Profile of Financial Services Firm Colbeck Capital Management

Colbeck Capital Management specializes in providing financial services to business and institutional investor clients. It currently operates out of New York City and Los Angeles, California. The firm’s primary focus is on providing many secured strategic corporate loans to its clients. This firm is also invests in credit backed securities as well as providing clients with a number of positive returns through risk adjusted securities. Colbeck Captial Management also strives to form partnerships with a number of different types of clients. These clients include equity sponsors, management teams, executives and entrepreneurs. With its services, Colbeck Capital Management is determined to help clients fulfill all of the necessary requirements to secure the capital that they need.

The firm allows its clients to receive strategic capital on a regular basis. The strategic capital is intended to help clients fulfill important objectives that usually pertain to acquiring capital. Colbeck Capital Management specializes in providing financial solutions in corporate finance. The firm’s services are available to help the clients get the financial assistance they need in order to better manage their financial resources. The financing options provided by the firm have proven to help clients use credit to their advantage.

Colbeck Capital Management provides senior secured loans to all of its clients. These loans provide clients with a valuable source of funding to help them address any of their financial concerns. With the secured loans, client are able to receive financing options that are either cash based, at enterprise value or ones that provide immediate cash flow. There is also structured equity financing that the firm provides to clients as well. Clients can also receive short and long dated maturity credit financing as well. Colbeck also offers clients other financing options that include exit financing and debtor in possession financing.

There are some more services that clients are able to receive when working with Colbeck Capital Management. These services are designed to help clients address any financial difficulties that they may face. One of the ways in which Colbeck can help clients is by providing them with financial assistance in matters that are complex and which are in need of being addressed in a very short period of time. Colbeck Capital Management offers multi constituent restructurings as well as management buyouts. Clients can also receive management of their non traditional assets along with getting cash at PIK interest. These options have proven to help clients more easily manage their capital and resolve their unique financial issues.

Colbeck Capital Management is a firm that consists of many top professionals who are committed to providing excellent service for clients as well as making sure that the firm is always reaching its goals. At Colbeck Capital Management, there are managing partners who are the top administrators of the firm. They are responsible for managing the entire firms’ operations as well as putting together strategies in terms of developing new services and assisting clients directly. Colbeck has a few vice presidents that manage particular departments. The firm has its own chief operating officer that provides management of daily operations and supervision of the employees on a daily basis. Colbeck also has a professional who serves in business development. This individual is responsible for acquiring more clients for the firm.

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