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Beauty and Talent: Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt, experienced soap actress and movie star, lends her acting credits to the new small screen scripted drama “Queens of Drama.” This Emmy-award winning actress played on two of the leading Soap Operas on television, “Guiding Light” and “One Life to Live.” From 2003-2006, she played “Lizzie Spaulding.” Her character was known for her drama, especially the kidnapping incident. From 2009-2012, she played “Stacy Morasco” on “One Life to Live.” Her character was well-known for her schemes, from blackmail to pregnancies. She stretched her acting skills in these two dynamic roles. The first one won her an Emmy, showing her talent and range in the field.

Hunt has gone to the big screen for several movies. She recently appeared in “Magic Mike XXL,” showing she is a tremendous talent and stunning beauty. She also starred in “The Derby Stallion” opposite Zac Effron. She co-starred in “Sydney White” with Amanda Bynes. Three diverse films that show her varied acting talent. Her talent extends from the small screen to the big screen and even behind the camera. Crystal Hunt is a force in drama and comedies. She has shown her talent behind the camera as an executive producer in “Talbot County” in 2015. This experience allowed her to show her eye for the scene and the story. She has the experience to play her role in “Queens of Drama” as herself. The goal is for these experienced soap actresses to come together to produce their own soap opera. The dramatics never stop.  For a different side of Crystal, check out her official photography website.