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Spectacular growth of GreenSky Credit reflects genius of founder

David Zalik came to the United States at age 3. His family had migrated from Israel in order to follow his father’s job. When Zalik entered school, his teachers quickly discovered that they were dealing with a truly exceptional student. Zalik proved to be a child prodigy, blazing through elementary and middle school and skipping grade after grade along the way. By the time he was 12, he had sufficient credits to graduate from high school. He was invited to attend Auburn University later that year.

An entrepreneur is born

Zalik enjoyed his first year of university studies. But by the middle of his second year, he was growing bored with the stifling academic environment. At the age of just 14, Zalik dropped out of college in order to found his first company, computer manufacturer MicroTech.

He worked hard at the business. And eventually, nine years later, he was able to sell the company for $5 million. Zalik then took that money and plowed it into Atlanta-area commercial real estate where he was again able to enjoy a high degree of success. Within just a few years, he had driven his net worth up to $12 million through astute real estate investments.

In the meantime, Zalik founded a number of tech startups. One of those would come to be called GreenSky, a financial technology company that matches lenders with borrowers on an instant basis to allow big-ticket purchases of retail goods and services. It would be with GreenSky Credit where Zalik would finally hit the true bigtime.

GreenSky was founded in 2006. Zalik had put up his entire real estate empire as collateral against a loan in order to launch the company. At the time, it looked like a risky proposition. But Zalik knew exactly what he was doing.

Today, GreenSky is worth an estimated $5 billion. The company is doing billions of dollars each year in new loans and is considering an IPO, which some analysts have stated may be the most valuable of its kind in the history of the fintech space. Under Zalik’s continued leadership, GreenSky has a bright future.

Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe Is Inspiring Women Everyday

Is there an app that best represents the beauty of what women are capable of? In a world where men always have the power, this amazing app named Bumble is giving women the chance to be different and stand out. Bumble allows for women and men to swipe left and right on each other. When two people both swipe right on each other, men cannot send messages to the girl until the girl sends them a message. It’s very heartwarming and aspiring to see how the app really focuses on the welfare of women.

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind this idea. She knows first hand what it’s like to be harassed sexually and be treated unfairly. She totally knows what that feeling is like, and she does not enjoy having women and young girls being treated wrong. This app is just one way she is empowering women. After she helped design and create Tinder back in the day, she left that company and spent all of her time building an online social network for young teenage girls to find solace online and empower them to overcome their daily struggles. It was a place for teenage girls to lift each other up and inspire them.

The reason why Whitney Wolfe is so inspirational is the fact that Whitney just genuinely loves trying to showcase to people what they are capable of. Whitney has worked long and hard to fight for equality in her own little way, even if it’s just on an app. She truly is inspiring and proving to people what she is capable of to showcase that small acts of progressing forward as a society can build up and make a difference. Today, Bumble is creating and forming relationships as we speak. This is the time to do it and join.


Skout – The New Way to Socialize

Skout is a new, free app that is designed to allow people to chat, make friends and explore. These type of sites used to be only available through a desktop or laptop until smartphones were developed. Now you can chat with anyone throughout the entire world with just one click of the Skout app.

When you first download the app, you will be asked to either sign up through Facebook or sign up with your email. Once signed up you have the option to add your picture, your general information such as name and where you live, and any other description you may want to add. You can check to see when others are online and choose to chat with them. There is a series of points you can collect that allow you to “wink” or do various other activities through out the app.

The Skout app has a wide range of members from teens to seniors. Unlike other sites that have age limits or also limits your access, the Skout app is with you wherever you go as long as you have a smart phone and an internet connection. Skout is super popular because of this reason. The convenience is something that almost all people will appreciate and enjoy meeting new people.

Skout does not allow inappropriate “selfies” on their site. They do not allow bathroom “selfies” or half naked pictures. Photos that are uploaded to the site will be banned and will not be allowed. This protects the younger generation that is using the site and also implies a level of professionalism and a clean environment.

The social media website allows you to add your favorites to a list for easy access where you can send them a virtual gift and also being alerted when they log back in. You can easily block them or report them, kind of like Facebook and other apps. You have the ability to leave comments and likes directly to their profile and be alerted when you do so. You can check out their “buzz” feature that shows a social media type of feed where you can access local people, your friends or people you have added to your favorites. There is also a “look at me” button that is a bidding game where users can bid their added up points. This apparently helps the user to be featured in the spot and gain greater recognition. Press the “shake to chat” button feature and you will start a conversation with a random stranger. After 40 seconds both profile pages will be revealed to each user. That’s when you find out who you’re conversing with.

Like I mentioned before, many activities on the Skout app require “points” which can be added up or you can purchase them. Overall, this app is a very popular app when it comes to meeting new people. If you’re looking to reach out and expand your horizons by meeting new people all over the world, or whether you’re just looking to keep up with old friends, Skout is the app for you.

Joining Skout Is Easy For Anyone To Do

Those who are looking for information about interesting applications can check out The Nation website to get some suggestions. Those with several videos that they want to create, edit, or if they are even interested in streaming videos, then there are a couple application suggestions that they can look into. Another application that was suggested by The Nation is Skout, which makes the list because it’s an excellent socializing network. Although many know Skout as a network to use for dating, the socializing capabilities, as well as the other fun things the network has available, makes it one-of-a-kind.

Anyone who has never been to the Skout network before may already have their opinion because they hear that it’s a dating network, but it’s best to try out the Skout network before making any comments, drawing conclusions, or having an opinion. Those who visit Skout for the first time may be skeptical about what they’ll find on the network, but after easing into using the network and finding the many different activities to partake in, many of the users are instant fans. There are Skout users who have been on the network since the day the network was created, and they’ve only brought more users to the network.

Anyone who truly loves a brand, such as the Skout network, will share the information with others, and it’s easy to see why Skout has hundreds of millions of users because of the fact that its current users are suggesting the network to nonmembers, so the nonmembers tend to sign up very quickly. Skout has something for everyone as long as they are teenagers and above. Teenagers that go to the Skout network can socialize with friends, make new friends, and talk with those in their own age group. Since teens are kept in a separate space from the adults on Skout, there’s no worry about adults invading their space.

The adults on the networks will enjoy themselves as well, especially since they can conduct a search for someone in their own age group. Many of the users on the Skout network range in age from their 20s to 30s, but there are users on the network that are in their senior years as well. Skout doesn’t discriminate against anyone based on age; only children are not allowed on the Skout network. Since Skout is so diverse and filled with many things to do, there’re many groups of many ages on the network.

Those who are elderly or in their older years may go to Skout to find friends that they can relate to or even to find a date. Even those in their 20s and 30s may search on Skout to find a date, but they may end up finding friends, a group to join, or a great relationship with someone they’ve met on the network. Skout is an international network because of the fact that it’s available in over 180 countries and has 14 languages available as well, so everyone can truly enjoy Skout.