone using any device that is connected to the internet. Location information can be used in numerous ways for an array of applications, from copyright protection of data to enabling trucking companies to operate their vehicle fleets with an extremely high level of efficiency. IP geolocation helps fleet operators save money on fuel, cuts down on infrastructure needs and makes the delivery of products faster and extremely more efficient. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

Another capability afforded by LaaS is geo-specific advertising paired with real-time communications with customers. This allows a business owner to know exactly where a customer is located when they use a mobile app or computer to connect with the company.

It allows business owners to interact with customers in real-time. The benefits of this are many. For example, a company can provide product details, answer questions, solve customer problems, offer discounts or coupons – all instantly and seamlessly. What this translates to is an ability to sell more products to a much larger customer base – and do it faster and with less overhead cost.

LocationSmart IP geolocation technology also makes possible a high degree of security. Real-time information on users enables a company to stop hackers and prevent fraud. Additionally, IP geolocation makes it easy to track all connected devices. Company-owned computers, smartphones, tablets and more can all be connected. The ability to monitor these company assets alleviates the possibility of financial loss and other associated risks. Business owners can keep tabs on their employees to ensure all company protocols are being followed.

With the LocationSmart platform business owners enjoy the full support of an IP geolocation service team backing up your system and efforts. Following LocationSmart on facebook or Twitter is an excellent way to learn more about the benefits of LaaS.

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Betsy DeVos and Group Establishment

Betsy DeVos gets frustrated any time she notices that things aren’t just. She doesn’t lash out, however. She’s long been a woman who is 100 percent equanimous. She doesn’t like to see other people acting up at all. That’s why she never does so herself. She has a wonderful husband who shares all of her thoughts that relate to emotions in public. Dick DeVos isn’t someone who is prone to episodes of emotional distress. He honestly doesn’t experience those kinds of episodes at all.


People sometimes link Betsy DeVos to President Donald J. Trump. This American politician has been a huge sensation through the media for a long time. People know that he’s a New Yorker. They know that he isn’t afraid to say what he truly thinks. Although Betsy is associated with this man, they don’t connect her to any behavioral patterns that are similar. DeVos is a modest woman through and through. She doesn’t ever want to make other people feel uneasy. She consistently tries to make all of the people she meets feel fully at ease. Talking to DeVos can feel like a soothing chat with an old buddy to many people. She’s a maternal figure in all sorts of ways. She’s not only a maternal figure, either. She’s an actual mother. Dick knows that all too well. He had a wonderful journey rearing harmonious adults alongside her.


Calvin College is the name of DeVos’ alma mater. She relished attending the institution of higher learning in Holland, Michigan. Getting an education in Michigan was something that proved to be incredibly fulfilling to DeVos. It’s not something that she ever regrets even for a fraction of a minute. DeVos wasn’t a totally different person during her time at Calvin College. Fellow students recognize her to this day. They know that “Elisabeth Prince” was engaged in all sorts of political pursuits back then. They know that she was going to be someone who was going to go far career-wise. She hasn’t let them down.


Betsy loves working on the Administration for the United States. She’s fond of her conversations with President Trump. She’s just as fond of her other conversations, too. She regularly engages in dialogue with all sorts of colleagues. They chat about everything from education to politics overall. These conversations never ever get stale or boring. “Boring” just isn’t a word that’s a staple for DeVos. it’s not a staple for her husband, either. They know that they can always be doing something positive for the United States and for the planet. They benefit society through the operations of a non-profit group that’s called the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. They set this group up long ago.


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Unroll Me – Forcing Marketers to Offer Value to their Customers

Unroll Me has become a major name in the email management world these days as the menace of unwanted and junk emails has been increasing with time. The people these days are trying new ways to get back the control of their inbox in any way possible and find a solution for the menace created by the spam emails. If your inbox gets scores of promotional emails and offers emails every couple of hours, using the services of Unroll Me would be really helpful. Unroll Me is the latest email management app that has several very useful features that would make it easier for the people to keep unwanted marketing and promotional emails separately without getting the important and marketing emails mixed up. It can be a really big issue at work when you are looking for an important email and unable to find it due to the tons of offer and promotional emails hitting your inbox each and every day. 

Unroll Me has helped people become more productive at work by keeping the inbox completely clutter free. Moreover, it would not let you lose out on the important newsletters and subscription letters that you are interested in as it presents you the same in a cataloged form each day. It is this feature called Roll Up that you can view very easily and it is kept separately from your primary inbox, and thus, you never have to lose track of important business and personal emails that matter to you the most. Unroll Me is a simple app, but its features are quite powerful. As a matter of fact, it has forced marketers to offer more value to their customers instead of just send them emails with nothing of importance. They do not want the emails to be sent directly to the spam folder. Thus, Unroll Me is bringing about a major change in the industry and is forcing marketers to think out of the box and offer benefits to the people.

HCR Wealth Advisors – Help Customers Reach their Financial Goals

HCR Wealth Advisors

When it comes to financial planning services in the United States, HCR Wealth Advisors is a trusted firm to manage money and create a wealth management plan designed to help a client meet their financial goals.  The company has helped hundreds of its clients get through the different periods of life’s transitions with ease, which includes marriage, divorce, family planning, starting a business, selling a business, inheritance, retirement planning, wealth creation strategy, and more. HCR Wealth Advisors uses the years of collective experience it has in the financial industry to provide financial planning services and wealth management services that the clients can rely on. In today’s economic situation globally, thinking ahead of time in financial terms is necessary to help to ensure you do not get into troubled financial waters in the near future.

HCR Wealth Advisors would be your guide through the entire process of financial planning, and the best part about them is that it is a customer-centric company. The experts at HCR Wealth would take time in understanding what you expect from the future in financial terms and develops a bespoke wealth creation strategy that aligns with your financial dreams and goals. It is essential to consider consulting with professional financial advisors today as the financial markets have become much more complex today than it was earlier. For a layman to understand the dynamics of the financial markets is almost impossible, and it is where the experience of financial advisors at HCR Wealth comes into the picture. HCR Wealth Advisors continues to find ways to help their clients get through the process of financial restructuring to ensure that they are sticking to the financial plan laid out for them, and getting the results they seek.

HCR Wealth Advisors seeks to ensure that their customers are happy with the results they get by following their financial expertise. They help minimize the risk that is often one issue that investors make. No one wants to suffer loss since they work hard to earn money. Thus, HCR Wealth Advisors work for the financial success of their customers.



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