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The Career Journey Of Isabel Santos

Isabel dos Santos is recognized as one of the richest women in Africa. Dos Santos is a great entrepreneur who advocates for entrepreneurship in Africa as well as economic growth. Isabel dos Santos is the daughter of the former Angola president Jose Eduardo dos Santos who has been ruling from 1979 to 2017. Isabel studied at king’s college where she graduated with a degree in electrical engineering.

Isabel dos Santos has worked for more than two decades with different companies where she held top management positions. In 2017 after her father stepped down, he made her the chairwoman of Sonangol, which is an oil company in Angola. As a businesswoman, Isabel  dos Santos formed several partnerships and business connections with companies and banks in Angola. Some of the companies Isabel worked with included the Cable TV firm, telecom firm among others (Economist).

As a businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos has worked in different business industries such as entertainment, construction, finance as well as education. Isabel dos Santos is a great private investor and an independent businesswoman with diverse business skills. Today she is the chairwoman of UNITEL, which is one of the greatest telecommunication firm located in Angola. Her role in UNITEL enabled her to improve the telecommunications infrastructure in her country, Angola. Also, UNITEL together with Isabel created a job for Angolan people as well as improve communication in both rural and urban parts of Angola. Today Isabel do Santos encourages women in Africa to become entrepreneurs so as to develop the economy in Africa. According to Isabel, women should be given equal opportunities when it comes to business. During an interview, Isabel was asked about some of the business opportunities that are available for Africans, and she said that there is agriculture, tourism, minerals as well as manufacturing.

Isabel also advises women who are starting their business to follow their ambition and passion as well as remain focused. Apart from career Isabel is also committed to giving back to her community and supports a children hospital in Angola that works to fight malaria. She handles different campaigns against malaria through the continent. Also ensures that there are clean water and enough food for the needy families in her community. Isabel is successful today to her hard work and commitment to developing the economy in Africa.
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What makes Greg Blatt a successful CEO?

If you have a company and are looking to hire individuals for the position of CEO what are some of the traits to check? One of the essential things to consider is whether the person you hire can contribute to the growth of the business. Most successful CEOs share some common traits. If you have started a company and you want to be the best in running it, Blatt is one of the best role models. He has not only been successful in the business world but also has contributed to the growth of various companies. Apart from having unmatched skills in running a business, he is also a leader who understands what to do when it comes to guiding employees.

Diversifying your education

Successful CEOS ensure that they have a diverse educational background. Most of these entrepreneurs do not stick to business only, and it is not a wonder to find that some are not even in business. But for someone like Blatt who wanted to achieve great things in the business world, he studied business and law. He is a graduate of Columbia Law School. It helped him to understand the law and use it in running various companies.

He has never regretted lawyership now that is entirely a businessman. It has contributed a lot to his success. Knowing multiple fields can help CEOS to identify the right decisions to make. Even if you do not learn the law, it is essential to have something else that can enable you to stand out from the crowd. It can push your business to another level and make you achieve what you desire in any industry (Inspirery).


You may want to try out new CEOs who are not that experienced but experience is crucial regarding the success of any company. Greg Blatt is a seasoned CEO who has worked for many companies and acquired the right skills to run various firms. Before moving to work for different organizations as a top leader, he also had the experience of working with law firms. He honed his skills while working for these companies and today he is one of the most coveted CEOS. Hiring an experienced person like Greg Blatt may enable your company to achieve its goals.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Discusses Expansion Goals at World Economic Forum

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. He is the founder and chief executive officer of the retail company JD. At the World Economic Forum, Richard Liu talked about his business. When talking about his business, Richard discussed his intention to expand the company’s shipping routes. He plans on offering shipping to major cities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Richard hopes to establish shipping routes to cities such as Washington DC and London. Along with discussing the shipping route expansion, Richard also discussed how his company JD got started.

During his career, Richard Liu Qiangdong has founded three businesses. His first business was a restaurant that he founded while still attending college. This restaurant was a moderately successful business that he eventually shut down. The second business he started was a magneto optics retail shop. While it was successful during its first year of operation, it was forced to shut down due to a SARS outbreak. As an entrepreneur in the retail industry, Richard Liu realized that offering ecommerce was critical to long term success. As a result, he founded JD which emphasized ecommerce and innovation to meet consumer needs. JD became his most successful business as it has emerged as the largest retail company in China.

Before starting up businesses, Richard Liu Qiangdong worked in the technology sector. He learned computer programming while he was in college. This allowed him to develop the skills necessary to get good employment opportunities. For a number of years, he was working in the computer programming field for various companies. This would lead to him attaining a position as a technology executive at the company Japan Life. His successful career in technology enabled him to gain the leadership skill necessary that would help him succeed as an entrepreneur in the future. Prior to starting his career, Richard Liu Qiangdong attended college and business school. He went to one of the best universities in China to learn sociology. Richard Liu completed an undergraduate degree program in sociology. After completing the degree in sociology, Richard would then attend business school at a leading international educational institution. This gave him the educational foundation to pursue opportunities as an executive.

How Ryan Seacrest Uses His Career Success To Help Others

The vast majority of people became familiar with Ryan Seacrest due to his hosting duties on American Idol. When this show premiered in 2002 it was an instant success. Before long 26 million people were watching this show every week enjoying the singing and trying to figure out who would win. His career in Hollywood had started eight years earlier at ESPN where he was the host of their Radical Outdoor Challenge (Professionaltales).

He is also a radio host. Ryan Seacrest first started in radio when he was a teenager in Atlanta, Georgia. He now hosts both American Top 40 and On Air with Ryan, the latter being a nationally syndicated show that is live for the people in Los Angeles who listen to it during their morning commutes. Besides American Idol, Ryan Seacrest has appeared in many other television shows as a host. Among these are New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and various red carpet awards events that are shown on E!. He says that Dick Clark was one of his biggest mentors and he is proud to have worked alongside him.

Reaching out beyond the entertainment industry, Ryan Seacrest is also part of the fashion community. He worked with Christopher Bailey of Burberry to develop a line of men’s clothing. This resulted in the Ryan Seacrest Distinction brand. He also partnered with dermatologist Harold Lancer. This partnership launched Polished which is a line of five products that help men take care of their skin in an easy way.

Ryan Seacrest has used his wealth to help children in the United States. In 2010 he founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. To date, his foundation operates nine media centers in children’s hospitals. The states his foundation is involved in are Georgia, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Texas. His foundation helps children in hospitals by giving them an outlet to experience what it is like to be in media. They, and their families can play around inside of a broadcast media center. They not only get to have fun but they also learn some stuff that can help them later on in life.
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EOS Lip Balm Introduces New Flavor-Lab Line

After 13 years , EOS lip balm unleashes influencer collaborations. FlavorLab is introducing six new flavors with 19 influencers. The new FlavorLab is being launched at the Target stores.

The FlavorLab comes in round containers, the bottom, one pastel color and the top another pastel color. The new lip gloss line comes in flavors that include Lychee martini, watermelon frosé, and others. In June, the FlavorLab line will be making their debut at Kohl’s and Ultra stores. According to Statista, EOS lip balm captured 7 percent of the lip-balm market in the United States. FlavorLab is EOS lip care, a daring and bold product.

You’ll want to try all six FlavorLab flavors. The four other tasty flavors, such as eucalyptus, sweet grapefruit, lavender latte, and beach coconut are very popular. All six flavors are irresistible. The entire FlavorLab line has delectable flavors that make it hard to find a flavor of the year. The new flavors are supposed to remind people of summer nostalgia. EOS lip balm has outdone Chapstick lip-balm.

For more than a century, people chose Chapstick above all other lip-balms. Seven years ago, EOS lip balm started occupying the shelves of Walgreens, Target, and Wal-Mart. EOS lip balm is the most popular lip-balm in the country.

Luke Lazarus – Helping Entrepreneurs Set up Business That will Surely Succeed

Luke Lazarus is a reputed business consultant from Melbourne, Australia, who is known to help many small, medium, and large-scale enterprises achieve business goals and objectives through his marketing, business, and sales strategies.

As time passes, more and more start-ups are surfacing, but unfortunately, not many start-ups are able to achieve the kind of success they aspire for. The critical reason why many of these businesses are unable to gain the heights of success they aspire to is because of the lack of mature and seasoned outlook towards business and competition. Read more: Luke Lazarus –  and Luke Lazarus| Medium

Luke Lazarus has helped many businesses to launch their new product or services successfully, even with the market saturated with competition. It is mostly because of the expertise of Luke to be able to identify and define a story for the brand and product that would resonate with the consumers.

Luke Lazarus firmly believes that any brand or company that has a story that customers can relate to would go a long way in penetrating the market. Luke Lazarus recently gave an interview in which he said that he was ambitious from the very beginning and after his graduation, many of his friends went for a break, vacation, and so on, but he instead completed MBA by the age of 24.

Luke Lazarus gives strategic input to clients on how they can achieve full productivity in business and deliver more to the consumers for less. Whether it helps with product development, you are looking for or to build seamless management strategies, rest assured the expertise and experience of Luke would come in handy. The business advice provided by Luke has provided many of the start-ups he has worked for, a boost that was much needed for them to get a head-start in a competitive market.

Without the help of an expert business consultant, it becomes difficult for the companies at times to look at the consumers’ point of view with a neutral perspective and know what is going wrong. It helps in reviewing the current strategies in place and making necessary changes and correction to align with the business goals for the long-term gains.

Luke Lazarus offers excellent advice to the young entrepreneurs out there. He feels that people should not worry too much about their future and keep on working towards their goal. Often people worry too much and do not want to take the risk, which is not a good decision for their business.

They should learn to delegate their work so that they can put more effort into the things that they are good at. They should also have an eye for picking talents and for a team that can contribute towards the success of the company that they aim to build.

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Isabel dos Santos on Empowering Youthful African Women to Contribute to the Continent’s Economy

Forbes Magazine declared Isabel dos Santos as Africa’s richest woman. She garnered her wealth from business investments in sectors such as finance, media, energy, and telecommunications in Africa and foreign countries. Isabel is currently worth over $2 billion. Although she’s successful, the businesswoman admits to facing challenges in male-dominated sectors. Therefore, she has been empowering African women to pursue their education and advance their career in executive level jobs. She understands that by mentoring them, the women will catalyze their personal development to their families and the communities they hail from. Eventually, the energy will be felt in Africa’s economy. Isabel Dos Santos also encourages other African entrepreneurs to motivate these women by taking part in her mentorship programs.

In fighting the stigmatization of women in male-dominated industries, Isabel dos Santos believes that change is appended on technology. Considering the continent’s entrepreneurial spirit, the successful entrepreneur notes how disappointing it is that women can barely gain access to better jobs in the continent. As such, they can’t realize their economic potential. Dos Santos is empowering them by helping to advocate for their education. She also makes sure that they receive c-level executive jobs like their male counterparts. Isabel holds that creating employment opportunities for women and training young girls enables them to gain access to financial stability. As she, she believes that they will influence the global economy.

To be able to educate these women on the value of attaining an education and eventually a lasting career, Isabel Dos Santos chairs mentorship sessions in learning institutions. She gives speeches and highly engages in various debates regarding the same. She also insists on discussing the power of using technology in advancing business and career. Dos Santos implores women to invest in their education and commit to their visions. The entrepreneur also emphasizes the need for patience in growing a business. She adds that at times, it’s essential to focus on earning an education before delving into the entrepreneurial world. The most valuable thing is to understand the subgoal of the business idea prior to venturing into the docket.

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Article Title: Neurocore The Help We Have All Been Waiting For

Neurocore is ideal for people with mental disorders ranging from depression to ADD and beyond, with a more natural route to treating the underlining problem, without using any medications with awful side effects, Neurocore is the best option. Neurocore is a natural way to train or retrain your brain using noninvasive methods, as well as Neurofeedback.

Neurocore is for both men and women, as well as for children of all ages, by following the program people with mental disorders or issues, will see significant changes in their everyday life. Nobody wants to feel depressed, hyperactive, or like they don’t fit in anywhere in the world, by following the Neurocore program, people will feel the best they have, as well as bettering themselves in the process. Drugs and medications can have horrible side effects as well as being scary not only for adults, but for young children as well as parents.

Many people who suffer from mental health issues feel like something is wrong with them, but they cannot help it. By following this program not only will they get to the root of what is going on, but they will also be able to target it and heal it along the process. By trying this program out and following it through, your future will look bright ahead.

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Businessman Vijay Eswaran Explains The Problem With Tariffs

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman who has an estimated net worth of $500 million. He founded QI Group of Companies in 1998 which is a conglomerate that sells products and services through a network of independent distributors. His company has about $750 million in annual revenues and it active throughout most of Southeast Asia, India, and North Africa. He was born in Penang on October 7th, 1960 with his father being in the nonprofit industry and his mother a school teacher.

It was when he was attending Southern Illinois University to earn his MBA that he became engrossed in selling products and services through a distributed network of independent distributors. When he returned to Malaysia upon graduation he was recruited by Cosway Group who wanted to start doing business in that country using the multilevel marketing way of doing business.

Vijay Eswaran has spoken out against Trump’s tariffs on China. He says that while Donald Trump has said that it is China that is bearing the brunt of the tariffs that really isn’t actually what is happening. It’s actually hurting American companies and American consumers because they are the ones that pay for the tariffs, not China or Chinese companies.

It is importers that pay tariffs, not the country that is exporting products. This means that it is Apple, for example, that has to pay a 25 percent tariff when their iPhones produced in China are imported into America. They pass this cost onto consumers which can result in a massive slowdown in consumer spending leading to a recession. This is the reason that putting tariffs in place was dropped around the world decades ago because any country doing so hurts their own economy and citizens.

Vijay Eswaran says that this especially hurts small businesses who have to deal with importing costs that are dramatically escalating.

Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Well Known Name In The E-commerce Industry

The online market and retail sector have been experiencing an incredible amount of growth over the past few years, and people are now turning to this as the preferred manner in which they shop. With this growth, the companies that are the preferred choices have grown beyond measure, especially because of the global nature of these websites. One website that has grown to become one of the more well-regarded names in the online marketplace industry is is already one of the prominent names in this sector internationally and stands as the biggest online marketplace in the south Asian markets.

The company is led by Richard Liu Qiangdong who is regarded as an incredibly proficient name in the field of business. Richard Liu has always been someone who wanted to achieve great things in life. Since a young age, he decided that hard work was what he needed to put in in order to become a successful person at something that he could be proud of. His parents worked as coal miners and taught him the strong values of hard work and dedication from an early age. This upbringing made him want to try even harder to make his parents proud. When in college, Richard Liu knew how competitive the corporate world was. He knew that there would be thousands of people battling it out for the jobs that he had, and was something that he would have to work even harder for.

To give himself an edge, he decided to learn how to code, which was what helped him maneuver around in the tech industry later on. Richard Liu always wanted to run a business of his own and took the decision to open up a store that sold genuine products. Because of the sheer amount of duplicates and fakes in the Chinese markets, finding genuine products can be hard. Richard Liu aimed to deliver this so that his customers could be happy with the products that they were buying. However, the SARS outbreak of 2002 made Richard Liu think about the prospect of taking his online business and establishing a website through which people could buy the products that the business was offering. This ultimately led him to establish, a notable name within the e-commerce industry.

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