Betsy DeVos and Group Establishment

Betsy DeVos gets frustrated any time she notices that things aren’t just. She doesn’t lash out, however. She’s long been a woman who is 100 percent equanimous. She doesn’t like to see other people acting up at all. That’s why she never does so herself. She has a wonderful husband who shares all of her thoughts that relate to emotions in public. Dick DeVos isn’t someone who is prone to episodes of emotional distress. He honestly doesn’t experience those kinds of episodes at all.


People sometimes link Betsy DeVos to President Donald J. Trump. This American politician has been a huge sensation through the media for a long time. People know that he’s a New Yorker. They know that he isn’t afraid to say what he truly thinks. Although Betsy is associated with this man, they don’t connect her to any behavioral patterns that are similar. DeVos is a modest woman through and through. She doesn’t ever want to make other people feel uneasy. She consistently tries to make all of the people she meets feel fully at ease. Talking to DeVos can feel like a soothing chat with an old buddy to many people. She’s a maternal figure in all sorts of ways. She’s not only a maternal figure, either. She’s an actual mother. Dick knows that all too well. He had a wonderful journey rearing harmonious adults alongside her.


Calvin College is the name of DeVos’ alma mater. She relished attending the institution of higher learning in Holland, Michigan. Getting an education in Michigan was something that proved to be incredibly fulfilling to DeVos. It’s not something that she ever regrets even for a fraction of a minute. DeVos wasn’t a totally different person during her time at Calvin College. Fellow students recognize her to this day. They know that “Elisabeth Prince” was engaged in all sorts of political pursuits back then. They know that she was going to be someone who was going to go far career-wise. She hasn’t let them down.


Betsy loves working on the Administration for the United States. She’s fond of her conversations with President Trump. She’s just as fond of her other conversations, too. She regularly engages in dialogue with all sorts of colleagues. They chat about everything from education to politics overall. These conversations never ever get stale or boring. “Boring” just isn’t a word that’s a staple for DeVos. it’s not a staple for her husband, either. They know that they can always be doing something positive for the United States and for the planet. They benefit society through the operations of a non-profit group that’s called the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. They set this group up long ago.


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