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Review of the New EOS Cooling Balm

The EOS has done it again with its brand new chamomile cooling lip balm. This amazing balm uses natural menthol, which is derived from mint leaves, to deliver a chilly blast to your lips to calm and numb them if they’re hurting you. In the colder months of the year and when dealing with allergies and sun burn, it can sometimes be difficult to feel confident in your lips. If they’re chapped and in need of quality care, this brand new chamomile balm will do the trick for you. It delivers high moisture to your lips while cooling them down, so it’s ideal for both the winter and summer months if this is the type of product that you’re looking to purchase for yourself.

There aren’t many people out there who don’t know about the EOS brand. This brand has been around for a couple of years now and delivers amazing products at affordable prices. They can be found either online or in your local drugstore (Amazon), so it’s worth looking into the EOS brand and knowing that they’re a brand that you’re going to be able to trust for yourself, check for more. Before you use any other type of lip balm, it is a good idea for you to make use of this for yourself and see why it is as popular as it has been before.

EOS is a great brand that produces lip products, shave creams and even lotions that you might want and need to make use of for yourself. Before you choose to use a different brand, give EOS a try for yourself and see why it’s very popular. From all of the positive reviews on the internet written about the EOS brand, it’s no wonder that it is a staple in many people’s lives who use these products.

EOS and its lip balms deserve a review of praise

While EOS does offer additional products on top of its delightful line of lip balms including hand and body lotions and shaving cream, my familiarity is limited to the company’s products that make my lips look their best while providing a wealth of lip health-promoting ingredients. I would say that this is for the best given my addiction to its long line of lip offerings. I’m guessing I have at least 20 lining the bottoms of my purses, make up bags, as well as scattered about my bathrooms, bedside tables and glove compartment.

I came across EOS in its early days as a start-up and I’ve watched its growth from a couple of retail locations and online to its present market position as the #2 seller of lip balms nationally behind only Burt’s Bees which I won’t buy anymore, because of EOS not because of the Burt’s purchase by Clorox.

I first fell in love with Evolution of Smooth (EOS) and it’s largely fruit-flavored organic offerings and they launched my lips’ own evolution of smooth. As a golfer, I find myself in the sun for hours and depending on the sun’s strength that day, I’m a huge fan of the company’s offerings in both 15SPF and 30SPF, in Lemon Twist and Pink Grapefruit respectively (

Last year, the company also began offering vegan options in addition to the rest of its line in two flavors.  Check  When I rushed to purchase them after seeing and Instagram post of the new options, I was too late and found them sold out but did find both in CVS.

EOS has a great story as well as a great product and my lips are better off for it. I can’t see myself moving to a new product unless its another addition from this company.