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Business And A Heart: Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera has over forty years of wisdom and experience in the industry of logistics and transportation. It all began in Chicago for him, wherein 1975, after graduating from high school, he entered the United States Marine Corps. He would go on to parlay the knowledge acquired from his military career into successful business life in the civilian world (LinkedIn).

What Perry Mandera Learn From The Marines

As a Marine for the United States, Mr. Mandera was placed in charge of transportation duties. He would make sure soldiers and vital supplies made it to where they needed to go. The brotherhood also placed within Perry Mandera the love and responsibly of his fellow leatherneck. This sentiment was extended to the common citizen in America who he would go on to champion for through his work as a philanthropist and politician.

The Political World: Perry Mandera

He wanted to change his community in Chicago and in 1984, Mandera runs for and won the seat of the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward of Chicago. He was the youngest man to ever have held that position and utilized his platform to make a real impact during his four-year term. (Follow up on WordPress reviews about Mandera´s political career).

He was a man of the people known for always donating time, effort, resources, and economic aid/financial donations. He helped the less fortunate with clothing needs. He provided transportation services for those who were challenged with reaching needed locations. He developed and built various charities to empower those who felt powerless with resources to reach their goals. His works show and prove that he is a great leader for his community and he has many accolades and awards to show that he is greatly appreciated for his efforts.

Business Mind Of Perry Mandera

He thinks outside the box and not only employs the best standards, practices, and tools of the shipping industry, he has his own group of programmers that add to and modify their application software to streamline their process. This saves time in certain areas and we all know that money is time.

Mr. Perry Mandera is a much-needed force in the world and only time will tell where this rising star will end up, til then keep your eyes on him and his moves into the future.

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