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The Incredible and Amazing Story of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is an individual who has had to overcome some serious obstacles to get to where she is today. She was able to overcome a vicious rule of the North Korean government and eventually escape all the way to the United States. This wasn’t an easy task, however, as she had to overcome great obstacles that some could only imagine. Yeonmi Park has now been able to shed more light on this situation by writing a tell-all book about her incredible experiences. She has now educated the world about the difficulties that are really going on in North Korea.

Park left North Korea when she was just 13 years old. She had to deal with overcoming starvation, slavery, abuse, and crossing the Gobi Desert. This is something that she allowed to help her grow, not bring her down. She has now become much stronger due to her trails and looks to help others through her writing. She has a new found responsibility to helping others understand the struggle that is going on in North Korea.

There are many government officials in North Korea who are very angry and even threatening to Park. However, Park is standing strong in her conviction to spread awareness about the horrible situation that people have to live in. There are very few individuals who are doing as much as Park to forward the human rights movement in North Korea. While she is still adjusting to life in the free world, she is enjoying all of these new freedoms on a daily basis.