Fortress Investment Group Board Member Peter Briger

Peter Briger is part of the executive management committee at Fortress Investment Group. Briger is one of the firm’s Board of Directors. He is also one of its leading executives as he serves as one of the chief executive officers and principals of the firm. His participation as a top executive has entailed providing strategy and policies to help the firm successfully attain its goals. Beginning in March of 2002, Briger has been a key contributor for the firm due to both his leadership skills and expertise in the financial sector.

One of the most significant experiences of Briger’s career was when he spent several years at the firm Goldman Sachs. Peter Briger was most recently a partner of the firm before he joined Fortress Investment Group. As one of the partners of the firm, he was in charge of providing complete oversight of the firm as well as advising the executives on how to serve clients, manage departments and also complete daily tasks. While he was at Goldman Sachs, Peter participated in overseeing a number of employees who were part of the credit asset division.

Along with being one of the top executives of a couple of the most successful investment firms, Peter Briger has also been willing to contribute to his local community. He currently participates on the board of directors of an organization known as Tipping Point. At this organization, he is charge of managing a non profit that looks to help many low income families in San Francisco. His participation in philanthropic activities has also included overseeing a chain of school. Peter is a board member of the charter school network Caliber Schools. His involvement with this organization has allowed him to help improve the quality of education for local youths.

Before Peter Briger started working in the financial sector, he first completed a couple of degree programs. He completed a four year bachelor’s degree and then went on to pursue further education. After receiving a degree at Princeton, Peter then attended one of the top business schools at the University of Pennsylvania. Briger completed a graduate degree in business which would then allow him to qualify for employment at investment firms such as Goldman Sachs and later Fortress Investment Group. More of Peter Briger click here:

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