Isabel dos Santos and Her Passion

Isabel dos Santos is a woman on a mission and she will go anywhere it takes to get it across and to make things happen. Her views on the future for Africa becoming more in touch with technology has made an impact on many people in the business world, as well as, the new generation of men and women starting up in different fields of business. Dos Santos entrepreneurial spirit is what got her to where she is now and her passion for helping others achieve their goals is what she pushes among people whenever, where ever she speaks. It also shows in her actions.


Isabel dos Santos has made many forum appearances to present her ideas and beliefs about how Africa can grow through technology. In this day in age, even here in our country, we can’t do too much without technology. And a lot of businesses depend on technology for all sorts of dealings across the globe. So with all of Africa’s resources, why not invest in bringing Africa into the fold (Affiliatedork).


She feels that through education, Africa could take part in modern business dealings even more. Isabel dos Santos is living proof of what a good education could help anyone succeed. She has attended and graduated from schools in England and attended King’s College, where she studied electrical engineering and received a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Science. (See Crunchbase reviews on Dos Santos´ academic background).


As head of Unitel telecommunications in Angola and a very successful entrepreneur, Isabel dos Santos has brought many opportunities to Africa, for both, men and women, through the help of technology. She believes that if a woman or anyone has been educated, trained, or meet the same qualifications for any position, Isabel dos Santos says that  they both should be paid the same wages and given the same opportunities. Her beliefs on equality are as strong as they are about education because, you can’t expect to be on the same level as a person who was educated or trained to do a job when you have no idea of what the job is. All you can do is start from the bottom and work your way up and that is why she is a strong advocate for education and why it very important for Africa.

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