Iskandar Safa philanthropic efforts as the CEO of Privinvest


A page from Corporate Executives lists the career of CEO and co-founder of Privinvest Iskandar Safa. The businessman was born in Lebanon and aside from owning ship company Privinvest, he works in the hospitality, real estate, and media industries. Iskandar Safa obtained his MBA from INSEAD located in France and also has a civil engineering degree from the American University of Beirut.

The career of Iskandar Safa started when he worked overseeing a construction site in the US before forming Privinvest alongside his brother Akram. Privinvest grew as a company supplying companies with ships and other vessels from their shipyard in France. The brand has grown in popularity supplying countries throughout Europe with ships, yachts, and other marine vessels. Iskandar Safa continues to expand Privinvest since their start in 2015. Visit This Page for related information.

The medium post recaps how the co-founder and CEO of Privinvest Group offered to donate marble to help fix the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Many billionaires stood behind Iskandar Safa in donating money and supplies to the cause. The fire rippled through the church on April 19 of this year. According to the details, Iskandar Safa offered to donate a lifetime supply of marble from France to help in rebuilding the cathedral.

The businessman has a huge space near the Mediterranean sea that consists of 150 acres that can date back to ancient Rome. The marble can be very useful in rebuilding the church because much of the interior consisted of marble. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Marble dates back to ancient history as it was used for religious offerings and to make sarcophagi. The post from Medium explains that Privinvest owner Iskandar Safa has a rich history of giving back to the community. He has built churches in Lebanon and the Dominican Republic. The post describes that the individual is devoted to France and his religion.


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