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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera Fund-The Dreamers Last Hope

There is nothing that hurts than being unappreciated. You feel unworthy and disappointed in the people involved. Sometimes the law may subject you to this kind of feeling. You wish there were someone who would listen to your side of your story and understand you. When you’re taken to court, the judges do not consider your emotions, they judge according to the law and punish you as per the law. This is why there exist philanthropists and activists in every society.

Philanthropists donate their money, time and reputation to save humanity. When the court judges you and you feel it was against the human rights, it is the philanthropists that come to your rescue.

Deferred Action for Children Arrivals (DACA) program began on 15th August 2012.This program is meant to save the young people who have lived in the USA since they were young from deportation. The DACA Foundation ensures that the member gets a work permit and is not deported. The deportation period is prolonged with two years. However, after the time expires, it is possible to renew it.

Since the DACA organization was formed in 2012, 787,580 have been approved for the program. For you to be qualified as a member, you must have arrived in the USA at the age of 16 years and below. Lacey and Larkin should not have been more than 30 years old by the time the program was enacted. DACA foundation has enabled the immigrants to secure jobs legally and obtain driver’s licenses.

Recently the DACA have been facing problems. The Texas Attorney General has ordered the Trump administration to close down the foundation The AG says that the foundation does not have the legal documents. Nine other officials supported the AG.

This would lead to the deportation of about 800000 individuals who have lived in the state all their life. This has scared the dreamers. The Kelly announcement made matters worse. However, the Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera fund has decided to help out the foundation.

The Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera fund was created by the $3.75 that the two acquired from the case of the Sheriff. This was after they published the story on the malicious actions of the Sheriff in the front path of the New Times. Everyone thought they were crazy because Sheriff Arpaio was a respected man in the society.

The first beneficiaries of the dreamers were the Arizona Dreamers. The Arizona dreamers are, therefore, very angry because of the developments. They consider this a malicious act and has named the Texas AG as ungrateful. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The DACA Foundation has been currently restricted from renewing their memberships. The foundation is also restricted from recruiting new members. This has significantly affected the organization.

The dreamers have finally relaxed after the intervention of the Frontera fund. They are hopeful that the foundation is going to come back to its fit. The Frontera fund has promised to give the DACA foundation the path to follow to resolve their situation. The Frontera fund wants to solve the problem permanently.

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Agora Financial: An in depth look at Agora Financial

Agora Financial is a private based publishing company headquartered in Baltimore Maryland. Agora is known for its exceptional and informational financial publications. Agora’s Financial related publications have helped millions of Americans secure their financial future as well as their independence.

Agora Financial has been one of the leaders within the area of Financial advice, commentary as well as Digital Finance Reserve information and publications. The company has provided the most accurate and up to date Financial information for over two decades and still going strong.

The company is now offering free “Investment Strategy Reports”. The reports are available through the company web site. These informational and valuable reports can show you how to build a nest egg for the future with little effort. In addition, these extraordinary reports give insight on how to survive during uncertain economic times. It is quite amazing the knowledge that can be gained by reviewing these Strategy Reports. The best part of all, there is no charge to obtain this valuable information.

Breakthrough Technology Alerts as well as current Newsletters can also be obtained through the Agora Financial web site. Technology Alerts are an easy way to keep up with the latest breakthroughs within the Technology industry. In addition, the corporate Newsletters keep you well informed about any new corporate changes or internal modifications that have taken place within Agora’s Corporate Structure.

*Corporate Executives:

David Stockman is a Bubble Financial Trader with close ties to Agora Financial. Mr. Stockman publishes regular financial supplements on the Agora Financial web site. Mr. Stockman has some very unique and interesting investment as well as trading tips for just about anyone. Stockman is also an editor for Agora Financial.

Addison Wiggin and Ray Blonco are both Executive Publishers. Addison Wiggin has extensive Independent Economic Forecasting experience. In addition, Wiggin is a best selling author. Addison Wiggin wrote two bets sellers which include “Empire of Debt” and “Demise of the Dollar”. All of Addison Wiggin’s books have been published in at least 10 other languages. He has also been featured numerous times on the Bloomberg Network as well as CNBC Business.

Agora updates the web site daily with breaking news stories. For example, one of the top news stories for September 13: “Apple Prepares for the Death of the iPhone”. This newly published report is referred to as an “Jaw Dropping Report”. Another recent article of interest discusses the implications of collecting Social Security Benefits before age 65.

Agora Financial is an organization that has experienced substantial growth and popularity over the years. The company provides interesting commentary as well as news articles of great interest. The company web site can be easily accessed by logging on to

Cassio Audi as a Member of Rock Music Band

Before Cassio Audi became a business executive, he was a musician. In his early music life, Cassio Audi was a member of a music band known as Viper Rock Band. Cassio Audi was born in Brazil. In the music career, Cassio Audi started off as a drummer for the group before joining music composition for the group. Cassio Audi left the group in 1989 to go back to the university to begin his studies in financial matters and business management in general. Cassio Audi was actively involved in the production of the first two official albums and a demo album. Cassio Audi composed one song in the Soldiers of Sunrise album. Cassio Audi was revered by the heavy metal fans for his prowess in playing the drums, especially during live performances by the band. Together with his partners in the music band, they played a huge role in introducing the heavy metal type of music in the whole of Latin America.

Cassio Audi first joined the group as a teenager and went on to stay for about nine years. By the time he left, Cassio Audi felt that he had to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship and therefore his time in the music career had come to an end. Cassio definitely made a great contribution to ensuring that the band picked momentum in establishing their dominance in the music industry.

Cassio left after the release of their second album “Soldiers of Sunrise.” The group was heavily influenced by the music career of the British heavy metal music bands that existed at the time. The Iron Maiden is one of such British music groups that were a major source of inspiration for the Viper Rock Band. After the release of the first album, the group received great reception in Brazil and was also able to penetrate the greater Latin America region.


The Easiness Of Healthy Choices With Logan Stout

If success is measured in the amount of money earned, Logan Stout would not care to be successful. But if it is measured by the number of people that one has helped, Stout is very successful. The creator of famous nutritional company called IDLife works to promote healthy choices.

After starting his business, some of the first customers to take part in his company did so due to his communication skills. Stout spends his free time as a minister, and he travels around the country to give motivational speeches. This has enabled him to speak with thousands of people who are all looking to improve their habits.

Stout also allocates a lot of his time to “Dallas Patriots”, a baseball team he founded. Currently, this team is one of the biggest ones of its sort. Here, Stout works with children who share the passion for the sport, and he helps give them encouragement that they might be lacking elsewhere.

IDLife however, is the main objective of this successful entrepreneur. The key component that differentiates the supplement company, from the majority of other generic brands, is its custom-made programs. People can only purchase products products after completing a certified assessment. This ensures that their particular body type, goals, pre-existing conditions, and more, are taken into account. Then, the company will custom-make every single supplement that they need. No unnecessary products will be included in the bundle as is often case with other companies.

To further innovate his business, Stout has also partnered up with a company called “Garmin”. The purpose of the joint venture comes form creative products that Garmin manufactures. These include activity trackers that one can use to achieve their health goals. As IDLife works within the same market, having a chance to sell some revolutionizing gadgets will help them grab more market share and impact more people.

Logan Stout started his career in construction. After working a job that he did not enjoy, he switched to the supplement industry. He has been thriving ever since starting his company IDLife, which now serves millions of people and helps them achieve healthier lives.


Life Line Screening Take Place A Typical Screening Will Take Just Over An Hour

When you first arrive all you have to do is check in at the front desk, fill out a form with your information as well as your payment information. You will have to wait for a short while because they keep a very tight and strict schedule. A technician will come out and call you to the privacy area which is used for the screenings and the process will get started depending on the package that you are taking.

All of the are high end and the most recent of the screening equipment which allows ultrasound screenings to be non-invasive and painless for a more comfortable screening. Also the EKG’s will be able to check you if you may have an irregular heartbeat. The new state of the art blood screenings now only requires a small amount of blood. Most of all the screenings now do not require a lot of preparation, which make it take much less time to get started on the screenings. There are some screenings that will involve the patient to fast for at most 8 hours in order to get the best screening possible, but there are also screenings which will only require some loose clothing for better circulation. There are about 80 ultrasound teams that will screen you in many communities all the united states. Sonographers and medical technicians completed all of the different types of formal medical and ultrasound programs, as well as going into clinical rotations and completing their specialized training. Although many screenings take place a typical screening will take just over an hour, including the many minutes of paperwork that you have to fill out before the actual screening process. However the exact time that the screening will take is based on the number of tests, the severity of your disease, your vascular systems and the body type that you have.

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The historic move by Boraie Development

The article recap

During the coming summer, people around New Jersey or the ones visiting from the other states should not be worried about their entertainment. In a historic move by the Boraie Development, the most expected movies are to be aired free in an identified hall in New Jersey. Currently, six of the best movies have been selected for the coming season. The movies are expected to be released around that time of the year. The move by the company is expected to attract more people to the event. Several youths would love to watch these movies, but the cost may not be friendly to them. People can equally have a chance to watch these movies together with their families as they enjoy the summer.

The Vice President of the State Theatre confirms that the move sponsored by the Boraie Development is set to bring families from all the sorts of economic backgrounds together. The State Theatre has a capacity of slightly over 7500 people in a single sitting. The theatre has organized for people who are want to book the event to arrange before time to allow for planning. As a means of giving back to the community, Boraie Development is set to benefit the public by this move.

The early vision of Omar Boraie

In 1972, Omar Boraie saw an opportunity where nobody else could think to invest. In New Brunswick, there was an opportunity which no other investor would think to place their money. The city was always empty by 4 pm since people had already left. There were empty buildings, but because of the low population, people did not pay much attention to them. Later, Omar started purchasing the buildings one by one. He did his calculations when everyone else thought he was crazy and his investment was a bad idea. A few years later, Sam Boraie developed his newly purchased buildings into offices where currently, the buildings can accommodate up to 121 residential units.

The focus of Omar’s business

According to Patch, the Boraie Development purchased all the houses it could and developed them while buying time. In the early 1990s, people began to see the beauty in investment, and they could purchase the houses from the company. Currently, Omar Boraie explains that two things make him happy. The first one, the projects which he started in New Brunswick are finally coming to completion. He has made fortunes from his investment. Secondly, the people who thought that he was mad when he made his investments no longer think the same of him. You can search him on Yahoo to know more.

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Securus Technologies Communications Blocking Technology has Potential to Keep Public Safe

Recently, a 3.5 minute Facebook Live video allegedly showed an inmate at the Evans Correctional Institution brandishing a knife. The alleged depiction of Jose Ariel Rivera, who is currently serving a 10-year burglary sentence, would not be the first time the inmate was caught with a contraband cell phone.


Criminal Justice technology solutions company Securus Technologies has come up with ways to prevent contraband cell phone use, like the one depicted on the live stream video. Its Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS) technology has detected and blocked as many as 1.7 million illegal communication attempts in the eight U.S facilities where it has been implemented.


WCS technology prevents contraband cell phones from connecting to commercial wireless networks to make outbound phone or video calls. The FCC has recently reduced regulations to make it easier for correctional facilities to utilize those types of networks, by reducing the amount of paperwork involved. To date, Securus has invested over 40 million dollars in the technology, which is the most advanced wireless blocking technology available to prisons.


In this case it was just a video. However, there have been past incidents where contraband cell phone use coordinated attacks by inmates on prison guards, or gang violence outside of prison. Captain Robert Johnson, a former South Carolina corrections officer, had been a victim of such an attack. After seeing Securus’ WCS system, he said it’s the most effective way of keeping the public safe.


Securus Technologies has over thirty years of experience in the correctional facilities technology industry. It has contracts with over 2,600 facilities across the United States and provides a range of services from handling phone calls between prisoners and their families on the outside to security services like the WCS. It is one of the U.S’s largest providers of prisoner communications, tracking parolees, and government information.


Norman Pattiz’s Life and Work

Norman Lear is a writer, producer, director, World War II veteran and a creator of sitcoms such as one day at a time, The Jeffersons as well as all in the Family. Norman Pattiz announced that Norman Lear would engage the listeners on matters concerning family, music, current events, and politics among other issues. The show will also cover topics of celebrities, politicians and the ordinary people. Paul Hipp, who is Lear’s friend, joins him each week.



Norman Pattiz is the creator and chairman of Westwood One. He has managed to make the company one of the largest radio networks which provide sports, news, entertainment, talk as well as traffic programming to the industry. Westwood One also manages the NBC broadcast networks, the Mutual Broadcasting System, CBS News just to name a few. In 2010, Norman Pattiz founded Courtside Entertainment Group which is located in Los Angeles. It was to produce and ensure distribution of quality programming. At the year-end of 2012, Pattiz created Podcast One which rapidly became one of the leading producers in audio-on demand programming. Podcast One has become a favorite among personalities and brands such as Larry King, Adam Carolla, Dan Patrick, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin and over 200 of the currently most popular podcasts. Learn more:


In 2000, Norman Pattiz was elected by President Clinton and was later reappointed by President Bush in 2002 to work on the Broadcasting Board of Governors. The Board supervises all U.S Broadcasting services which include Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, and The Voice of America among others. Pattiz was in charge of introducing America’s Arabic language radio service to the 22 countries which belong to the Middle East. Also, Pattiz was responsible for launching Farsi language which broadcasts in Iran and can reach over 40 million listeners on a weekly basis. In 2009, Pattiz was introduced to the National Radio Hall of Fame whereby he received the Giants of Broadcasting Award which was from the Library of American Broadcasting. On top of his background in broadcasting, Pattiz is also the chairman of the Lawrence Livermore as well as Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations as well as the Pacific Council on International Relations. Norman Pattiz lives in Beverly Hills together with his wife, Dr. Mary Turner Pattiz. They have been married for 30 years. Pattiz says his heroes include Bill Paley, Steve Ross as well as his first boss in media sales. Learn more:


Chris Burch Invites Chef Andres Morataya to his Luxurious Resort

Chris Burch is one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs in New York. He has played significant roles in various industries such as the real estate, technology, and fashion. Chris started his entrepreneurial journey when he was a college student. Together with his brother, they invested $2,000 in establishing an apparel business which they later decided to sell to Swire Group at $165 million. After selling the company, Chris started investing in Internet Capital Group.  Check for related article.

Christopher Burch is the founder and current CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The company is a mirror of Burch’s entrepreneurial values and his vision for applying imagination, incubation, creativity, new market opportunities, and support leading to great brands and businesses that leave a positive, direct, and lasting impact in the consumer’s mind. Burch has been in the entrepreneurial sector for more than four decades and has participated in the development of more than 50 luxury brands.  For his latest cool product offering in the market, click on this.

Mr. Burch has invested in various international as well as domestic real estate businesses. Some of his developments include the setting up of luxurious homes in Palm Beach, New York, Southampton, Nantucket, and Florida. Chris partnered with hotelier Alan Faena and architect Philippe Stark to convert an underutilized land in Argentina into the Faena Hotel + Universe. He also purchased Nihiwatu; a luxurious resort situated on the Indonesian island of Sumba and renovated it.  More to read about him on

In the Hamptons, most parties are held outdoors and are characterized by cocktails, tablescape, and great food. When Chris was searching for the best chef to cater in one of his numerous summer parties, he couldn’t think of any other person but Andres Morataya. The Panamanian chef offers great outdoor grill experience. Andres is the current owner of Panga, a farm-to-table restaurant based in Panama.

Chef Andres Morataya uses his expertise to create outstanding dining experiences. When Morataya and his spouse launched their first restaurant, they could not afford the necessary equipment. The financial constraints led him to discover something invaluable as he got a better way of cooking his meals, the back to basics technique. Morataya built a grill using driftwood and bricks.  Read related article on

He continues to use that technique to date, even while catering for Chris Burch at his house in the Hamptons. Morataya limits himself to the back to basics cooking technique even when he has access to modern equipment as the technique allows him to explore different creative options. Soon, he will use his technique at one of Burch’s luxurious resort, the Nihi Sumba Island in Indonesia.

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Chris Burch: Fashion and Technology

Christopher Burch, CEO, and founder of the Burch Creative Capital has been an active investor and entrepreneur across numerous industries for more than four decades. He has also contributed to the rise of multiple luxury brands and technology including Jawbone, Faena Hotel + Universe, Voss Water, Poppin. He is also a former board member of The Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital. Check

Mr. Christopher Burch started his entrepreneurial success from 1976 while an undergraduate student at Ithaca College.  He invested $2,000 with his brother Bod to start and Eagle’s Eye apparel business which grew to $165 million and later sold it to Swire Group. Refer to for related article.

He became one of the earliest investors in the Internet Capital Group, which is a well-known IPO story in internet space, after the sale of Eagle’s Eye. For an overview of his various investments, click on

Mr. Christopher Burch states that the technological and fashion industry have seen numerous changes over the past few years.  Read more insights from him on here.   However, one constant remains that both of them grow together. Technology has become fashionable over time. Fashion has also become technologically fashionable. A glimpse of the present and past shines a light of what is ahead between the two industries.   For his latest innovative contribution to the market, hit

The boom box of the 1970s as it allowed the users to carry around favorite stations and tunes. Cassette decks came in with one side playing music and the other recording the music. This technology went on to the 1980swhere it was promoted in movies storylines. The 90s saw the invention of the Walkman. The purchase of the iPod saw the Walkman personal experience grow smaller. Technology grows with the popularity of what is considered by most as fashionable.

There is an endless way to create new designs. Designers are recycling materials to create fashion. For instance, inner bicycle tubes are used to create t-shirts and jackets. Other fashions also advance through technology. While it is not fashionable to wear a helmet, a new creation of an air bag came up to protect you from an impact.

For technology to gain popularity, it needs assistance. For example, wearing glasses has had little acceptance for a long time. Fashion shows trends to make people aware of the latest trends and styles. Therefore, technology advances need to benefit from the world of fashion.

For this reason, technology and fashion grow together and supports each other. The future of fashion leads into the future of technology. Fashion and technology work hand-in-hand to make the other succeed. Technology helps in creating beautiful and functional fashion.

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