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Be Present in the Moment

I just got this tweet from the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles. I have been studying Kabbalah off and on for the past 7 years or so. It has really helped me out immensely in my life. It has added to considerable change and growth. Kabbalah can help you out too, you just have to be open to the teachings and the bigger picture.

One of the things the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles teaches is about “being in the moment”. We all tend to lose sight of things. We get caught up in the happy times of our lives. When life throws us a curveball we tend to get detached from it. We become divorced from the bad stuff, saying it is not our fault. I may have spoken about this before, but there is a reason why I am bringing it up.

What we need to remember is that is all happening to us for a reason. We often times take our good moments for granted. When this happens, this is often times when the bad stuff comes in. It is coming to us to remind us to “live in the moment“. To not take a single thing for granted.

We should not take either the good or the bad stuff for granted at any time. Embrace it. The Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles teaches us that the bad stuff is there to help us learn and grow. Is there to help us change what needs to be changed. The good stuff is a reward for us having gone through the travesty.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

Our teacher comes in many forms. It is not just the rabbi we speak with at the Kabbalah Center. Our teachers come to us in our daily lives. There is both light and dark. It is important to acknowledge this so we do not take any of it for granted. This is all part of living in the moment.

Remember to live in the moment and the light will shine through.

Fox Television’s Anti-Socialism Expert Backfires

The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan is a very conservative television news and commentary program. She did a show attempting to demonize U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. She emphasized that the problem with Bernie was that he is a socialist. On the program she announced that the audience would hear first hand from a liberal commentator about the evils of socialism. Regan then introduced Thor Halvorssen as an expert on all the problems Sanders’ socialism could cause America. But, the plan backfired when Halvorssen quickly corrected her and said that actually he was in favor of Bernie Sanders, because his is the right kind of socialism: true democratic socialism.


Before she could redirect, Halvorssen explained that he was against despotic and false socialism as practiced by oppressive governments, including Venezuela and North Korea. He pointed out that both those countries have evil governments that claim to be socialist. He then outlined how the countries with the wrong type of socialism have histories that are repressive and counter to basic freedoms. He said that a good type of democratic socialist government does support human rights. He explained that Bernie Sanders is calling for the right kind of socialism, such as that practiced by Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. He said he supports such countries that are socialist and still strongly support basic human rights and freedoms.


Regan gave up trying to get Halvorseen to make any statement against Sanders and brought up his personal experiences with the wrong kind of socialist government. He agreed and elaborated that it was true, his own father had been a victim of the corrupt despotic regime of the Venezuelan government. He explained that the government had abducted, falsely imprisoned his father and also tortured him because of his political dissidence. He went on to describe how his mother was also attacked. She was shot by a government attack squad while attending a peaceful public meeting. One other victim was killed and ten victims were also wounded. He also mentioned that his cousin is still being illegally held without due process in a Venezuelan prison.