Maarten De Jeu Utilizes His Adept Business Ability And His Impressive Educational Background To Help Today’s Owners In The International Business World

Maarten de Jeu holds an MBA from the England’s University of Oxford. Since graduating, he has used
this impressive base of knowledge to attain high levels of achievement in multiple international
business sectors. This success led him to create SVM Business Advisory in 2012. Since then,
Maarten de Jeu has guided the firm’s growth and helped countless international business clients to
grow their businesses and their profit margins. He is also one of the most respected supporters of
many of the leading civic groups in the Chicago region. These include the Museum of Science and
Industry, and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, to name a few. His enthusiasm for his work is
well established and this has led Maarten to professional success in areas such as the financial
sector and the real estate market. He recently provided some of his insights that today’s
international business owners can make use of when looking to improve their success rates.
Coming from an international business advisor with the prestige of Maarten de Jeu, this is advice
that many will be well advised to make use of.
The first point that Maarten de Jeu put significant emphasis on is the need for today’s business
owners to ensure that their commitment to quality does not wane. He points out that the quality
that a business puts forward is what gives customers their first and lasting impression about a
business. When quality suffers, it can quickly cause failure to ensue in rapid succession. Maarten de
Jeu urges international business owners to always remain diligent in their commitment to quality in
what their business does.
When it comes to the field of international business, one of the most important factors that an
owner must consider is the necessity to have respect for the differences that they will encounter.
These can include cultural differences as well as differences in customs that prevail in certain
geographic areas. It also can involve differences in language. All of these factors are worthy of
respect and international business owners that are successful understand the necessity of holds
these differences in a respectful manner.
Operating in a highly organized manner and with a strong business plan is another point that is
made by Maarten de Jeu concerning what international business owners need to do to garner
success in their ventures. He points out that it is very difficult to progress a business toward
maturity in the international business sector without a fully fleshed-out business plan that clarifies
all aspects of the business’s operations. Learn more:
These are just a few of the suggestions that today’s international business community would be
well advised to follow. Maarten de Jeu has proven time and again that he is a go-to source for
quality information and insight in this regard.

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