SudhirChoudhrie Loves British Culture and Classic Cars

SudhirChoudhrie, born and raised in India, has nevertheless engendered a life-long love of the United Kingdom, its culture and people. That’s just one of the reasons the international business man opted to become a British citizen in 2010. Evidence of his appreciation for British culture is SudhirChoudhrie’s recent editorial in the Huffington Post UK. He writes of his joy with attending the famous Goodwood Revival. The latter is a world-famous auto show and motor sporting event that features displays of vintage automobiles from an era that Mr. Choudhrie calls a “better managed time.” Sudhir Choudhrie said he marvels in the crowds of people that flock to Goodwood dressed in period dress.

That includes men in tweed jackets and trilby hats. Women don furs and fabulous frocks. For Mr. Choudhrie, it’s like stepping into a time machine so that one can enjoy the special flavor and period of a bygone era of British culture and history. It’s the vintage automobiles that he loves the most, however. For decades, SudhirChoudhrie has been an avid collector of classic automobiles. His cars range from a 1938 model to those custom built in the early years of the 20th Century. He said his love for cars was sparked when he was a boy. He collected tiny toy cars, such as the Matchbox and Dinky brands.

As an adult, SudhirChoudhrie developed a passion for searching out rusted heaps and spending years and thousands of dollars restoring them. His first project was a vintage 1938 Mercedes convertible. It was little more than a frame, fabric and scrap metal serving as a home for stray cats when he found it. After years of painstaking work and a worldwide search for rare parts, the Mercedes was returned to pristine condition. The joy of the project and the end result was a thrill for Mr. Choudhrie. His next project was an ancient Rolls Royce. Like the 1938 Mercedes, it was a junkyard relic that would require years of patient, dedicated work to return it from the dead. Nevertheless, the project was completed. Now the Rolls Royce, worth about $250,000, holds a place of honor among his huge collection.

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