Luke Lazarus Consultancy Making Successful Waves in Australia for Business Startups

 Business Trends

Today there is a trend that is sweeping thru business culture. This business trend is not a positive one for startup businesses. No startup business can avoid this current trend, and its consequences are devastating for those who cannot pass its gates.

Statistics show the good news for startup businesses within the first five years of operation is 10% move into the status of profit. However, the more significant part of the trend is that 90% do not go beyond five years of business. What can a startup business do to prepare for the negative consequences of this trend? If anyone suggests a startup business pick the best mentors, consultants, and guides on their side, then you were right.

Enter the Superheroes

The balancers in this trend of disqualifying startups are the superheroes. In the movie “Michael Clayton,” he is called a “fixer.” A Business consultant has all the experience needed to see around every situation and pinpoint with accuracy what remedy needs to be applied. Luke Lazarus Consultancy works with startup businesses to analyze the weak spots in the business plan, makes sure their story structure, values make emotional connections and prepares them for their short pitch to venture capitalist.

Having the right people on a company’s side makes a big difference. Since 2013 Luke Lazarus has assisted and helped hundreds of startup teams clear up minor or significant operational problems in their business plans and oversaw their successful launches.

A few of those startups have launched their successful IPOs. Was it easy? Those who have worked with Luke Lazarus in the boardroom and lecture hall praise his confident and straightforward approach. He faces issues head-on and does not sugarcoat the truth if it means not hitting the startup teams bullseye goals.

Early Success

As a youth, Luke Lazarus not only entertained being a businessman, but he played it out as well. At the age of eight years old, he and a childhood friend wrote up a business and executed it successfully. Luke Lazarus’ early success remained a dominant motivator throughout his teenage and adolescent years, where Luke demonstrated exceptional academic and sports skills. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Business

By the time of graduating high school in Perth, Australia he was offered several scholarships though he turned them down to stay in his native Australia. Luke Lazarus pursued his MBA at Melbourne Business School and graduated with excellent business skills and among the top of his class.

Launch and Sell

Within eight years of graduating from Melbourne Business School, Luke Lazarus launched several successful businesses but sold all four of them to advance his business career in another direction. In 2013 his idea to launch a business that would help startups came to fruition.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy Australia has helped many startups throughout Australia. Luke Lazarus spends his busy days in and out of conferences and lectures applying his 20 years of business knowledge and expertise to practical solutions for his startup teams who seek his consultancy.

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